From Early Adopters to Mainstream Success

Our expert panel will discuss the evolving landscape of browser adoption and the impact of killer apps on the web experience


foreign [Music] hope everybody’s in in and hope everybody’s enjoying the show I got requested to put the glasses on so uh I do feel more I feel more uh comfortable with the glasses it’s my ALT my alts here uh I hope everybody’s enjoying the handy con so far I think maybe halfway not even I mean there’s so many so many sessions

um this one’s gonna be a great one about adoption Greg unfortunately this had some uh family issues uh I couldn’t make it but uh Paul stepped in I and uh it was really great to have Paul here again and we’re talking about adoption not just browser adoption but just adoption in general so I’m gonna I’m gonna hide off the stage also check out the leaderboard just a little shout out for leaderboard you can see for falchi is a winning right now or at the leader with 1390 points you click that little

Leaderboard on top Layla’s second Niels is third so um there will be prizes I I’ll leave it to Ann to share about the glass about the prizes but engagements and participation is being rewarded so I’ll leave it at that and uh take it away um is Paul moderating or who’s I’ll be motivating oh Rob Robert okay thank you sweet so thank you guys for coming um I’m glad to be here again if you don’t know me I was the founder of shake stats I’ve been away from the protocol for a little bit but um I’m still pretty

active in the background um helping other people with some projects um I’m really excited for another handy con um and I’m glad to be with Paul Taylor Mauricio um I just want to start off uh everybody let’s introduce ourselves so Taylor do you want to go first yeah hey everyone my name is Taylor I work with a couple friends at Tetris shapes we’re design and development studio um we also work closely with keokon ideating how we’re gonna grow handshake with uh Bob extension and our own wallet project we’re working on now name layer

cool um Maurice uh you’re muted Maurice sorry about that hi I’m Maurice I’m one of the developers at another software I work at a couple of projects there with the resolver we try to set up the IBC handshake but that’s still yeah on the cold shell for now we’re gonna resurrect that in the future but and besides that I did a couple of side projects for myself right now one of them is 30.

domains I think that’s live right now the first version it only uh misses the register Pages for now yeah that’s it I think 30 um they do a lot but still introduce yourself so now I get to try a better intro uh my name is Paul I’m working on a registry and registrar new net and beachfront uh slowly but surely I had hoped to be launched in time for this handy con but I think I’ll be better equipped for the next one uh currently filling in for Greg so if you have any Akash questions unfortunately you’re not getting them for me

perfect perfect um so guys I I seen we’ve talked about kind of adoption in like some previous sessions but I really want to focus on like the philosophical kind of side of handshake to really really delve into how all of us have come to be where we are now so um again I’m going to open the floor up to everyone to say like how did you guys get into handshake what were your thoughts about it what were your initial reactions um and then have your thoughts changed from initial to now um so first Taylor do you want to start

off yeah so my wife is a Etsy seller and she she does really well there and uh sellers that do really well in Etsy they really take notice to when they do tweaks to the algorithms and I just saw them just doing SEO wasn’t the main driving factor to get sales anymore and I just didn’t like that so I thought of creating a known Marketplace for users and just SEO would be the only thing dictating your ranking um and then I found the Silk Road I saw what Ross did and thought okay I don’t want to make that but what kind of thing

can we use if there wasn’t a Marketplace how can we connect just those users that were on the marketplace together um and then uh eventually found Chango who introduced me to handshake and I see this as that solution foreign Maurice how did you get into a handshake what were your thoughts uh I I kind of felt like I missed the boat with uh Bitcoin and then you know I was looking around with all the cryptos and the millions of cryptos that were out there like 2018 2019 I 2020 I found Bitcoin uh handshake and then I told you know this is like

genius this is Whole New Perspective with the naming solution and the security of Bitcoin combined and yeah this is really early all the names are just being released and they’re like like I had another chance like messing with Bitcoin I felt like I was on time with handshake and yeah this is really nice but I yeah I think yeah I think I think that’s like such a common story I’ve heard amongst handshakers I don’t know if you guys have heard the same thing but um everyone’s like oh well I was an

early bitcoiner or like I missed the boat on bitcoin and I saw handshake as like the next best best thing um everyone has been saying like the community is very similar um if you have a look uh even though we have our differences and Bitcoin people are pretty Maximus a lot of the time um you know decentralization and that that focus on freedom for people on the Internet is like a huge huge Vector um for the community like getting hyped around the protocol so um later on I would like to touch on like the similarities between handshake

and Bitcoin um what the communities actually think what had what they’ve been saying lately and um maybe how we might follow the trajectory that Bitcoin has followed um that would be really interesting so we’ll get into that later um Paul would you like to say how you got into handshake just like you and Maurice I saw Bitcoin and I was just like and then I realized like oh wow that’s that was dumb and so then I found handshake and I was just like wait whoa so uh to go back a little bit um in ninth grade in high school I was

in my school library and I was just like how do I create my I didn’t even know what a TOD was I went to ask Jeeves I looked it up I got redirected to I can site and I was just like oh okay so this is what I have to do and then I just shelved that for x amount of years because I really wanted a DOT space like that that was and this was before dot space existed we have got space now and so someone beat me to the punch but uh as time went on and all these startups I worked for did not scale they all shut down so I wasn’t getting the

millions I needed to buy a TOD the classic I can way so when I found handshake I was like oh I can still achieve that dream but without Millions I could just do like 30 bucks or one and so yeah um I really wish I could remember like how exactly I found it but I was online or on GitHub or something just looking around and then somehow found the Discord and saw the um test net and I I was in that and doing stuff and I didn’t know what a test net was so I uh I accumulated all these names and I was like yes I’m about to kill it and then

it was it they were like oh maintenance happening next week and I was like oh okay so yeah like I was super super like Noob into uh blockchain in general so I that’s how I got into handshake that’s so interesting I remember when I found handshake uh pretty early on the auctions were going crazy I don’t know if you guys remember it was so hard to get a name because there was so few because they were releasing gradually um how is that for you Paul did you like have a lot of big big bidding wars or

did you get some names pretty easily oh I missed out on so many great names because I didn’t know what a blind bed was and so I put like two hns my actual bid and then my blind bid I put like 200 and I was like man I got the highest bid I’m gonna get this name and then someone bid five I was like huh that [ __ ] I have 280 on this and they won the name and again I was like what the what the hell this sucks and so like I was mad at the Discord and the name based discourse like nobody told me is like no it’s right

there like you just look like this is how it works and so from that I was like okay now I’m not gonna mess with blinds I’m just gonna pay I’m just gonna bid as much as I have which is how I got the alien emoji I was just like oh wow but back then nobody cared about Emoji because it was like puny code and it was like xn dash dash like No One’s Gonna type that in that’s that’s just dumb but now Emoji are like the hot thing so I was extremely lucky to have one of the few emoji that is just like

highly covered doesn’t have extra modifiers or extra skin tones like it’s the alien emoji that’s it but yeah once I started attaining more and more uh information and names I was like hmm okay maybe I should start thinking about creating a business with these instead of just sitting on all these names yeah yeah um that thing with like Emoji funny funny story I I meant as the alien like just you know you meant to name for like one hns and then okay I’ll come back to it and just got busy that week with life

uh just wanted to shoot my foot you know but I’m glad it went to you also okay I’m going to reserve taylor.aliad for you that’s actually hilarious um yeah I remember like emojis weren’t that popular pool you’re right like uh what I noticed is everyone was trying to get on the wave of like okay I’m gonna sell slds so people were getting like dot Hub I remember I lost that one I was like so pissed off um like the single letters and like all that stuff they were going really hard and initially I’m like oh that’s dumb

the reason I like handshake is the fact that you can have a website just as the TLD like what’s the point for subdomains ETC I didn’t get it at the time but that was my mindset so I wasn’t even going for those names but I should have um so yeah it’s funny that um yeah emojis came way later um so dang we we missed out I missed out on that boat Paul did it but yeah um interesting so um I want to get more into like the philosophical side of handshake as I mentioned earlier um I don’t know about you guys but for

me the fact that handshake is decentralized and um the founders are like true Cypher punks like JJ is like really cool like Andrew Lee all that stuff um they they try not to you know put their faces out there too much and control what’s going on they really put it into our hands which I find really dope um you don’t find many other projects these days there’s probably no other project apart from uh Bitcoin that really does this so that’s what really really excites me about handshake I think that

um you know going for this like cultural sort of aspect this uh social political aspect is really really important we need to like make a movement because in Bitcoin that’s what I’ve seen that’s the main value of Bitcoin um obviously there’s other values but it’s kind of like a social movement right um so what what are you guys thoughts on that um do you guys agree I agree to an extent but I uh I’m not one that’s super bullish on handshake adoption coming from the web 2 route um I do see identity like it being the

naming layer across various applications being what uh drives use case so that’s where I come from that’s nice Maurice uh yeah I think the problem with the domain names is the mobile resolver I I don’t use uh the beacon browser for myself because I don’t have any Mac products so I don’t have a good resolver on my phone so the only use case is is actually the identity for now like Taylor sets and Paul you agree with that yeah um pretty much all of my products are Apple products though so I have zero

problem uh especially with Eskimos mobile app hn SNS yep it’s it’s awesome but um yeah yeah I I pretty much agree with you guys don’t have much to add yeah um identity is a massive thing and I think what superlink has done um is probably the perfect thing for handshake honestly um obviously like another thing was uh using emojis’s identity that was though obviously yat was working on it and I think handshake’s like a better way um but superlink is the thing that excites me the most because they have

like I don’t know how many tlds they’ve got like apparently they can serve for like billions of people so um the fact that they have all that to work with um and they have like all this plan and everything is dope we kind of need centralized actors um on top of the decentralized system otherwise you know things aren’t really going to move forward um the the whole point of handshake in that sense is the fact that you can get a clean name it’s that simple right so me robert.

rikich um for example like it’s so clean like there’s nothing else like on ens for example you have to go dot eth it doesn’t look good right so for that simple fact I think a lot of people will adopt handshake right um so what do you guys think of super link have you checked it out have you bought a name have you joined the Discord yet I want to bring something up um who was the other co-founder of name base not TS John he was at the first first handicon he mentioned that people need to be building on every level or like

front-end consumers in the web 2 world all the way to you know shake decks right for DJ ends um I think superlink is super important because like first name dot last name is like you said just the cleanest simplest way 80 of web 2 people that come into this space that’s what they’ll be looking for I think so super awesome that they did that yeah definitely super awesome any thoughts Maurice yeah for me it was uh name base was the point of entry that made everything uh reasonable I I was totally new to crypto and everything so everything on

the centralized actor made everything understandable for me and onboarded me so I think in this way it can onboard a lot of people onto handshake and make it much more popular with a clean naming system yes for sure yeah like uh the more and more centralized projects we can get um the better but we have to make sure that it doesn’t um compromise the decentralized nature of handshake so there’s kind of a balance there um but I feel like the more incentives there are for you know people to create projects the better so what we’ve seen

so far is basically just selling slds that’s the main thing um but maybe there might be more creative ways to sell slds um maybe copying what nfts do um creating like a Gateway okay you can’t enter this Discord server without this handshake name Etc um I feel like going for influences will be a massive thing for example uh like but this needs money right so like let’s say there’s like a big Discord um no big influencer who has a Discord group tell them all right we’ll pay you this amount of money

um but you can only tell your users they can join only if they have a handshake mate specifically handshake so just creating this like these rules such as these where they need a name will be very vital because like if it was up to them they probably wouldn’t choose handshake it’s kind of hard to implement right now Etc but the more people get on board everything else will spread more more um yeah that’s really dope I want to go into um kind of what’s been going on with the new projects that have been made apart

from superlink um have you guys heard of dot records what do you guys think of adult records that they did a great job I love it I think it’s super sick and all the utility they added for users is great yeah definitely Maurice yeah it’s it’s a great name to begin with and everything they build on topics it’s marvelous I I try to launch uh sappy this this week I built the website and I launched it but I have not gotten men so far and they meant it like hundreds of names in matter of weeks I think it’s crazy

yeah does that Paul have you used dot records have you been into the virtual um virtual space is that created I have been into the virtual space and it reminded me of various ideas I have and I was just like man and this is just a proof of concept this is very nice um I haven’t been involved in the music nft space that much but I do follow people who are very much into it and um I love the I love what can come from just dot records and other things like it because I I’m a fan of owning my my music like I I use bandcamp so much so I

could get the uh Flack versions and then I can put them on my phone and and use Doppler to play the music instead of streaming because on streaming uh music can be taken down music can’t be changed your favorite song might like lose things because of other sampling issues after the fact and so you know the record label wants to remove all original copies and whatnot and I feel like records well dot records is for people like me who want to support the artist directly and also like own a piece of the content right rather than just being

like a Mindless consumer if that makes sense like you’re being intentional when you’re supporting artists and whatnot so hmm yeah yeah um I think that’s so important like uh contributing to the artists directly Etc I also think that the scarcity element is really cool like music nowadays is not that special in the sense that like you can stream anything right for a very low price and this scarcity element um kind of reminds me of like what it was to go into a record store right that’s really dope and if we can create

these experiences via handshake um I think that’d be very very valuable um it goes back to the kind of nice looking clean looking names that we have um this could be like very good uh you uh we could have very good directories right to certain things for example let’s say um you know when you want to find hip-hop music Etc uh you go on you go on Spotify you find a playlist you uh find a few playlists keep going from there it takes quite a while but what if we can make some like kind of easy way to do

this rather than Googling and using all this search stuff what if you can just go directly let’s say hip hop dot records and then from there you have like all these other um categories that you can click on and go from there um there’s a lot of ways to index these things using our names and that I think are really dope um any other projects have you guys thinking about um I’ve heard of dot Stars I thought that was pretty cool so like um the ability to use handshake names on Cosmos uh Maurice I know you’ve been

around that um do you want to talk more about it uh I I have not done so much with this project myself to be honest I don’t know any technical things I know you have to check the get up of Nick he has a lot of the he has the name server I think for uh are we are with name turf where you can manage your stars names and a couple of things but yeah I’m I’m not really familiar with that so I can’t tell you a lot about it Taylor I know you’ve been in the cosmos Community quite a lot um have you heard thoughts

about it do they know about handshake um what do they think about interchain naming um they definitely know about handshake um just you know I I got to meet a bunch of people at uh deep Denver from Cosmos and I tried my hardest to Red Pill them um I might have succeeded I guess we’ll see in the coming months what happens that’s the yeah I know there’s a a lot of people in handshake that love Cosmos and um I think they’re starting to recognize that it’d be so dope if we can figure something out and keep going down

that route um I heard that the dot Stars domain had uh one of the most uh subdomains on it so one of the most popular tlds I don’t know if I’m wrong there but um that’s pretty cool so it seems like interchange naming could be a thing I don’t know the text side behind it but um sounds dope just as much we need more and more collaborations with between other projects the problem is we’re our own chain and we’re kind of isolated on our own little island and it’s nice to bring other people in

um so we can expand and grow together yeah um yeah so we’ve talked about the tech we’ve talked about the philosophical side um now I want to talk about naming we touched on it a bit more before but we’d have a lot of traders in here on our panel I want to hear from you guys what what’s what’s it being like on the ground um have you been getting any good names lately has been more difficult primary or secondary what do you prefer expiring names let’s go on and talk about to me um so I you know I’m not a domainer you

know per se but I understand like short short words are going to be great short two letters obviously single letters are going to be great um to me regardless of the size a niche that I focused on was emojis so that’s where where we went pretty hard and have a vast catalog of a lot of them so I just see they represent you know are they represent different things in different cultures and it’s Universal so I see those being really popular moving forward regardless of what a lot of people think there there’s a silly

um I I don’t I think they’re the most fun aspect in handshake and once adoption comes that’s going to be one thing a lot of people I think are gonna be excited about and you can see that on the secondary now with names that have expired or lost keys I’m assuming um when they come back up for auction uh as Paul knows I think I think the alien you got for one hns coin I’m not mistaken but one H and S yeah um so same with secondary sales you used to be able to get them for a few hundred maybe a thousand below thousands

definitely now on chain like the last few emojis that have expired um the pineapple recently went for five thousand dollars worth of handshake before that the sun went for a couple thousand uh before that the whiskey bottle and the uh Magic Top Hat went for just over 5K so these These are numbers more in line with the value that a lot of people have been waiting to to see that have been in it early because back in the day we would get them for like I said super cheap um almost to the point like I I remember going all in on names knowing if that’s

this is all I won it’s fine because this Emoji is like super valuable and I see it but you know back then no one bit against you so you get a massive refund and do the same thing every every week yeah exactly um so have you guys been more in the secondary Market um let’s forget about expiring um like apart from expiring his primary Market just dried up is there anything else you can get there are a handful of good emojis out there someone looks for them um and I’m sure name-based will Implement some sort of uh search filter

to just search for you know single idna Emoji characters but right now you have to just type each one in and or the best way I suggest is put in your max amount and then just go down the list and you could find some gems but yeah there’s only a handful left I think that’s an interesting thing you kind of touched on the fact that like uh you know there’s all these filters on name bases and stuff to make naming easier I think that’s a really really massive thing that could drive up prices and bring more liquidity to handshake is

the fact that um we focus on the actual Market making aspect so what we’ve seen um yeah Miami like try to make like portfolios and stuff so people could find names easier because that’s a big problem uh know the prices Etc what I did with shakes starts was trying to categorize everything so people could find names a lot easier for example you wanted to find uh you wanted to find double emojis you could easily find that via the categories or you want to find Chinese names you want to know the rankings of them

Etc so all this Market information all this uh you know search tools um and then the ability to trade very quickly just creates more liquidity and will create the prices to go up and bring more people into the ecosystem so um what do you guys think needs to be improved on the marketplaces in order to facilitate this liquidity foreign so one thing we want to help help with I’ve talked to Jackie a lot about um redoing this shake shake decks’s UI to make it easier for people to use um and I think an improved Shake text

combined with um some tweaks to the extension um and add in some features like connecting with h s chat we could replicate a lot of support Ledger support is added actually to the extension of Jackie’s supposed to be pushing that live to the Chrome Store soon it is uh if you go to the GitHub though we did a our developer Casey did Implement Ledger support in the extension yeah that’s really dope um you guys working on Shake decks I think is Paramount like I don’t think people realize how difficult it was to

create Shake decks it’s like some giga brain like type thing to try to do something with smart contracts on handshake um it’s like very difficult um so kurumi is like a crazy Dev his aim on I don’t know what else has worked on but um yeah if we keep doing what’s uh on Shake decks and keep moving forward with the decentralized swaps and stuff um that would be crazy um Taylor do you want to talk about uh some other projects you’ve been working on um maybe like the name layer or something yeah so we’re we’re far along on it

um we need to do a little bit more work with how the database works on a native device um once once we get that sorted we we hope to launch soon ish um and then from there yeah I really focused on improving uh Shake decks and how our app and Bob extension integrates me yeah we need we need more markets we need more ways to trade names um imagine if we could trade names like uh on ethereum and stuff like that um like on uni swap how you can swap nfts Etc that’ll be sick like that that just brings liquidity um if we were on like ethereum natively

we would see the prices Skyrocket like easily like you’ve we’ve seen what’s happened with ens it was insane hopefully we can replicate that hopefully hopefully um all righty so let’s talk about the other projects this might be a bit controversial or something but off the bat what are your thoughts on UD and ens um first thoughts are we allowed to swear I’m kidding uh yeah I I think everyone knows my um opinions on UD I’ve been very vocal on Twitter using the stoppable domains hashtag so I will go

on to ens uh pretty good I mean they are the model for how to do decentralized naming and they have a dow they have a treasury like they have people super invested in the uh growth of the project and whatnot and that has helped ethereum as a whole I fully believe that without ens ethereum would not be as big as it is wow that’s a big statement do you want to expand on that why do you think that because people people love names like everything we do is name haha based um it’s just like from the dawn of time

just naming cities countries towns uh domainers like you know yeah I agree any thoughts on that Maurice you you look like you agree yeah language itself is just a string of names actually I was thinking when he was talking like this yeah every word is just an empty constructs that we connect to a value that that makes it works what it is yeah since the dawn of time this is what separates us from the animals that’s that’s actually very true very very true Taylor thoughts foreign yeah so I I agree with you guys

um but recently Eskimo did a poll on should he integrate Unstoppable domains to his app um I fully support integration um when I got into handshake early I ended up meeting Jackie from kyokon I’m very passionate about decentralized social and something we talked about early was like we need to integrate like everything possible um and it’s finding a way to show the users like what they’re relying on for security um you know it’s Unstoppable for instance uses a dot resolver dot so maybe that’s

what we have to add on to the extension of the username so everyone would kind of get where they’re being resolved at um I don’t know but but I’m all for like integrating with these other projects and showcasing why handshake is better in in every possible way yeah I think it would be yeah that’s a good point like it would be a good opportunity to showcase um why handshake is a lot better people just don’t really even know about handshake so um yeah just getting in the public convos though um you know there was that drama with UD

you saw that people started waking up to the fact that handshake is decentralized right so they saw what happened it’s just a replica of web 2 right um it’s kind of akin to like the Bitcoin is like saying oh I Told You So etc etc I think we’re a bit more correct on the handshake side um I heard that uh UD made like some committee that was like a replica of icann you guys know much about that oh yes they’re web 3 Alliance and I joined like five different discords I was like do y’all know what y’all are getting

yourselves into and in the tezels domains Discord their members were just like you what like they were extremely annoyed they were just like nah nah we can’t be nah you nah get out of there we’re we’re not interfacing with them we’re gonna leave if y’all go through with this and their lead leadership was just like oh are bad we did not know all this and so they backed away from it but um other ones like hedera they were like yeah we don’t see the problem they’re not affecting us this seems like a cool

lie it’s and I was just like okay uh let’s see if it works out for you so uh it depends on the community some people were just like yeah this is terrible and other people were just like nah I’m just here to stack coins so depends on the person yeah yeah I feel that um we had a few questions here um if we can quickly go over them I think we’re almost done um all right so we have Colin here fellow enjoy of emoji and ID and tlds here curious on the panelists tape what risks to adoption and value are there

associated with glyphs or punicote and the like um what are you guys thoughts on that um so I think this has to be solved in like the client side they need to understand like Unicode um everyone who was here early knows about the problems name base had for a little with rendering like the wrong puny codes when you type the right one in um so like there were bids on essentially like junk has all all PD codes could just be rendered again like today by adding on visible characters characters that devices will never render

um and there’s still legit idna characters but for all intents and purposes it’s just a junk domain um I don’t see much value in them until very very later when people care about you know a megabyte of space tlds get on chain um but that’s many many years away so I I don’t see value in in alts really at all dang it kind of ruined my dreams I had a few old style pretty good I got scammed at the time but yeah um anyone else wanted to yeah I sold off I sold it off all my alts for like free I’ll just like get these out of my

portfolio I was like nah this stuff is whack um yeah so I have a very low opinion on uh these all emojis also something to keep in mind uh this wasn’t mentioned but it’s kind of similar homoglyphs so like characters that look like Latin characters but aren’t really so uh you know I feel like those are a way to like they only exist to scam people and I I don’t like that so yeah I’m very much against that so in what I’m building like everything is rendered to ASCII first so like you see the puny code so

you could try to I’m like oh I’m a register Facebook Dot whatever but the F being like some weird character like that will show up so there’s I don’t want to be on the hook for a customer getting scam so yeah like I I feel like that’s that’s a very like uh protective defensive thing that everyone should keep in mind yeah I agree everybody watch out um you know uh I think we’re gonna wrap it up here it’s been 42 minutes I want to thank all of you for coming on I want to thank everyone for showing up and

watching I’m very grateful um I hope you learned something and uh yeah let’s keep moving forward in handshake have a good one guys [Music]