BITMAIN Miner Talk


[Music] [Music] thank you [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] great to see you great to see you I’m sorry I’m I’m more comfortable with the glasses is that okay I love your glasses can I get one

uh yeah I mean we’re starting to make a brand out of these we’re selling them on on our store don’t worry don’t worry I heard you’re giving away stuff today there’s some giveaways right so uh yes yes lots of giveaways nice all right so we just had a really Insight we’re a little bit late sorry but just a few minutes late um I know people are really excited about your session at bit main I just want to also thank you again I think we’re on a Twitter space before right I remember you were with I was with you

yes yes the mothers yes yeah earlier this year yeah so uh thank you I think the community agrees we we we’re really welcome bit Maine uh to the handshake protocol for uh you know your hardware and uh um I don’t want to take too much time I want you to share so um do you want to introduce yourself and then I’ll I’ll hide from the stage yes sure um and I am the marketing manager from today I will be introducing our company a little bit and doing giveaway quizzes and also uh we are having this uh flash

sale deposit um event that um is part of our uh hs5 minor campaign so let’s get started let me share my screen first um all right oh this is okay just give me a second please okay okay all right okay see it I see uh the first slide yep yeah great uh that’s yeah that was the last Light and I don’t want to I don’t want you to see uh my pop quizzes so okay so um big main as our vision is to create a better Digital World

um so before I get started we will have pop quizzes giveaway today so um we have two hs3 Miners and four thousand coupons um and uh the prices will be splitted into four pop quizzes throughout the presentation so for the prizes for quiz number one and quiz number three uh it’s hs3 minor and uh the prizes for quiz number two are like uh two thousand coupons so um okay let’s get started so um I would just briefly introduce big bang a little bit and we were established in 2013 and we are the world’s leading end-to-end solution

provided in crypto mining industry so if you are a minor or you if you have uh in being in the mining industry for a while you probably have heard of waitman before uh and also our Asic minor brand amp minor it has long maintained a leading position within the industry in terms of technical strength and Market status and we offer Cutting Edge technology and empowering efficiency and the best computational infrastructure and solutions to the global chain uh Global blockchain Network and we serve customers across over 100

countries and bridgen and we have Global r d centers in 14 countries and regions we are we have capture number we have uh the number one market share for BTC and other crypto mining servers and and we have a very very strong team in bitmay and here comes the first pop quiz just warm up a little bit it’s a very very easy question so um I see that uh so Mike can people type in their comment in the chat section can we see it should be able to see the chats do you see yeah I hope you’ve uh if you need me to

um yes but there’s a chat section okay so people can enter their answer right yeah yeah okay okay um there’s also q a kind of thing that might be you know we’re kind of experimenting but those are there’s a q a section that might be I’m not sure what the question is or how yeah it’s gonna pop up it’s gonna pop up in one second okay I’m excited yeah so um so as Mike said you can put your uh answer in the Q a section so whoever um putting the right answer the first uh will get the hs3 miner are you ready

it’s a very simple question okay when was Batman established so simple right oh I see wow wow wow wow you see it okay I didn’t see it I can only see this there’s a I think you should be able to see q a uh it looks like Layla was I don’t know she’s on the top Layla she’s been helping me find out when do you see do you see uh do you see this on screen I don’t maybe we need to get our Twitter account um yes if that’s the correct answer she was first but then there’s others like

June that has the exact date under her but she was first with 2013. okay this is the exact date and then and then Brian is third but it seems like 2013 is yeah 2013 is the correct answer yeah a lot it seems they’re right but the first at least in this system has Layla on the top okay cool we don’t even need to count it yeah I guess we just have to figure out how to connect with her but uh and on her team can help um so lay um go to big means Twitter account and um we will uh let you know uh or you can give me uh like we wanna

you know what kind of information information that you need to provide us so we can ship you the minor okay so thank you maybe talk to Anna or or event organization sure yeah I’ve talked to her okay okay first pop quiz simple right it’s gonna be very simple um so yeah so next I’m gonna briefly just introduce our core businesses and we have ant Miner you know and and pool it’s the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining pool and it’s dedicated to Innovations in blockchain technology we have big Fufu it provides professional

minor Leasing and hosting services to users also we have enter Alpha um which offers Innovative blockchain financial services and connect traditional finance and blockchain finance and um we provide so between we basically provide all mainstream pow miners we cover minor r d and production minor cells minor hosting minor o m and new energy for mining basically So like um we can provide you One-Stop Services uh if you need uh if you need anything in the money in the shape so this is just a brief um chart to see like what you can do is

like more details of this for businesses and for so first enter Alpha it covers trading risk management minor financing and it provides a lot of financial products and Professional Services for POW mining uh as well as Ed minor So based on our leading technical advantages and minus market share has steadily increased from 15 in 2013 to 90 by 2022 um it has like excellent Computing performance and leading power consumption performance and the third is be Fufu it is invested by bit main it is a fast-growing Pioneer

in digital asset money and Cloud mining services and andpool of course I think people have heard of it is the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining platform it has convenient management transparent earnings prompt notice and stable services and here comes our second pop quiz and the prize yes this is coupon okay great yeah this is the 2000 antminer coupon so there were some people confused about the last one so there’s q a in chat we want to use q a just to clarify there’s chat and Q a for those watching um I think q a is

easier and I’m just gonna look at what’s on top uh to be honest that’s okay for people I know there were some people in chat saying they were first and I just looked at the top of the Q a it just I don’t know how it does it but I’m just looking at that so uh so people have been using the chat or like the preferred chat is a little bit easier it’s just kind of like WeChat you know you’re just chatting but there’s a q a where you create a question so but I believe in time order I believe so we’re um we’re gonna use

that I’m sorry Vance man I’m trying our best here we’re trying our best buddy I know everybody wants one I I want one too okay I’m trying our best I know but we more we have a edge as um three events so I’m gonna introduce that later it’s a fleshed sound deposit so you can secure your miners you don’t have to you know everybody has a chance okay so uh is everybody ready for the answer all right the question so q a I think the question is yeah so easy what’s the name of it means mining pool

okay there’s uh ant Miner ant Miner Aunt Miner ant pool ant pool oh who’s that impulse I mean there’s a few but the first one I see on there is is this whoa I just showed it it’s this is uh the highest on the list that says ample in my screen that was right right okay you’re almost there but almost there so yeah Turk yeah Kirk fine okay and I both see Kirk as a top with the correct yeah I see I’ve seen it I see the chat okay okay uh let me just go next slide yeah so um just briefly introduce um and

minor brand um we continue to improve our performance uh we have so since 2013 which is the year we founded big main uh fitment was founded uh the power efficiency has enhanced by more than 90 times and we have increased our hash rate by more than 1400 times and um the hash rate of at minor BTC miners has increased by three orders of magnitude about Energy Efficiency has improved by two orders of magnitude and we are leading the BTC mining industry and Technology we now capture more than 90 of the global market and

um so our miners that are that were released in 2016 are still running very stably and both hash rate and power and efficiency both lasting competitiveness with product life cycle exceeding six years so basically we have four key advantages which are excellent Computing performance living power consumption performance validated lifecycle of more than six years and mature cooling Technologies like new energy like air cooling Hydro Cooling and we are going towards uh we are promoting a sustainable future in the money industry

okay pop quiz number three so everybody please get ready um yeah everybody get ready okay so so q a i I know there’s a q a tab some people can’t find it there’s a q a tab I’m sorry you gotta try to learn the platform most people are finding it I’m sorry if you can’t find q a time do you need some time for them to find it or doing it uh maybe I’ll ask Ann and or what do you think Anna people know where q a is like it’s hard yeah I mean a lot of people are using it but some are still using like feed or general chat

we’re using the Q a tab in the in the session so I hope people see that uh maybe on mobile it’s harder to see um you know it’s best on desktop you know laptop computer um I think there’s enough time because we we don’t have so much time today in order a little bit I know I know okay Alex I’ll just show the question yeah okay okay how many times has Britney increase this half rate um I see six years that’s on the top six years and then I see three no sorry I see it in 1400 six forty hundred forty hundred

whoever’s at 1400. 1400 okay uh Brian Buckley is the top there’s more and more coming in at 1400 but he’s I see his as the yeah Ryan congrats yes right okay okay great and also confirms that so yeah he was the first answer correctly okay all right thank you uh congrats and also um and last but not least our Global after sales um we have Global 24 7 quick responses uh we have National spare parts warehouse which ship uh we we ship from nearest Hub Warehouse uh near you and we have dedicated services for key accounts

we have on-site Services Training Services after after sales Advanced Replacement Service um so I’m not uh gonna go into that because of the time but um you can go on to our website and you can see more details about it um here’s a short video of our big main hs3 Miner [Music] ahead of the game and to manage these three different new miners can use plate to the plus shot three algorithm manual contribution experience [Music] equipment online interest rate delivers the 640 improvements over the current market

upgrade the M9 is history achieving of how efficiency of 231 Europa attackers a 70 Improvement in power to energy ratio compared to the current market output establishing a new standard of Energy savings the end command hs3 incorporates the latest design architecture for heat dissipation effectively protecting and prolonging the operationalize them putting up the Ant-Man hs3 achieves the stable hash rate operational performance providing a steady income stream for continuous mining experience and familiar hs3 one of the Leading Edge

and S minus ahead of the game [Music] yeah this is a very brief introduction of our amazing hs3 Miner and oh let me go to the next slide yeah so um so this is The Flash sale deposit event that we’re doing for hs3 um we did a gaster prize event which uh was ended yesterday and um our prize was announced as well and our flash sale deposit event will begin after the hs3 price is announced which we did yesterday and um so you have a chance to secure your hs3 with a flash sale deposit and all you need to do is to go to our website

19:03 and you can click reserve your orders reserve your reservation make a reservation and then choose your expected purchase quantity and submit so you have you can you can do it from March 8th which is from yesterday to March 12th you have got enough time uh 9 pm uh eastern time so it will end at 9pm Eastern Time on March 12th so please keep in mind that only users who pay the flash sale deposit can purchase can purchase hs3 so if you want to learn more details about it if you want to get a hold of hs3 you can go on

to our website and see how you can play uh how you can pay the first child deposit and secure your orders so here’s a pop quiz number four I’m scared you know these people are coming at us from everywhere like and chatting to the back really everybody wants coupon and miners everybody wants it Margie you know I know I know everybody wants it hns is just amazing right and the minor is amazing yeah yeah so okay so um I will show the question now and are you ready and are you ready are you ready yes okay yes okay go

it’s not in the PowerPoint but we announced the prize yesterday so there’s people I think there are random answers before you even put the question um I see 2500 2500 that’s the correct answer okay and he’s verified for me so man people don’t think I picked favorites or something yeah you just yelled it out you just yell out the answers yeah I mean it is like but people are like putting random answers before you even answer the question it seems I know just just take a guess but yeah oh yeah so

um correct right so yeah congratulations are I think we have a way to reach out we do this for auctions we do auctions on this platform oh okay so I think our experience okay and said yes okay maybe yes and thank you Anne um the slash at the end she has her name on handshake okay that’s it you’re done yeah I’m done so okay there was some questions I don’t know if you want some questions about other things I saw a couple I could let me see if I can answer them yeah look Technical and I I got I got

lost technical um so if you have any questions oh Emoji domains that’s Emoji Emoji like you know the smiley face you know or the or the heart you could actually make that a it’s a domain name and it’s not really as common in the normal domains although there are but it’s becoming more popular in the uh yeah domains so you could have I think because they think is easier for people to know without language right they don’t speak English and they can just type in an OG and what oh that sounds really cool

um I haven’t heard anything about it but I will make sure my boss know so yeah yeah he um I think Taylor sells them so he’s trying to sell you his emojis okay now I’m joking all right um well cool we made it because I think it was the 30 minutes so I think we’re on track yeah and that was a lot of fun yeah I think people enjoyed that I think some people are upset at me but uh oh I think we try our best don’t do that correct go to our website yeah participate in the first deposit event yeah you can secure the orders you will

for sure have the hs3 miner don’t worry don’t worry but uh yeah maybe I think we have one or two minutes how has it been for handshake with bit main I mean it’s been a few months now I mean do you have some in feedback from your company about working with handshake so far or is there any yeah so far I think um one of my other colleagues is dealing with all the uh interactions with handshake but so far I think we have had a great collaboration and we want to really focus on in developing the hns ecosystem we will

provide support uh however you need it and um yeah so basically it’s a very happy collaboration so far okay great great yeah we’re here to we’re here to help uh also this was streamed into Texas Austin we had this also while they’re not in the online event they were there so okay um I guess we can wrap up and and can you help me I’m a little bit off you know exhausting of it intense event I think I know it’s uh I’m drinking my teeth 9am here so I guess [Music]