Bob Wallet Multisig


(00:02) [Music] thank you [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] all right rhythmic you’re getting lots of great shout outs and chat Oscars here hello again again I’m I want to share share

(01:06) the stage so I’ll let you two take it away Bobble multi-sig and uh you’ve both been here since the early days and contributing a lot so um ask if you want to kick it off and I’ll be behind the scenes thank you so let me just start thankful you guys can see this um we’ll start with what Mighty SEC is and how it’s different from regular wallets provided that’s important and then go over to how it can be used in volved um but first a bit about the regular wallets that we use currently self-custody users would know that the

(02:08) sea Trace is like a master secret that unlocks everything in a wallet it’s a set of words in a specific order that can recover a whole wallet and for the possible session I’ll be using the word Secrets but that is just a general tone it can refer to any private material to previously phase or specific Keys derived from it or anything else and the main point on the slide is that one safe days is for the single wallet that’s a value in your introduction um so Secrets can be lost to the owner if for some reason this safe place or

(03:00) your Hardware wallet is lost the contents of the wallet is true that’s why we recommend backing them up separately and securely but we all know Happy black people do that they can be stolen or hacked and once an attacker gets you see phrase they control your wallet as much as you do and in case the owner of the wallet is no longer reachable you know accidents happen in Amazon and if nobody else knows about the wallet or its place then everything the wallet is as good as gone okay now you could um ask a friend for a family to keep

(03:45) them safe to keep a backup But first you have to trust them completely to not see it on you which may not be the case in every single family and even if they only have good intentions do you know if they take security as seriously as you do and say that this replays that it gets big for some reason and it’s compromised there’s no way to know if it’s from you or one of the backups you can probably guess by those coins multi signature wallets are a combination of many secrets for example you can have five different sea places

(04:32) that can form a single common wallet and any transaction that’s spending from this wallet needs signatures and approvals from one or more parties depending on how it’s set up for example in a six of ten wallet you’d have um so you need access to six of the 10 secrets to spend anything from the toilet same multiple keys this might help visualize it better if you notice that three logs are placed in such a way that unlocking one of them will unlock the whole steel thing I know where it’s called um so that

(05:24) another is this where there are two locks looping through the same door handle I couldn’t find quick online so don’t mind the pattern drawing a bit unlocking the door requires keys for both the locks so it’s a two of 2.0 it’s going to check if there’s any problems and if you just where this can be used organizations like extremist and financial institutions use Smart basic to avoid single points of failure of wallet [Music] um since it needs to be signed by multiple people in order and not just take orex even individuals

(06:20) use this as a second Factor Authentication you can create a two of two wallet with a hot wallet and a ledger wallet and any spend will require both of them to be appealed that’s not the case then you have the cases where a bunch of people need access to spend some common wallet and instead of sharing one sleep days with everyone you can create a one of n wallet that lets any single person use the wallet but it’s different from sharing suitcase which we’ll head to later they are also using Astros with

(07:00) mediators for decision making if you remember the Gateway incident this was this one it’s also used in decision making similar now coming back to the problems that we had with the regular wallets if the owner loses a single secret that’s fine as long as at least M secrets are available the wallet can be used and recovered and transferred somewhere else if a single secret is stolen that’s not enough to take over the wallet since at least I’m semester so you can get it again and for the last one multisim makes it

(07:45) possible for the rest of the members to recover the wallet without knowing that single loss secret and as a bonus if any key does end up getting late it’s easy to find out who has gone to mind who was compromised since everyone has unique case so that’s why it’s better than sharing a single secret with many people and [Music] um okay so this has been added with a point and on the picture um I think it’s possible it’s available in the latest version of pop that’s week two it works with hydroballers it works on

(08:38) svb mode and will go over how to use it now unless there’s something in the chart but okay so let’s measure my screen Bob wallets connected to each other but not on the main end so that we can generate blocks and you know Skip through the option process um so this there’s nothing here right now let’s create a multi save wallet um let’s do a two of three with one of them being The Ledger not that was pretty much everything yes symptoms and also each wallet is modified and you can see it’s color

(09:31) coded too identify them let’s call this small red if there’s a monthly set volume of it fast forward they escape the receipt is in the wallet and this is a setup screen that we will get to soon will stay the same will they be the same thing for the other two members of the and again each member gets their own series I’m not saving them anywhere because it’s cheaper testing but they’d say like somewhere very safe and the last one we’ll call it blue and that’s it to two three

(10:39) okay so we have everyone on the multi sex adapted and each person says that a country with the rest of the language green and giving it to Blue um but again one person will be handling one for it so this isn’t a problem most and we take blue and give it to the other two and it’s going on and that’s it and if you notice all of them have the same wallet so all of them have the same address at the same time

(11:43) um will you skip through the few blocks so that they have some balance to work with and let’s open again is the same as regular wallets start an option you submit but instead of sending it directly on chain you can screen which says that it’s a transaction with an open for the handicon game and it needs to be signed by two of the three people and you can see red is me that’s for this so we sign it and we see one is done and another signature is needed so we export this save it somewhere and send it over to say blue

(12:37) now blue will load that file and we’ll see the same thing they confirm it’s an open for handicon and blue can sign it and it’s all for this method we didn’t do all that you are would work the same way and you’ll broadcast it and that’s my own block and it’s open we see it’s open the same thing works for builds and I think we’re running out of time so I’m just going to stop here but the process is same you create a transaction you save the file send it to other members to sign it and they

(13:25) finally send the times option yeah so that’s pretty much done foreign [Music] languages like capital and Spanish and French this has been added by Oscar and Miguel and potentially others I will not yet like and they maintain these translations every release so here’s answer them and to explain about the whole process

(14:29) there is Oscars thank you well um first of all I want to to say thank you for the organizers of the handicon they are doing a very hard work and to say thank you all the community because we are doing great steps and we have the opportunity to show all these progressions here in the in the handicun uh for all the newcomers I want to to introduce myself my name is Oscar I am a handshake director like uh all of you and very enthusiasm of this protocol uh in the early 2020 I read the the white paper I was falling in love

(15:26) um because uh there was a very disruptive protocol and science today I’m falling in love all this time all my goals are oriented to try to add value and to uh try to help the newcomers and all the people in the community so now I want to share my PowerPoint and I will I will explain about the book wallet multi-lang watch why is important the internationalization uh the first I want to I want to talk is a little long short story about the

(16:30) translation to arrive until this picture this is in in Catalan language um there is a little story in the middle 2020 in the telegram the core I try to uh I tend to ask about the translation in both wallet but in that point in the the community had another priorities very important priorities and I translate in in the moment I try to translate the name base learn Center to Spanish but in January 2022 I direct contact dm with TK Chan our multi-language translation in both wallet and he uh he were um he was very excited

(17:35) about this this feature and in two three weeks he make all the international relations inbox wallet but that was the the moment for that um at the end of January the Catalan Spanish translation were done for me was very a very beautiful challenge because I translate directly Spanish to Catalan and Catalan to the English to Catalan and Catalan to to Spanish and all the following updates in Bob wallet I am contact with this week to try to update the translation as soon as possible the last translation was more or less about three hours

(18:25) I’m very excited to do this because I know that I know techie I know the developer I’m just a believer and I find this way to try to help to the community translations is is the internalization necessary yes and yes I think and I’m absolutely uh convinced that this is necessary because we are talking about decentralization Free Speech sensorship resistance and the best way to do this in your is in your tongue language these are respect for all language around the world and to have a wallet translated in

(19:17) as as much as possible language is is very good for the ecosystem because it’s very easy to to try to interact with the Bob wallet there is not friction with the language in addition non-techy is a non-techy task and you are collaborating directly with the handshake developer the core it’s amazing for me it’s amazing to try to to to add and help to decorate with my non-techy side um but wallet could be more attractive for non-native English speaker readers and is that just only 600 lines to translate so the first time

(20:08) could be hard but the following update is not is not hard it’s very very amazing if you are thinking about translation next steps for you if you want to collaborate in bug wallet translation follow the whole rabbit you need to use both wallet many of them because you have very familiar with the vocabulary you are using in the in the wallet because if you use tools is a very cool translation you need to put the the sense in the words and it’s very easy if you are interacting every day with the bow wallet you can choose translator tools like

(21:05) deep Google translator another this is very useful when you are trying to to translate a huge quantity of words but there are a lot of lines a lot of code the that there are a single words GitHub account is indeed or maybe not because you can download the the file you can download the the role in a file and you can translate it and leave the the file uh you have to be patient and you have to divide up the task overall the first time because there are a lot of lines to translate the first time is is hard but very very exciting

(21:56) and the following updates are soft because maybe there are 50 lines 40 lines and it’s important to contact with read big to explain your intentions and to collaborate in Translation this is a a very very important step overall if there are another people in your language that are translating you don’t spend your time final thoughts I want to share this thought with all of you um wallet handshake is this and decentralization we can this interlace says the language too we can add value to both wallet we can collaborate with depth core

(22:52) uh why not censorship resistant in your tongue language this is a very experienced very beautiful experience you can enjoy the way and this is the way and finally I want to say to say thank you and what me all the all the community this is very interesting life experience and you can find me in Twitter in Telegram and Discord if you have questions I’m very happy to to try to help all of you and we have more speakers we have more tables to to see in the handicon and I encourage all the community to support the great work

(23:49) that are doing all the handicom team uh claps for for them and a very few hacks for them for them so thank you and we will see you in the in the in the internet yeah perfect perfect great right on time too just perfect perfect length uh yeah I mean I think you’re both monitoring the chat but I mean I think everyone really appreciates both of your contributions to the community to open source um to Bob wallet to handshake so uh definitely thank you as well and I think there’s even more people wanting to

(24:30) contribute already in the chat that I’m reading so hopefully they know they know how to reach out I think what’s the best way you think telegram groups or what’s the best way to think telegram yeah just any one of those things whatever they’re comfortable with that or anything okay telegram Discord okay yeah rhythmic’s really great Oscar is very helpful too so um yeah just please don’t be shy to ask questions or contribute translate technical I mean this is what’s going to make make or breaks uh the success of

(25:00) this project so let’s move the next session Nathan Woodburn on making websites on handshake with the live demo I believe so let’s go okay thank you bye [Music] [Music]