Day 1 – Closing


[Music] [Applause] thank you [Music] [Applause] all right hns broker 6 a.m for him I think he’s in Amsterdam well it’s a noon for me um almost noon or Belgium great great uh you know we’re just we’re really distributed I’m thinking about the time zones for next year we we try to do surveys we try to listen you know we’re trying maybe we have to do a different time next year um or in person but anyways let’s wrap up day one I know we’re all exhausted and overloaded with information and

ideas do we are we ready for the leaderboard penny Rings yeah we gotta get these Rings going yeah we’re getting a lot of forms coming in people filling out that form slash rings I think give us a little bit of break from this event probably next week or so we’ll be uh reaching out and Anne’s loves what she does which is cool and probably will support us on the coordinating but we want to keep it simple we don’t want to make it so difficult that you’re we know we’re all side hustle in here so

um okay so but but we’re basically basically done I’m just wondering if we can do do we do the leaderboard now let’s look at who’s the winner can we is the winner now okay I’m getting some chats leaderboard is ready okay so what does that mean I look at the I look at the thing now oh great let’s screen grab that maybe for Twitter or something I’ll grab a screenshot does do others see that is it just me um yeah you guys saw it okay yeah fault she won he’s hardcore he even left earlier

so okay you saw it so we’ll get the you know some H and S to those three we have to get their addresses um we will uh we will coordinate and try our best to make sure that those get to those three people we also have other prizes of course the miners were giving out crazy mining uh both today you know from both of the companies we also have some other gifts people want us to give out and other ideas and suggestions so let’s uh let’s wrap up for today um we will be sharing more information the um in the um coming soon but I guess

let’s look at tomorrow let’s just look at tomorrow if he wants to hang out with me uh I will see the let’s look at the agenda for tomorrow yay of course thank you our sponsors we want to recognize our sponsors name base really appreciate you stepping up and taking the lead sponsorship this year thank you.x the real.

x can’t wait for that to Launch dot domains and superlink Dot me which I can’t wait for his talk tomorrow let us look at the agenda tomorrow day two again you can go to slash agenda okay Kirk’s got some gifts or some discounts um so tomorrow we’re gonna start a little bit earlier one hour earlier than today today we start at 1pm we’re gonna start at noon Pacific the LA San Francisco time we have dot nouns or nns sharing thank you Zach I think maybe Zach will be involved with that one

um he helped connect us to them as well thank you Matt win I believe others on that team will be sharing pencil domains Miguel dot Stars Shane the co-founder will be sharing in the story of launching.stars and Cosmos and conflict I’m really excited about that one stargaze panel Cosmos Chango impervious domainsupdate dot records case studies with tlds Clay Collins is back every time we got um some new people as well use I’m seeing chat in the back office I’m not sure if I gotta look at that um

what’s going on replace dot announced okay I’m not sure um payments handshake 101 panel I hear there’s gonna be some fun stuff Chris has got cooked up and VJ Bob wallet multi-cig with rhythmic building website and handshake Nathan story of handshake merch migs machine HDs local communities I think we’re gonna get Ann up here for once and some others branding your TLD which is a amazing Kirk and team with his hat and stuff and then your name for the internet sergeant from India talking about dids I

believe I’m excited for that one and then just a little sneak peek the last day is a little bit simpler the last day is the auction to Dot N and other other amazing names a little break and then name base aox Aaron will be sharing I know a lot of people are excited to hear all the updates happening at name base and then as every year we’re going to have the q a with two of the co-founders of handshake JJ and Andrew Lee from purse sharing with a little bit more like each year where you get to ask some

questions about why to do that why did you do that what do you think it is ETC and then networking so we’re almost halfway but technically not uh there’s still two more days Let’s uh let’s wrap up get some rest everybody um digest share yeah of course share this on Twitter do more marketing take some of this information and and share it wherever you can wherever you can so so let’s um let’s keep pushing our limits and uh see you in about I don’t know 12 hours less than 10 or so anyways check your schedule your local

time we’re all over the world I will be up 3am my time see you there [Music]