Opening The 3rd Annual Handshake Conference


[Music] okay let’s do the ones if you can see or hear me let’s see who’s first today I I like that last year one okay ah Steve’s second this time Steve’s always quick at that okay can you hear me thank you Oscar all right Tim Maxwell all right and thank you thank you yeah just do a little one in here we’re going to also try this year you know it’s been air meet the last couple of years this air meet again this year I hope everybody’s comfortable and happy using it um we’ll we’ll go through some tech

setup Jihad how you doing today it’s great third annual how’s everything oh it’s great I mean I just I maybe just will welcome everybody to the third annual handshake conference it’s it’s incredible that we’re still alive we’re still here I mean given everything that’s happened in in the world much less in the crypto sphere uh you know handshake we’re not the we’re not the biggest we’re not the uh the kind of loudest but we persist uh and you know third year in a row we’ve got this

incredible conference you know put together by Mike and his incredible team so really excited just to be you know continuing to carry the banner of handshake forward okay sure sure so so we’re just getting some tech set up and get some feedback and then there’s an echo I’m not sure if that’s on my side um so yeah we’re just getting things started with everybody it’s great really appreciate all the chats don’t hear okay thank you Paul okay so we’re gonna go through some intro slides this is the

intro session and then we’re gonna have a little heart to heart just some q a with Johanna and I in this in a session after the opening but it’s just the formality um opening slide so this year’s theme like like Johanna says is about positivity alignment and building right I think it’s clear the crypto markets changed since last year for sure right oh thank you nobody’s how do I unmute am I muted you’re good don’t hear me I can hear oh okay all right thanks everybody all right thank you thank you

okay well we’re just getting things started everybody just I’m excited it’s great I think it’s uh gonna be better than ever you know we’ve been working on this for months and months and we just thought to call it PAB positive alignment and building building is what we say in the crypto bear markets and I believe for sure you’re going to be seeing the next few days about the building has been happening in in handshake of course the event is nothing without speakers speakers are the main part of

the event there’s too many to Name by name but uh this is just a screenshot with all these amazing speakers from all around the world right uh Johannes really a global Community we have people from I’m here at 4am here for me in Thailand I woke up three for this and there’s I know it’s late in UK and Europe and Japan you’re you’re in LA right now I believe so it’s yeah it’s tough one o’clock in the afternoon one o’clock but yeah incredible incredible lineup of speakers and and also I mean I

I see there’s you know a bunch of people uh online and you just want to welcome everybody who’s returning to handycon and also welcome the people who have never been to a handy com before um this is for those of you who are who are new to handycon this is the handshake conference this is you know the conference to talk about handshake decentralized uh top level domain names uh an entire Community um you know we’re incredibly excited just to be able to have new people come into the community and and talk about it

and learn about it so if you’re new here um and you’ve never been to a handy con or you’re new to the handshake Community you’re just checking it out feel free to put an eight uh into the chat would love to know you know who’s out there who wants to learn um and then you know otherwise welcome back to everybody who’s uh who’s here for you know another time great I’m seeing some eights coming in because great we welcome the eights wow a few a few I I was actually thinking it’d be more regulars we of course

welcome the eights and the new people so we love eights yeah so we really welcome new people we really want to try to reach new people we don’t want to just have a echo chamber talking to the talking to their ogs right we want to welcome new blood new people and uh these speakers are all very friendly all very approachable all the sessions are going to be live and interactive so great I’ll see you more more Eights Eskimo I don’t think so we’ll appreciate you too all right and of course our sponsors it’s uh it’s

this is a free event right nobody paid to attend uh we want to keep these events free and open for uh the global Community um but of course we we of course need some support and uh these are our supporters that financially chipped in to make sure this event was done and we’ve been working on this for months our our key sponsor this year is name base uh which is really appreciated of course everybody knows name base and handshakes I don’t need to explain too much about name base they’re gonna have

some great updates they’re gonna be on the day three Aaron their aox will be sharing about I think we’ve seen already some updates coming from from name base they’ll be sharing about that and more updates dot X on handshake really uh I think a lot of people say in his tweets on Twitter really appreciate dot X chipping in and supporting what we do here and decentralization Dot domains d-o-t-t pay I think he’s I think he’s up early like me in in Asia he’s got a great portfolio of names and uh and it’s a tlds and has

been supporting since the very early days here and also from the Bitcoin community and uh which is a great one new startup been in stealth mode for for quite a while and Matt Wayne will be sharing and uh about owning your real name on the new internet so I will really take note on that session just launched recently right Johan I’m excited for super link all right and let’s move to so I’m not going to read the agenda we’ll take the whole event to just go through the agenda but the agenda is handico

06:21 we’re doing the sub domains because you can even see 2021.handycon 2022. you can watch all the previous sessions these are all recorded they’re all going to be on YouTube but of course you’re here live I believe it’s worth being here live because you can chat like I’m already seeing some great people in the chats Fernando’s here awesome um but yeah we have right now we’re starting at 1pm uh we’re gonna have a little heart to heart your hand and I will be chatting

after this session and then we’re going to kick it off with David vorick on the importance of decentralization and you can see it’s a mix of speaker sessions and panels and we will have some networking as much as we can um but day one is jam-packed as you can see this is day one it’ll be ending at about 9 00 p.

m Pacific so it’s a full full action-packed session tomorrow is the same starts a little bit earlier at 12 noon Pacific tomorrow we have um a great line up here just if you can notice the way we Design This is day one is a little bit more TLD focused and protocol focused and minor and day two is a little bit more sld um Community focused just generally that’s kind of how we tried to design this and then day three we’re gonna kick it off with the flamingo auction as always we have some great names and it’ll be fun

and then name base and Q a with Founders Andrew Lee and JJ will be back for some Fireside Chats and uh and we’ll we’ll wrap up on day three which is Friday the auction we got some great names lined up you can check out um dot in everybody always wants the singles right so the singles we got a few good emojis and some great English uh English names and uh two and three else so you can check that out online and just joining sessions so I hope you’re familiar with this airmeat platform

but uh we’re gonna end this session soon in Japan and I will be back in this heart to heart talk but each session will stop and then you gotta actually join the next one so it’s a little bit of a game a little bit of a game where we can see who can move to the next session first you can put a little one in the chat we also upgraded to a leaderboard system so Japan there’s gonna be points this year on your account I’m not I’m even gonna learn how that works but you can see a leaderboard okay Layla yeah

um the one will be in the next session so after this ends you’re gonna see uh maybe the videos screen like you did when you entered on the top left you’ll see view schedule you have to click view schedule and then you’ll click the next session in line okay and we’re going to work on a lot of great prizes the leaderboard winners will be getting some some various gifts a lot of it from different people in the community and uh and handshake organizers will be having gifts so wow Layla is great minor at crypto

Hub yeah we have minors today we have both two mining companies sharing today so this will be a really great session with they also have some prizes as well so is everybody comfortable anybody have some tech questions opening questions I got a question where are people coming from we’ve got a couple people from from Tokyo and kind of do me a favor put in put in the city that you’re you’re dialing in from we’d love to know you know kind of where the community is these days I’m here in LA but I’m also in you know

Puerto Rico and uh and uh Hong Kong wow look great great response thank you everybody for being Interactive yeah see it’s really spread around Boston Belgium wow Michigan Boston New Jersey Georgia nice I went to college in Jersey ah Cupertino Houston London Orange County St Louis it’s exciting so a lot of a lot of us people but really a lot of Europeans as well which is great not as many Asians Layla you win the Middle Eastern award nice we welcome everyone that’s the beautiful thing about about handshake

and blockchain in general is that everyone can participate great okay so we’re on track we’re actually already a little bit over but I think we’ll just adjust in the opening session of the heart to heart with Johanna and I will be so this is the next slide in the technical so once you click the view schedule you’ll you will then see the agenda and then you’ll see the next um join now right so when this ends we’re going to end this in just less about a minute all this chat history will move to the next one and then we

like the little one to see who’s first and there’s gonna be a little bit of points and rewards for people participating and engaging so uh and then yeah this is the leaderboard so you can see a Leaderboard on that top so this is where points it’s already seen Fernando Alex and Paul which I think a lot of you know they’re up there early with points already Fernando has 200.

good job buddy oh gee winning um but of course there’s a lot more to go so there’s total open opportunities for participating and joining the sessions okay Ann Arbor Michigan all right so that’s it we’re done with our opening sessions it has great pleasure always to kick things off with you and thanks for your support for uh for the handshake community and uh we’ll see you in the next session [Music]