Day 2 – Closing


(00:00) foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I know we’re all super exhausted at least me and excited we made it through day two and uh Daniel’s back all right um so you just saw a little promo for Flamingo handshake it’s it is true it’s coming that’s the next one it’s on day three we’re gonna start off with that on day three and then just two sessions after maybe ah I don’t think I need to share my slides although I maybe I saved

(01:06) I’m not gonna share a slide I think you’ve seen it enough yeah so we got of course Dot and like Kirk says and sending me chats okay I’d and could just send in a chat but okay uh there’s a neighbor tips contest which is 500 and Bitcoin going out to five people so I don’t know if it’s exactly evenly I think it’s a hundred bucks each in Bitcoin that you can win and I have a feeling it’s not gonna be so many competitors competing so I think if you made some reasonable effort you could

(01:42) probably get that prize hopefully so that’s that’s you I put the link to the Tweets in the chat definitely I know you might think oh I’m not gonna win I’m not going to win but half the time if you just make the effort you can win uh in life and anything so I hope you can take them up on that offer so the other one is the leaderboard is ready you can click it I don’t know if I can share it or if Penny can share her screen but okay there it is so those are the three winners first is Paul Singh

(02:19) second is TK Timothy King and third is Blake big black crypto BMB all right well that’s great you’ve all been participating actively today I really appreciate that um there is prizes and hns coin I think when they will wait a little bit if you don’t mind I think I have to be the one to send that I don’t have a multi-sig so I will be sending those HS prices if you’re patient enough next week maybe this weekend I think but you got to get the addresses and we’ll connect with you thank you and

(02:58) so those are some of the fun things and then of course tomorrow’s Flamingo handshake auction 1pm Pacific um same as day one we’ll just maybe do a quick announcement just jump right into auctions actually there’s so many amazing ones names and more and more names coming and I think we have like four auctioneers it seems like Anna at at least three um so and then after the auction which is maybe an hour or hour and a half we’re gonna have a little break just in case for buffer and then we’re gonna go right

(03:27) into name base updates Erin aox the CTO of it will be sharing and I think you’ve seen some massive updates I don’t know I think it’s hopefully uh wasn’t just handicom but I think handicon pushed a lot of helped push some of these deadlines for uh for some of these tools to come out it’s like a yearly little pressure so I hope that helped a little bit but they have a lot of updates and a lot of things they want to share I think some has been you can see I think some you haven’t seen um from what I hear so I’m excited I’ll

(04:01) even hear it myself for the first time and then after that we’ll have a little campfire round table with the founders some of the founders of the handshake protocol where you can ask questions and hear some inside insights and um then we’re done so just two sessions auction and two sessions for day three so we’re almost there come by tomorrow even if you’re not planning to bid just hang out in the same air meet same room uh it’s always fun and we got some fun things to announce I think there’ll be some

(04:30) giveaways as well and it’ll also be another leaderboard tomorrow which should be just um so I guess you’ll get leaderboards for being active in chats I don’t know if your house calculate but anyway I have to literally have to go in like three minutes to have something but thank you all uh congrats to the winners congrats to everyone being here you know we’re we’re finding ways to uh to you know develop this community you know it’s three years but we’re still figuring things out and growing take

(05:00) care see y’all tomorrow or in whatever tomorrow is for you the next day three bye-bye uh yeah Sergeant Assad’s Twitter he shared and I think Sergeant n am I still alive he put it in the chat um I think it’s Sergeant Ann or Ann sergeant yeah okay great [Music]