Day 2: The 3rd Annual Handshake Conference


[Music] a handshake conference and Community would like to thank our sponsors name base dot X dot domains supporters in Circa hns switch powered by Sky include hey everyone good day hey it’s me and I’m opening the event today uh nice to see some uh familiar names here also Welcome to our new adjoiners welcome to the handshake conference so it’s our third year and uh we’re so excited for today’s lineup uh Mike will be joining us later and I won’t be staying long I will be introducing our first Speaker by the way

shout out to um Irwin for giving me this label pin he’s amazing and I’m seeing a lot of amazing people in here all right so uh we have um so many cool projects uh so many amazing speakers today so handshake is uh giving us a lot of opportunities I mean we can do a lot of things with it it’s not just a coin it’s not just a domain so um you can bring out your creativity and you know you can make it into a business or monetize it all right so I want to keep you waiting let’s head to the first

session with the see you guys [Music]