Day 3: The 3rd Annual Handshake Conference


(00:00) foreign [Music] [Music] ycon 3 the handshake conference and Community would like to thank our sponsors name base dot X dot domains supporters in Circa hns switch powered by Sky include all right day three we made it how’s everybody doing I know there’s a lot of stuff going on wow great great oh wow nice all right I’m excited I got my daughter’s painting for luck but she’s sleeping because it’s 4am here um yeah let’s show the pole are you having fun honestly I’m still learning name uh not

(01:04) name it is I’m still learning uh air meat here and um trying to figure out all these features because we’ve been using this for years but they keep oh looks like a neck and neck race here neck and Nest neck race on the pole all right yeah this painting is amazing Maggie made it she knows daddy likes flamingos so I’m surrounded by flamingos you know I got LED light Flamingo there’s like flamingo animals all around me yeah we should auction the painting right yeah I don’t know that one’s Priceless to me though I don’t know

(01:45) about that okay okay uh I’m gonna hide the pole and then share the slides we’ll do a little opening great all right so it’s day three I think you’re familiar with these slides so I’ll go through them quickly Ishmael great great to see some new names new people so it’s you know the theme this is our third annual you know 2021 2022 2023 and we are in a bear Market at least in a crypto probably the General market to send it down you know I just was reading about Silicon Valley Bank looking like

(02:30) it’s going to collapse and uh you know there’s just a lot of changes in the world so we have to stay positive I know the Market’s been bad the last couple of days I’m trying to look at my portfolio you gotta stay positive you gotta you know we have to align my favorite one of my favorite there’s so much happening last few days but one of my favorite things is seeing kind of a lot of us used to be kind of these independent people doing things on their own and that’s the beauty of handshake right you

(02:59) don’t need permission from a centralized group you don’t need to ask permission but we need to still work together as much as we can we all are from different backgrounds and different locations and have different opinions and you know political thoughts and business thoughts but I think we need to align under this the goal of making a handshake or this decentralized web work the way we think it should work because there’s other Alternatives blockchain name solutions that have different values than us so we

(03:34) have to um come together at least under this common goal of this new internet while we might have our differences in in our approaches of other things in life okay okay we don’t got too much time because we got the auction and the back the team behind the scenes doing great so they’re reminding me anyways building and staying together and we’re going to come out of this bear Market I think better than ever of course thank you to all these amazing speakers we’ve seen we still have two sessions of speakers

(04:03) um today but yesterday and the day before was really really intense and it really gets me all fired up because these amazing people from all different great locations and backgrounds and skills of course thank you to our sponsors to help support make sure this is happen happened um you know we want to keep this event totally for free so name base step 10 and came in as our core sponsor dot x dot domains dot pay thank you pay superlink.

(04:31) me came in last minute really last minute that’s why I don’t see super Link in some of the promotions um you know Matt and the team there stepped up and chipped in so we really appreciate these core sponsors there’s also in Circa and hns switches supporting sponsors though they all contributed to ensure that our uh the operations here and and the systems uh we’re planning this I mean you know Ann and everyone is it’s been months and months in the making it and uh so we um okay let’s keep going so the day one day two is done so today

(05:02) is uh the welcome right now the auction which we blocked off two hours we might finish sooner but the way we did it was we left some networking buffer and then we’re gonna go to name base updates I know so many people are excited for this session Aaron aox I’m you know I’m so happy he joined name base as CTO he’s a very talented developer you know also I’m very familiar with ethereum system so I’m really excited to hear what Aaron has cooked up and has done for uh name base and handshake then we have q a with

(05:33) founders of handshake so you get your ask your questions and then closing and then networking so that’s that’s you know just limited time our auction is going to start in a few minutes I know people are super excited um we have some giveaways we’re trying to have this more and more engagement I don’t know if I have enough time do I and and so busy she can’t help me up here but we’re gonna do some giveaways maybe we’ll do it in the chats but we’re trying to encourage new people to the

(06:03) community to get some uh can you guys tell me in the chat I’m up here by myself online there was something about giveaway first time to join handshake and first time to join a flamingo handshake uh it’s in the Q a okay and we’re trying to figure out giveaways I don’t know how the giveaways work yet I don’t know how to giveaways work and Ann’s busy so uh maybe we’ll do it later I don’t know what that means and drop questions in queue I don’t know what that means so I I have to understand more before I’m I’m up

(06:39) here by myself I don’t know how things work so I think we’ll just figure out maybe in the auction we’ll do some giveaways during the auction uh because I don’t know how this works we’re trying to figure out giveaways we’re trying to make this more engaging we know and uh and the meme contest honestly was overwhelming amount uh of responses so many so many uh really like up to 200 comments alone on the main thread for the uh for the memes and you saw some people uh you saw some people going pretty nuts

(07:13) with video memes and you know I know uh the painting process we’ll discuss at the Flamingo handshake auction session so this is opening we’re gonna flip to that session in a minute and then we have our slide deck and we’re going to go through the whole rules of the auction awesome awesome thank you Michael I’m nice really great yeah the glasses everybody likes actually uh we mailed some to the uh she was fun from bit me and she really wanted him so we she’s in China already if you can so I’m they’re made in China

(07:50) so I had a male she might even got him today already we’ll figure out a way to get more Flamingo auction classes but um thank you everybody yeah Margie thank you Margie did you get him in I literally had him sent from the Chinese Factory to her um okay okay we will we’ll just kind of squeeze some stuff throughout the auction about giveaways and memes and and have fun so even if you’re not planning to bid and uh you know you may think you don’t have the funds or the ability or you know I think I still encourage you to

(08:20) participate it’s a lot of fun Faith’s fun and crypto will be there I’ll be up there I think Taylor’s also there so it’ll be a lot of different people and we have fun and we’re gonna have some giveaways so let’s just jump into the auction session this is the opening we’re going to close this flip to that room and you’ll see me again with a few of our auctioneer crew all right thank you for being here and uh let’s have some fun today it’s been a lot there’s stuff going on

(08:45) all right so we can close this session and then see you in the next session foreign [Music]