Demo w/ Lily Gao of FxWallet


foreign [Music] we’re trying to stay on track I don’t know um penny where are we at now I usually play okay here we go [Music] thank you [Music] all right uh yeah we are back to back um lots of amazing stuff Lily’s here how are you Lily sound check hi Mike oh hello oh great video nice great yes I hear you can you hear me awesome great I’m great um I’m just having my tea so you’re gonna do a demo for us yes I’m

going to do a demo for you about the name and also a quick introduce to our Mainline product FX wallet perfect that sounds good okay uh I’m trying to have my breakfast uh can I eat and or do you need me or can I eat yes of course eggs and tea okay okay please I’ll be here but I’ll be uh have some peanuts and tea sounds great uh you can share your sweet yeah okay thanks for being here you are very welcome and hello everyone my name is Lily and I’m the marketing operator of FX wallet and a d name and

it’s a great honor to attend this conference and also it’s our first first time to attend handicom and hope I can get to know more about us and so oh so my speaking my speech today will focus on our new product the name and I will be covering four parts of this product they are product product introduction and why we design this product and also product development plan and our outlook for the future so before we officially start to start to talk about the name I would like to do a quickly introduce to FX wallet it’s a

decentralized multi-chain wallet and now supports certain public chains it can it can be said to be the entrance to web3 so what FS FX wallet has an embedded browser and that supports the app usage and most importantly most importantly is the only Mobile Wallet that supports HMS domain auction as well as secondary Marketplace features and here I want to emphasize that our name Market function uses the protocol specifications of hip triple one and hip triple six to realize decentralized name transactions and the child labs and the

transactions are all Unchained to ensure the security of names and this Technologies allowed handshake name to be to be treated on a secondary Market without the need of trusted third party to act as an escrow okay I’m sorry and I see there are something wrong with the PowerPoint please wait a moment so can you see the PowerPoint now thank you okay um okay because it says already uploaded right here and I can I can’t tell it’s a

PDF file yes a PDF [Music] I don’t have the copy or I could share but um if there’s a way you can get it to me or and somehow quickly or okay I’m try or or share your screen not the PDF but share share your desktop Maybe share your tab your browser I try to oh please wait a moment oh or can I share it can I send it to and with my with my email is okay um it might be it’s just time the amount of time we have but uh um yeah I mean maybe send that just we have something but it’s gonna take time so

um because when I try to share my screen it’s just nothing before and so Taylor says he sees it but I don’t think anybody else is seeing it I don’t I’m scared to say it but sometimes if you refresh your browser uh you’ll we’ll lose you for a second because it will refresh but yeah okay yeah we’ll lose you for a second so people can watch me eat so I have uh some eggs here you guys want to watch me eat but yeah I mean d name that ID is really really new I think they just went from alpha to Beta

um I can send the link here uh am I sharing my breakfast I don’t really have enough to share I’m sorry you could do a giveaway um but D name dot ID is their exchange um it’s it’s she mentioned hip one and hip six those are handshake improving protocols so these are on-chain transactions and uh the FX wallet is the wallet you would use to um use their D name as an app also some announcements are getting reminded since we wait we have a leaderboard giveaway each day we’re gonna give away some hns coins to the

top three winners and and if you could help me out let’s all encourage and to not be so shy I think she’ll be great on stage um and but she will be speaking tomorrow first place is 500 second place is 300 hns and third is 200 hns for the top three leaderboards you can check the stats right now by clicking on the leaderboard tab Fernando I don’t know how he did it because I think he already left early because he’s in Spain and it’s late he’s at the number one Layla is number two she’s a lucky winner today and then

third is Timothy King as of right now but we will snapshot at the end of the each day so these are not confirmed winners but are the current leaders of the leaderboard each day we will calculate these top three which is still up for grabs you know Niels is close third um so it’s still still winnable Lily’s still not back or is she yet to join I think we were pretty smooth today no no other technical issues until now um and she was doing great actually it was really great she was on video and it was working smooth but um

but uh yeah so the leaderboard is one thing and as far as the other prizes you know I think some of you have gotten to know Ann she’s doing great things so she she should be the one reaching out to you um I’m trying how much time do we have yeah this backdrop’s great you know shout out to Irwin Irwin sponsored this he reimbursed me for the cost he he’s suggested we get I get this for the event and uh I hope everybody’s doing well it got there oh is that I can’t figure out who’s who with all

these names yeah Earl was great I’m doing great Chris thanks I hope everybody’s enjoying appreciate you know I really appreciate everyone uh interesting yeah I got the label pin you know he also sponsored this for me and I was still in China the microphone cover he’s always making sure I’m oh here she comes oh my God yeah I’m sorry the I I think the network is lagging so uh I mean it’s if yeah I forgot my glasses oh rad is not Radice is here nice it’s okay we’re having some fun oh

we had her here but I could maybe I don’t have her slides but I can share my screen hey David D mining that’s a cool name okay how about now I see a slides yeah great oh thanks God oh my God yeah great job okay I’m gonna go back to my my eggs see right here fried eggs okay I’ll be hanging here watching okay thank you so much and I will continue my speech so okay we’re just I think we just talk about um the name Market in our FX wallet wallet right and so um as I said it’s it’s truly decentralized and our commission fee is

only in 0.5 percent if you sell your domain in our name Market and talk back to dinning it’s a sub product derived from the hns functions in FX wallet and to prevent Network Cloud lacking I will just use the screenshots to Showcase you the features of of DNA and DNM is the web-based marketplace for handshake domains and you can access the product by entering the URL dnm.

id to access the product and when you enter it you need to connect dname with your FX wallet to use it and in your FX wallet you can either click on the right right side button or the wallet connect button to connect really to connect to connect FX wallet with DNA to use it and after you log in you can see the home page of the name and drag down you can see domains under different categories and there are some data of the domain like top beads and monthly top bids and weekly Top bids check back we can see about box search

button click click on that and you will be able to search the more than one domain in one time you can also add filters and other conditions to search the domain and when you get the result you can see the different status of the domain up upon the domain and click on the left side you can go back to the search part if you have no idea what kind of domain you are looking for you can just generate while very quickly by choose your favorite pattern okay let’s look look up the website and we can see four parts there and for the

second section we can see the option section click on that and we can get domains in different status and let’s randomly click one domain in in the beading section and you can enter the amount you want to beat the domain and after you confirm it you need to enter the password in your FX wallet to confirm the transaction and when you drag down the website page after that you can see your record right here and for the search section we can see our name Market section and click on that you can see all of the domain listed in our Marketplace

and for this one I already I already bid it before so I have three choice and for the for the domain you never beat it before you can either choose to beat it or you can choose to buy it in market price and for the last part you can see all of your domain domain transaction and we only have two parts of them to operate like the unveil part and the redeem part and all of them you can choose to review them all or redeem them all and let’s click on the right side and yes the address part and you can see all of the domain you own

and click on one domain you can either choose to transfer it to renew it or sell it and click back you can see your domain that listed in our market and for the last part you can just set up a email address to receive the notifications of our domain status changes it will only use for notifications and we won’t send you other kind of form messages to like like annoying you and next part um I’m going to tell you why we designed a d name and before that I just want to emphasize that the name has the basic

functions of common domain trading platform but the biggest difference differences is that the name is completely decentralized the platform and where you can actually own your domain in your own hands and all operations on dname are directly on the chain and you can check the Chain by yourself and all the informations are absolutely transparent and so Whitey name and the reason why we choose to develop a handshake related handshake related application is because we feel the project is very prospecting with the coming of

um web3 error it has the potential to be completely changed the way people think about and interact with domains and can be said to be revolutionary Army of traditional domain name industry as of March 1 2023 the total number of hns transaction has reached nearly 40 million also with the cumulate cumulate total of 30 million hls destroyed so from from all the data we can say the project is very promising and second we think that domain can also become one of the important identify for the future identity of decentralized

um did and as developers we hope to do more application Innovations for this project to make it more easy to use more simple and more friendly and hope to expand its customer basis and that’s why we’re focusing on supporting domain option and name Market fixtures in our Mainline product FX wallet and we hope to let user experience the decentralized domain name word anytime anywhere and faster and then now we choose to develop dname also because we hope you hope to provide more comprehensive support for the whole

ecology also for customers who often use computer site and for the next part I will simply just share you some our development plans so first of all we will be at and optimizing all the basic features of DNA So currently it’s still in the development stage and we are continuously iterating on it and also optimizing and adding more relevant features and trying to and trying to improve users experience and the next we will take a community driver approach in order to move DNM forward we are fully interact we want to

fully interact with you and listen to your suggestions and meet your real needs we also welcome your active comments and subjects such suggestions on DNA in order to receive your feedback in more timely manner we are creating our we have created our telegram group and you can also scan the QR code to join it or you can just contact us through Twitter third we are also considered cooperate with other platforms to enrich the whole ecosystem and because of and of course we need to do some comprehensive technical research

before that and finally we will open source D names code and all base after all basic features are perfected and the last part in the future we would like to we would like to seek to become a fully functional domain service writer as our future goal and may try to achieve these following functions like domain name resolution and use of domain name transfer and try to support transactions related to slds and we will try to achieve these functions through independent development or cooperation and due to the plaque complexity of

blockchain Technology it’s difficult to implement this above but we will do our best to contribute more for the whole handshake community and hope this project will grow better and better and we can get winning situation together eventually and that’s all of my speech today and thank you so much for your listening and I’m so sorry for the network lagging okay Mike okay just just washing down some peanuts hold on okay all right okay really great job Lily thanks for uh you know sorry sorry for the lagging and I’m a little bit

nervous because of that I’m sorry I think everyone said you did great it seems like you’re getting great feedback in the chats so um we have we extended our next speaker Andy from extended uh your time so you have a little bit more time and uh yeah everyone is uh everyone’s happy with your sharing um so there’s a couple of questions I think one’s answered about open source you just said it though right it will be open sourcing the code yeah we will be open sourcing after we keep all of the base

so that’s why we are looking for more feedback and suggestions because we we do want to complete our product product as fast as fast as we can so we can open our source after that awesome and then another one also from Taylor do you I don’t know if you’ve heard of have you heard of this this one before there’s another one I’ve heard it before so I mean I could help you answer but I I think it’s better you you answer what what would you say is different from D name from Shake decks

um actually I didn’t get that much known of that but I do know it’s another Marketplace platform for his name I could help answer from I think from what I understand I’ve used it I did a video also on the sky include it’s mobile only wallet right effect you need to use the FX Mobile Wallet to use D name yeah and it’s a mobile only wallet yeah so I think so like a lot of people use I think a lot in the handshake Community use desktops mostly um but you’re more mobile mobile it’s it’s it’s an interesting experience

because you you can use the use the computer like you showed but you showed in your presentation you just you have to scan the QR code to log in with your mobile wallet to sync your mobile wallet which is FX1 to the website yeah yeah so the biggest differences is we are a completely decentralized and we connected our FX wallet is because our FX wallet is a decentralized wallet and if you connect it use with FX wallet it will make sure in your transaction is Unchained but if you do that in other platform maybe

their centralized platform and we are totally decentralized and so as you mentioned because we have more customers to use desk desktop and we we were looking for other cooperation opportunity or um other forms in the future to expand this feature for desktop users that’s what we think oh so there will be a desktop later yeah top and also we are considering you to cooperate with Bob wallet but because of the technical issue and the logically is different so we are still figuring out the way to cop cooperate with them and

so we didn’t send out any invitation to them yet okay okay I think this is all great and then you have I I hope I answered correctly in the chat but the difference of shake decks he meant with FX wallet but FX wallet is primarily a uh a wallet for how I think seven tokens like Bitcoin ethereum it supports um certain public Channel 13.

now 13 yeah okay those are a multi-sig wallet not yet probably right yeah okay um all right I think we’re about at time I think we with the extension so we’re getting a lot of great support Lily I mean we are trying to bridge different you know different uh different groups so if if we could help let us know but there’s definitely people here interested to learn more um and want to give you feedback so uh let’s think of more ways to do that okay so for now we we you guys can contact us through Twitter or just join

our new telegram group and that would be great and thank you so much for your patience okay and because of the lagging and and we welcome you to give us more feedback and suggestions in any time and any form okay great so Twitter yeah FX wallet Twitter right and yeah the uh telegram group is I don’t even know about that one but I could yeah we just create created recently so it’s totally new group and we welcome you guys to join us awesome great thank you Lily yeah getting great feedback the shaking you

know Zach I think he’s also been sharing news about it about what you’re making so uh thank you for sharing with us today and you did great don’t be don’t be uh shy or worried integrate okay thank you so much see you bye thank you see you bye [Music]