The Domain Naming Game

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[Music] thank you [Music] all right all right so we are back how’s everybody doing check out the leaderboard here and uh we got another great great panel for everybody so how’s everybody doing getting okay Raul’s here perfect Marcus all right Paul’s here Chad’s here okay it seems like everything is working there are some people muted so I think you know maybe unmute when you talk or just always stay unmuted However you prefer um would we confirm a moderator or who’s coordinating Paul

go ahead you can moderate you can moderate Mike oh I think Paul Paul’s good I think Paul’s Pro all right all right all right well I mean we have enough now that one’s here to Stage so I’ll just pop off and then um I’m excited yeah thanks Marcus it’s good to see you Mike um it’s good to see you guys Marcus Rahul Chad um Chad I know we’ve been in rooms uh in our clubhouse rooms talking about web three for quite a while in our lfgtv.

com if you guys want to check it out we talk about handshake a lot um Marcus let’s hear a little bit about yourself yeah well uh I’m a web through domain investor um actually I went through domain Advocate and educator I run uh an alpha domain channel for three domains and also a Twitter space called Tech talk um and then yeah I’m at the main registrar I own the tld.

dfi wallet um which actually has a trademark pending on it so yeah that is me fantastic Rahul I know we’re in the same WhatsApp groups and uh Twitter friends as well to get finally to put the face into this uh yeah tell us a little bit about yourself man how’d you get involved and what’s going on uh I’m a drummer since like uh 2008 but right now I’m only in hns only in handset so I like uh I had all the portfolio origin is like 800 feel this I have that’s all nothing but like that’s all is there a certain Niche that

you like to invest in or is it all over the place your tlds actually I I only only invest in good words English words yes yes single like single words or a single yeah single words and like the valuable words it had CPC good CPC yeah good we’ll talk a little bit about the uh the new update on name base I was very excited about that we can finally see what 3L floor prices are 4L floor prices are we were able to see it before it’s a little complicated but they’ve made it a little bit easier and I’m sure

they’re going to do a lot better um I think we’re gonna have collections and so forth but Chad good to see you again tell us a little bit about yourself what’s going on [Music] so we’re a digital read for domains we fractionalize premium.coms in about 130 handshake names and real details some of those are DOT chain which we paid two Bitcoin for uh when Bitcoins at 12 Grand and then that carbon and some other environmental impact ones that we’re looking to bring out um pretty soon so that’s kind of it yeah so you

fractionalized these domain names is that what the is that kind of the right terminology for it we tokenize them tokenize them got it yeah great nice to meet you guys so what would you guys uh like to start off with uh I know one of the things they had on there is name collision and it’s something we can’t really avoid I mean I think eventually it’s going to It’s Gonna it’s already come across we’ve seen it what’s happened with uh with on you know with what Unstoppable is doing but I mean in

the icann root zones um you know as they release new TL these it’s inevitable that it’s going to happen so what are your guys’s thoughts on you know what we can do to um kind of you know protect ourselves and protect our tlds I know one of the things that the web 3 Alliance had mentioned is first to Market and uh and an adoption I know we’re not going according to those rules but I mean let’s just say that we’re first to Market our TLD out there is there do we have a leg to stand on now that hey we

have it rooted with namecheap um you know is that enough to Market or who’s going to decide what what the adoption level is um that was those were kind of my my thoughts when I read that uh about the alliance do you guys have any thoughts about that um I mean I kind of do uh I think like early on in the space I was as concerned about Collision as everyone else is um I think that’s because the way we experience domains now is with a single DNS system so obviously if they were to get domains and regular DNS they would

collide however with like web 3 domains serving the purpose of digital identity most of these names exist on separate ecosystems um actually a lot of naming systems and ID systems out coming out now are going to be closed ecosystems um where the same name could exist but it’s never really going to have utility outside of the ecosystem so there there really isn’t Collision there Chad your thoughts on this Raul go ahead Rubble hey I think uh handset needs more marketing you know like people still don’t know

about handshake like if you talk about web 2 or something people still don’t know about hand second it’s like very complicated uh uh we need to be like a little bit more easier on this like if you go to auctions you start with things people don’t know how to get the name how to bike the name because not everybody has the VTC Bitcoin they don’t know how to get the hns so it’s very complicated you know like we need to make it very simple and we need more marketing we can uh create uh hashtags

on uh Twitter and do more promotion because we have the very good Community we have very big Community we need more promotion we need uh end users to come to the handshake and uh we need to make it more easier than how to buy the hns names people don’t still don’t know how to do that and it’s very complex you know it’s more technical level your question because you’re saying first to market right yeah on the naming of um a collision right a word right whatever it’s right at the dot was that kind of

the general question that was the question how do we protect ourselves right what what rights do we have uh you know what’s the best way that was yeah that was kind of a thought process on it yeah yeah I think well the rights are what you can see in the protocol and the governance and stuff like that to know the predictability of an open decentralized protocol the unpredictability is you already know what’s already happening in the legal court systems so so until those are decided is it first to First of thought

and first to act because then you can say well I thought of that and I acted upon that means I am putting in the that Concept in Motion in the in the into the world right so so you break it I wouldn’t break it down to First the public market it’s already first to the thought and first one action and that is starting an energy in a in a spin and that’s what right at the TLD can do for you like that is it gives you a most unlimited range in front of that so that’s what how we have to defend it

is we have to defend it on the first to think about it first to act upon it and if if they win the dot wallet all Unstoppable domains are at risk and anybody else that precedes that are at risk of of of that structure that’s the best way to put a a big big defense on it just get it get a couple times in court to say it is yeah because there’s already a few others oh go ahead Marcus I was gonna say I’m actually just realizing I didn’t answer your question probably too speaking then uh I’ll give

you the answer to the correct yeah no problem but it was good to hear from you and I want to kind of touch on what you said as well but you know Godzilla is out there right now on both handshake as well as Unstoppable right so they’ve gone after dot wallet what about the owner of zotzill you know what about some of the tlds that I have that I have not yet marketed yet you know so is it enough for me just to put them up on namecheap spend the hundred dollars that’s kind of my my question is is that enough does that does that cover me

spending the hundred dollars and getting my names uh rooted or you know at namecheap now all of a sudden I’m first to Market or it doesn’t actually actually have to be people registering names on there yeah so but yeah Marcus go ahead please all right so yeah what I said earlier does have some relevance in in this topic as well um it should also probably be put out there that my company is a member of the web three domain Alliance um so I do know what their ethos is and kind of their thought process behind

protection of domains um to answer that question so again with separate ecosystems the issue of collision may never even come up so you may never even have that problem just depending on where those names exist but let’s just say that they do come into a position where the client like the dot wallet or the dot coin um simply so it’s just my personal opinion simply purchasing something um on a blockchain or on a protocol and squatting on it without doing any marketing or promotion or building on it I don’t think uh

establishes ownership um I think establishing ownership is intent to Market if you purchase a domain um and then you bring it to the market and you put your capital in your effort behind it and then you do certain things like okay so we were creating an ecosystem built on an ideology that decentralization should recall but reality is that law uh establishes order and and establishes uh the rules that we must fall in and protecting your domain also by filing trademarks whether or not you get it approved or not just doing these certain

legal steps to establish true ownership insurance and to Market the domain I think that that has a better uh you have a better foot to stand on if you do those things than just saying you know two years before you put out your name I bought it and stored it in my wallet what about two months what what is the time to act so because if you if if you’re acting in real estate doing nothing makes your money value go up and more than anything so what is what what dictates and why do you get to dictate when I get to act on

my idea to determine if I have fair right ownership that I paid money for the claim on an open blockchain does that was that one day one month one second one year 10 years who gets to dictate that time because you are establishing ownership when you put it any transaction on an open public blockchain that’s the whole Narrative of it let’s just disclose that so it’s where you get into the decentrals true decentralization at the edge or the legal centralized systems that people are able to leverage and abuse continue

to squeeze out that so to establish who owns what rights and what ownership that isn’t the nature of web 3 or that’s not what I understand it to be um is that it’s all about ownership right that’s what you know the first point that I had made prior to attempting to ask and answer the question um if these names exist on different ecosystems it’s never become an issue to begin with because you each have true ownership of that name within that ecosystem it can do what you want to it’s only like I said a traditional um

everyone has to operate on the same DNS so the collisions are kind of obvious if you’re operating on the same system which none of us are um or if you’re competing with the same utility is when it becomes an issue so let’s say two separate.ies who are trying to get the metamask integration that’s where something like that should come up but again if you’re investing in separate ecosystems completely different DNS are centralized to DNS and resolvers it should never be an issue it’s it’s it’s an argument I

think we’re having just for the sake of having an argument because our names now don’t collide but you know it’s not like sending an email where you send an email oops I sent it this is an irrevocable it could be a financial transaction for example you know two names on different chains you sent it to the wrong chain accidentally you know that’s kind of the issue there right so you you want to be able to protect against that but yeah I was unaware that you signed the web realign so that’s a whole different

issue and it’s not issue but it’s a whole different story in itself I like to kind of get into that like what prompted you to get what prompted you to do that and and did they approach you and and uh what like what did you have to sign and how that all thing went down that’s very interesting well yeah so um and in full disclosure I’m not a partner of Unstoppable domains I do not talk to them uh none of them follow me um the I agree with the emails of the web through the main Alliance not necessarily unstoppables business

practices But to answer your question on how I I got in contact with them or why was for this exact same issue as a if I was just coming into the space as a consumer buying my own personal identity I probably wouldn’t care that much I would have left um the responsibility of Legally protecting my ass that up to who I bought it from but when I when you kind of switch the roles when you come in as an entrepreneur again ideology is great ideals are are awesome but you know where I live law protects property and once I decided

to create a business as a Namer I have an obligation to protect my property or else everything I sell to someone else has the potential of being rugged by someone else being able to come up and duplicate my TLD so for me yes I I wanted the ability um to be able to protect my asset and whatever you know type of Remedies I can if someone is uh you know intending to start another naming service and duplicate my domains in order to still you know money your customers and things like that for me um and the alliance uh you know the the

general concept of the alliance is uh for other people with like-minded uh thoughts to band together and combine resources to do so now we’re not in the alliance to protect unstoppables uh assets I don’t know if you’ve seen all their members but we’re all pretty much very independent and different from them but again you know um I came right now solves the problems of collisions in the traditional Wet 2 space and despite how people may feel about centralization centralization is what makes that system work and if we’re

talking about collisions in this case decentralization as you know can cause things to go 100 different directions that there’s without one focused Direction without you know some sort of not necessarily one Central entity but uh like the concept of dials if there’s some sort of central Board of governance that can help navigate these collisions or help you know uh resolve these types of humans I think it’s a betterment for this base in general yeah based on a patent that they’re going to enforce

to only non-members till spring immunization or decentralization to threaten on a patent come on guys like that’s a record it’s a reputational risk like it’s part of the reputation but everybody has a choice never isn’t our thing but to threaten people with a patent they must go and file all these patents and then start a thousand micro companies attacking you at the edges that’s what’s gonna happen that’s what natural you always have to predict what’s happening are going to happen

with these things and so um look it’s it is what it is so I’m going to stop on the topic because I was being recorded so yeah well I mean you touched on dowels you know like if you look at what ens has done they’ve created their Dow by obviously h s has already released all their tokens but do you think there is an opportunity here for for like the hns community to create a doubt and maybe make decisions um based on that chat right yeah I’ve been talking that’s we’re not advocating in the space

you know a handshake has is a protocol that has no doubt right A lot of times you start a doubt and then you launch the protocol or you know very vice versa the opposite way so you know the story of it is is can you wrap a tower around handshake yeah you theoretically can and you need people and acting upon that and you know putting the tools but again look I look I support the other naming protocols and stuff because again uh Marcus is I love domains too right I love all domains to a certain point there’s other philosophies and things I

just don’t approve of also as well that that’s the beauty of the system right is you know I just you know the open transparent system so yeah so the Dow I think could put together uh we do have to find a way to bring some of those resources back through the system from the ecosystem like they first intended with the airdrop and so if we don’t get developers or whatever else as a decentralized protocol yeah people like Unstoppable they’re executing as a centralized organization have the leg up and everything else so

but we have to really Embrace what this everybody here and then participate and somebody’s got to run with the buck and move it forward I’ll Follow You Paul if you want to do that yeah what what are the things uh we got 10 minutes but I don’t know okay I’m not sure if you see the Q a section or I could help oh no I haven’t you know just real quick you touched on web3 IDs one of the things we haven’t is is uh token gating I think we haven’t gotten to that point but but there’s opportunity here for us to turn our web

3 IDs even handshakes into the object for token especially in the metaverse I’m kind of deeply involved in the metaverse projects and and that’s already available over there you’re able to token gate based on um you know the ethereum contracts and um if somehow you know like what impervious is doing what they’ve enabled us to do with our handshake names there’s some sort of opportunity here for us to use that but yeah here’s the questions for you guys I mean there’s like five or six and

they’re all really good and uh I don’t wanna I’m gonna just pop this up and I’ll just hide it because I want to focus on the panelists sorry do you see that question uh for you question for Chad from Colin is there any future in which domain names benefit from Reit like tax benefits I think Colin’s pretty technical uh I don’t know if you want to answer that or it’s probably a long answer well yeah I mean that’s why we’re royalty now so we are We call we name it as a digital read for

domains is what we said so so yeah that’s kind of our our real estate approach for the digital real estate and so with handshake again we’re out there in the crypto conferences and stuff is uh we’re Dows on domains and then and and so some of the other web 2 companies we don’t really call want us to calling up in domains right they’re technically whatever they want to call them right so the ID they’re okay we’ll call them identification systems or we’ll evolve anyway that’s kind of battle but yes you

can get um tax benefits like a Reit um okay a few classified as okay um I’ll show it really quickly and then I’ll hide it basically uh SAR he’s he says what about other TLD registrar like decentral lands and free name nobody want to answer on that name Collision is the question okay yeah I think I think they mean the central web um also uh full disclosure I’m a paid advisor for free day uh and again this is all in the uh in the spirit of helping move the whip your domain space forward I’m actually advising them to

work hand in hand with you guys and with other naming protocols uh for interoperability to help avoid Collision um that’s the what was the question specific to either one of them he says um I mean I think he’s just he’s just piling on more neeming Collision protocols like he’s just bringing up even more like we’re talking about UD or ens or I can he’s bringing up decent web he’s bringing up free name so I think I think the bigger question is there’s so many more of these naming Solutions

coming up all over the place I mean I mean I think we all saw this coming but it’s it’s kind of here and it’s kind of growing so I think he’s just saying like it’s it’s popping up everywhere like he’s seeing I think that’s his point most of the serious domain investors on either free name or decentral web I mean I know and um most of them I encourage if they’re going to bring their names to Market I encourage them to secure their name on every platform that they can uh the first suggestion that I give them to

secure their game on is handshake obviously um there is no name that I put to Market that I don’t own in handshake already and I do not advise anybody else to do the same um so yeah most of them you know even internally their buying practices is to help reduce Collision okay I think that’s an um you know we got just this one’s from namertips Chris Neal who’s also also uh very active do you agree or believe the only protection exists in a space is strong branding and core utility uh um I guess you know there’s

a space for that question I know I guess this is kind of like it’s coming to you but um I mean I think yeah I think it’s just saying maybe maybe we can do a quicker answer from each person like do he’s saying like I guess yeah utility maybe a kind of a shorter yes no from from as many as we can get I don’t know Paul what do you think you kind of moderate me for me well no all I’m saying is based on what we’ve seen here with DOT wallet absolutely uh that’s the only thing that you know that

that we have to kind of see what’s going on so based on what we’ve seen there yes you have to protect it you have to Brand it that’s what we have to do at this moment okay we have five more minutes um and more questions are popping in um maybe Marcus said you know I think it’s it’s insightful that you you will have this so I think this would be best for you uh IP infringement what additional benefits does web3 Alliance provide versus normal League build system I don’t know if you or anyone

course but could help with that there’s power I guess power numbers and power and having good allies uh I mean that would be the additional protection aside from trying to fight yourself okay that’s 62 million in that 62 million in funding sure helps yeah I mean money is uh always a resource right um I mean seems like seems that’s true a lot of questions for for Marcus Alex also uh just asked we are long-term vision for hns yeah my long-term vision for a H Nest so I agree in the ethos of HMS I believe

that you guys have a perfect use case as a centralized root zone for all of web 3 domains and my vision for five to ten years from now is for you guys to be fully established and respected of that you know I’m hoping the other name protocols do see that there is a need for a decentralized root Zone find a way to you know get the assets to the people that need them you know pair everything up and then kind of it would have been better if the three Alliance personally would have started at the hns route and

would have started from here because this is where the base of the asset should be based to me so that that’s I think so I don’t I don’t have too much of an opinion of course I have my opinion but I think it started to to attack handshake uh personally um it was a for a legal battle that with that wallet is why I think it was created personally well yeah and and I’m I understand when I’m speaking about the web three Alliance I’m not speaking about Unstoppable again I’m not a partner of Unstoppable I have nothing to

do with what they do I was at namescon just like you I understand it’s not directed to to you but I think they were the ones that started web3 Alliance unless I’m mistaken oh yeah they did okay bad people sometimes start good things okay um Raul hasn’t you know said much even Paul I mean you know I would like to hear more you know we’ve got two two minutes left um I got the minor next bit Main role what are your feelings you know to wrap up about the panel and about you know about your uh your projects and your

vision because uh we are we are here for the handshake conference so I would like to say we need more marketing why we are talking about Unstoppable domain of Freedom or whatever they are because they are doing very good marketing so that’s why they come up in our mind we do more marketing we do more Mobility because our domains are not resolving we need more utility we need we need more marketing without that it’s not possible read some goals okay uh Paul how do you feel about everything you know for wrapping up yeah

you know um I live 10 minutes away from the beach and I hardly ever go there and sometimes we just take things for granted the fact that namecheap is on board the second largest registrar is on board and accepting handshake names that in itself to me is you know provides value you know it GoDaddy is the largest one but yet if you go try to register certain tlds they don’t accept it you can’t get a doc click you can’t get a DOT link you can’t get a DOT property there you have to go to a different

registrar but the fact that this opportunity exists for us I feel that we sometimes just take it for granted that we can be as large as as any you know registered that is any uh registry operator that is out there so yeah very excited about the future and I think we haven’t even touched the uh tip of the iceberg yet please okay um you know we are at time I think Mark maybe how people can find you I think there’s even more questions a lot for Marcus about your trademark process it sure is fascinating um so I don’t think we can get into that

right now with time but how can people reach out to each of you maybe share your share your contact in whatever ways you’d like if you like people reach out to any of you or would you like to share that before we wrap up sure my Twitter handle is sing.ind and that’s probably the best way to get get at me yeah I’m known as winner go ahead Marcus please um our heart remains off everywhere yeah I was gonna say I’m I’m known as when you’re dropping the way through space um I heart domains anywhere so if you

Google it search it type it in Twitter telegram Discord you’ll find me okay great uh chat next uh hey Michael I didn’t get a chance to say my things on the future uh handshake sorry sorry yeah that’s right right hand shake please uh needs to be the right place at the right time in the future um as because it’s one of a few options that we have um and so whatever you whatever these other systems that are building in these blockchain protocols the name systems handshake as a handshake uh if it’s in

the right place at the right time that’s when everybody will see a lot of value um so that’s it so I’m just chatting okay okay seems like that was perfect timing he finished uh row Raul yeah people can find me on Instagram on also on Twitter with the same name okay great okay um fascinating conversation thanks for everybody keeping it professional and uh yeah we all just gotta keep open minds I think you know we all have emotions we all invested our time or our money into various various you know domains or nfts

or crypto coins and we get emotional right myself included um so uh I appreciate everybody coming up here and sharing their perspective and and let’s just all help each other grow I think the big one is don’t invest more than you can lose right it’s still very early stage you know it’s developing fast uh don’t put all your money in any uh you know somebody just I saw somebody on Twitter just said they had to sell something to buy food so don’t don’t do that it’s experience mentals so invest what

you’re comfortable to maybe lose right and uh but of course also I think the other one is is I agree with people here build build on it right don’t don’t just sit on it you know use it contribute you know we’re trying to do these Rings here organized meetups try to develop on it try to get it to the right person’s hands right maybe talk to Marcus try to get it to the right person on other protocols um you know um let’s let’s just try to help each other okay but we gotta go next one they’re waiting and uh

I think there’s some giveaways for minors at bit main so I think people are excited about the next session thank you thank you all really uh it was foreign [Music]