Flamingo Handshake Auction


(00:00) foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] we all gotta unmute and turn our videos back on okay um how’s everybody doing hello hello everyone welcome to the auction okay Bradley’s got some yeah welcome welcome maybe we uh can we put the booklet on after a second let’s just maybe uh sure yeah there we go

(01:02) so four amazing people up here it’s gonna be fun today echoing Alex is that is there echoing anybody else say I it’s not echoing for me so uh Faith she’s been for a couple of our auctions over to Thai High doing Faith everything’s good I’m pretty happy to have um myself here as well and then also meeting everyone here for Taylor Cryptid Mike to everyone who’s watching today for our auction welcome welcome welcome um great great yeah we all enjoy having you here with us and then encrypt everybody everybody knows encrypted

(01:44) hey guys how’s it going glad to be here for handycon 2023 hopefully we’ll be here for 2024 see what kind of sales we get going tonight and uh everything goes well hopefully great great and then Taylor Taylor you want to say hi really quick I think it’s your first time here hey everyone uh yeah I wanted to join because uh us at Tetra we’re gonna be hosting some auctions later this year and I figured uh why not join we want to partner with flamingo in some way when we do ours so yeah yeah it’s great I’m

(02:21) pumped to see what that goes for great so yeah let’s do this maybe go back to the slides lesser who’s the one sharing the slides and we’ll go through the rules and we got a huge lineup I think we’ve even added stuff that’s not on the booklet but encrypt you want to help us get us started or you want you want to start it yeah I’ll go through the rules um all Emoji tlds are real slash idna with a valid and word Computing code submitted domain names are held in escrow during the live auction bids are

(02:54) placed in the chat if we go to under the bed will result in a ban from all future auctions the team of flamingo handshake will be taking a normal Foundation proceeds raised and putting that towards partner foundations percentage of sales will go to benefit various development and Community groups in the handshake ecosystem for future Flamingo handshake auctions and events where we auction off single ladder tlds we’re going to ask winners to remit payment in 100K hns first the rest could be paid in PTC or eth this

(03:26) decision was made to support demand for hns coin even in secondary markets do you want to read through this mic I guess I’ll take one um I think you and I will split these where the where the OG auctioneers so so this is the auction booklets template again and shared in the chat the PDF which you can download directly from that link onto your own computer I should be the most up to date I think we’re gonna sneak in some other names and giveaways but so when you download this the same booklet we’re reading from

(03:59) right now so there’s so you can have it on your computer and uh basically the way this works is on the on the top left you’ll see the name or the Emoji if it’s an emoji it’s a little bit more complicated so we want to make sure you’re understanding the puny code the different statuses and code names so we try to put all the details about the Emojis and then a little description the donation percentage and the fund that will receive it there also is flamingohandshake.com we have the.com we

(04:30) of course have the handshake name slash funds and you can see what these funds are and links to their websites I know sometimes there’s actually some new funds coming uh this time you’ll see um and the main point is we want to see it going to uh development and handshake right that’s kind of the amazing thing about these auctions is is a is a piece of that’s going to different groups to uh to support growth um I’m trying to keep up with the backstage notes so there’s some funding groups added

(05:01) also announcement is name base wave 10 for name-based settlements and that and was great she talked to uh team at name base because uh the fees um so that’s really amazing so thank you at namebase for for helping support us and allowing us to to do that without having to eat it or pass it to the to the auction uh participants okay so that I hope this makes sense but the best is just download this PDF that and shared onto your own computer and you can flip ahead and look at the order and look at the the booklet and uh

(05:37) um of course we’re here to do genuine names these are all in escrow already so um so we hold the names in our uh our uh escrow account we confirmed a payment and then we released the name okay I think that’s good for this slide okay so we’re already jumping into the names uh so there’s four amazing auctioneers and we’re we’re uh like Taylor says he’s organ him involved and his team and future auctions uh and Faith does great faith how are you do you want to help us out with opening this one

(06:12) absolutely absolutely and again thank you everyone for coming in for our auction today and we are super excited honestly for this day three right and let’s start it off with our first one here at dot VHC who is up for Russia right now for our first one here yeah you know encrypted and I or even Taylor we could talk about what we think it is but this is as a course you can see a 3L English uh English letters 3L um already yeah we already have the bits flown here sometimes we’ll do it for us in the chat

(06:52) so yeah I mean as far as as far as the flow is usually uh people are chatting we try to pin it and um there’s no reserves I think almost on anything today we really try to just to not do reserves I know people the sellers uh are nervous about that but but yeah VHC you know I the N is coming order but of course you can imagine this towards the end um towards the end on anyone else three thousand yeah so let’s let’s go to the auction of EAC do we set yeah let’s do 500 increments two three thousand we have

(07:30) three thousand looking for three thousand anyone there were three thousand like I think the countdown yeah there’s no way the streets are is going to go for less than 3K h s there’s no way today great awesome I’m coming in with that boy wow come here he was a top bidder so he knows value when he sees it and uh as well 4K coming in from Alex wow 4 500 anyone anyone want to bring it up to 45 I think you do the countdown white yeah when Taylor was beating me he liked to wait until he did count down to Mid remembering yeah

(08:34) all right going twice twice congratulations thank you Alex Alex also from HS switch also shout out to HS switch are supporting sponsor uh made by him it’s a free app on IOS and Android that can convert in real time to RM uh I’m thinking RMB because I’m into China to hns to dollars or Euro whatever your currency is it’s free in the app stores and you should download it right now honestly if you don’t mind or if you if you’re comfortable but it’s like a real-time converter so you’re hearing us

(09:18) talking hns so you can do that uh real time on your uh on your app and see what these prices are in your local currency such as dollars Euros Etc okay yeah thank you Alex it’s totally free I think he’s got maybe some ways to monetize long term if there’s enough users but he built it for actually it’s really handy for us in this auction right encrypt are you using it just switch I think um actually but yeah yeah so uh we support not is a sponsored but we support them as a developer and a builder but let’s

(09:57) go Tia what does tia mean to you encrypted I have some ideas this one is uh yeah yeah it’s like um thanks in advance doesn’t anybody know anyone yeah I didn’t know that one honestly man oh yeah five I love that yeah 1500 coming in for Tia from Paul okay and it’s the name 500 here and Matthew 3 000 now yeah you can see it here so this is 3500.

(10:45) four stars wow thank you Matthew’s over here 4.5 anywhere anyone for 4 500 here this is all HMS price Tom so you know we’re recommending to use the hns Switch app free mobile app to convert but at right now yeah thanks for sharing Alex so you can see this in your local community yeah all h s five thousand for Matthew yeah so currently five thousand were sitting at 155 bucks USD I’ve got the app going yeah can we get 5500 now so when I would start the countdown 5500 oh wow there’s a lot coming in for 7 000.91.

(11:47) I mean I thought sometimes think the jump is more more of a power move and it kind of just scares people but you can jump up of course you don’t gotta go and increments actually I think it’s a good strategy if you you kind of scare people but yeah of course okay developer Lenny okay nice to see you Leone can we make it it looking for it thighs in hns oh might be time to do the content boys wow um just don’t make it like eight nine two four and you know I I it’s enough words 86

(12:52) 86 here can we bring it up to 9k 9k anyone who’s coming home with this whoever wins one CIA thank you in advance thank you in advance for your bid you know nice is this is he Chinese it’s not Jojo I think everyone knows eights are the luckiest but nines are up there cool thank you Tom all right 500 coming in through Matthew cool cool yeah people are love making this one see the whole Three L’s are not are the same right there’s some that are a little bit more attractive or easier to use so thank you in advance all right can we

(13:41) see a laptops all right let’s do the content going one going twice is that so good right on the line you’re up here this time what do you say Taylor’s always saying that counted that cow when he was on me I would say it counted only because I give people the benefit of Doubt of like you know 15 second lag on this one here and we got back okay let’s maybe uh

(14:46) okay we gotta keep things going oh we can even run a poll but you know all right I mean how many say it counted I say keep going yeah okay all right let’s keep going here everybody start counting down just just do your bid not wait till like three or whatever okay let’s keep going so Matthew’s eleven five we’re looking for 12K 12.

(15:18) 12 coming in from Tom do we have 13 Maybe 12.5 coming in for Matthew 13 anyone here Tom do you want to bring this up to 13. hey whoa yeah going once going twice sold and crypto was saying that right okay 18 who’s coming up right uh maybe not that time what okay oh [Music] okay um I always love the countdown yeah everybody should download it all right do we do we start the content again or

(16:22) do we just we do they like us to work they want us to work for it right all right going one going twice there we go there we go what do I see in the Q a here oh okay HS whipped that concrete all right so Matthew coming up I think it’s between you two so he’s out all right all right all right going one [Applause] [Music] congratulations Tom you got it you got the flamingo over here nice I love that Flamingo great great that was a fun one that was a fun one right Thugs and Tandoori wow we got a combo here that is an odd mix I thought

(17:19) yeah we got 2500 coming in already Ann’s blaming me for this all right I guess I wouldn’t want to put these together okay I’m sorry oh okay here we go well uh looks at 2500 is the bit here yeah all right so 25 3K encrypted he’s up here on stage bitten I love that yeah um maybe you’re not seeing it you should be seeing it the way I see it Doug’s got to be worth at least 1500 bro like this is easy I’ll pay I’ll take these home movies yeah decentralized bugs on the internet man okay well where are we at let’s keep

(18:21) let’s keep it yeah write names in chat please okay keep it moving forward backstage can help us in or or a penny manly 35 30 500 coming in from Matthew Flamingo thugs yeah looking for four Faith you want to help us you’re good at this oh sorry man I really want that yeah auctioning engineering so if you want to help us with this one what’s next leave looking for 45.

(18:59) yeah like 4500 like everyone here Matthew is coming in now and he’s back at least loling but we’ll take it 5K 5K anyone here I think hugs and tenders back Mike it’s Indian food I believe it they’re like tandoori chicken right yeah I love Biryani you know that biryani yeah I’m not sure that one yeah I think so yeah oh we have one for Matthew it’s an oven thugs nice while I’m up here in the auctioning okay thank you tech support thank you oh okay gotcha I got that now I learned something today all right so we’re at

(20:01) 5500 high bid maybe we do a countdown Fair warnings [Music] for Matthew congratulations you got it bugs life with some tandoori chicken wow jog so I mean that’s what I think is running right I’m running just running right yeah 5K reason I’m messing around man it’s late for him wow that’s a good one Oscar oh yeah it’s coming back and if you’re new to h s we can help you with the coin getting coin or of course name base but uh okay there

(21:05) let’s go dot jog Oscar’s high so we’re looking let’s do 1K increments uh Faith you want to ask for 12. 12K anyone here 12K Tom you got that 12K oh I was overpay all right I mean I see the value in these action verbs right it’s like a verb 3L so yeah you can use that yeah yeah so it’s actually an action and that’s potential makes a difference in handshake is it could actually more than just a you know it could actually have some technology blockchain ability right to track your dog or other

(22:02) cool so we’re at 16. hey he’s one adding to oh and surname what what culture is that interesting yeah there’s so many combinations with this one hey he’s got he’s had to his amazing portfolio there that Dr means yeah he’s got a great one looking for 17. 17.

(22:28) 91 here that wants to go above 16k anyone there 17 17 anyone I’ve been 16k we’re looking for 17. yeah that’s the way people text surnames I’m wearing my legit hat now also giveaways and chat while we do this in a q a all right fair warning everyone going twice sold congratulations you got it pay all right sin that’s how I would say it it’s not the S it’s a c okay there’ll always be a cinnamon like cinnamonies I agreement from Oscar Oscar starting it up yes Cinderella good one for the local markets here that’s okay

(23:29) yeah it’s a good one we’ll talk about that the auction in the event too so anybody want to come into Oscars he’s gonna sweep this one up somebody by 100 anyone there yeah for Brian here wow 10K anyone we’re looking we’re looking okay 10K for Brian Oscar coming in with 11k he’s not letting it happen he’s like um no way 15 coming for Brian 16k 16k anyone there for this dot sin all

(24:38) right can be used with a lot of things here which is always make something more useful and valuable it’s a big potential here anyone for a 16k anyone I went for 16k all right that’s it good morning okay okay thank you thank you thank you we got that Tom here all right 18 91 here 18 coming in from Brian it’s Brian 18K now who’s coming up for 19.

(25:27) who’s coming for 19k um again is it a fair warning now fair warning foreign corporate identity number is a really yeah yeah the flamingos look in here actually I got my stuffed one over here I love this soft form better I think so I’m gonna do the countdown encrypt is the Pro or someone want to try all right going once twice the flamingo is Happy Flamingo is happy here all right I didn’t wake up the kids you know we have a good one here at Dot

(26:34) luxury hotels wow we have a new one here it’s a long one but obviously it’s a valuable one you know when we try to check submissions and this one we think is extremely valuable because obviously it’s very clear like everybody who doesn’t want to be a look if you’re a hotel you want to be a luxury hotel right absolutely wow who wants to start off with a DOT luxury hotels 100 HMS okay 1K 1K for Alex all right thank you Alex which is in the hns which a pretty silvery uh reasonable dollar amount in today’s market so

(27:19) okay I mean can we get 1500 1500 no reserves you know Sunday sellers are not exactly happy but you know we uh we ensure that our reserves this is definitely a steal so so 1500 anyone here all right we have one here awesome she’s up early in Vietnam for this so like me I think same time it’s like 4 40 in the morning great who’s coming in for 2K Alex all right can we bring up to 2500 2500 coming in oh she’s like I’m up early I’m gonna get this is this foreign Thailand the luxury hotels lovely

(28:19) anyone for tree k here 3K anyone there my Knuckles are ready okay we’ll get it started is it fair warning now okay go in once going twice and sold sold sold so congratulations the rain you got luxury hotels oh okay looks like you got our sld customer Irene from Berg all right who’s coming in now 20. 20K anyone there for a DOT mm I am okay

(29:27) also we need to take why are image sometimes maybe uh reload what but uh yeah that’s really annoying I mean or maybe on mobile but we gotta we gotta type these in oh bird is pretty active in the telegram I think he’s very active in telegram so thank you for your you know your support and participation as a in a telegram group okay we are uh get a little bit of a hiccup but um um some people can’t see it but it’s m-i-m if you’re listening and we’re typing in chat so we’re at a high bid of fifteen

(30:11) thousand we we jumped up straight from 10 and then we’re at to 15. so yeah Oscar anywhere 18 anyone four dot m-i-m hey count it down are we counting down all right going once Fair warn here this is it congratulations bird you got m i Am talk to Super link after I guess if it’s a family name thank you sir man

(31:18) thanks okay all right let’s let’s have him bid then we’ll we’ll uh well well lots of them but all over the place 8K for Oscar okay 10K for Oscar came in first fall okay as part of the uh process thanks okay everybody’s doing it now so well thank you thank you okay all right Paul’s coming in now who’s up for 13 now great for Oscar Oscar 13 thank you thank you thank you 14.

(32:06) can we bring it up to 50. is that for 15 anyone here 4.6 all right 14 for Paul but anyone for 15. fair warning yeah oh Don thank you thank you all right looking for 16. 16 91 4.6 all right anyone there for a warning now is Brian okay 17 is the next number of course you can pump up to 20 or whatever you’d like but highest team and then maybe we flip through the

(33:09) slides after 17. all right for Matthew is 17. anyone for 18 now me thank you Paul appreciate it looking for 19 could jump up you know there’s no no reason G6 oh you like that song Like a G6 absolutely I’m jamming that all right 19k coming in for Matthew great for Matthew now 19. anyone for 20 now for DOT six you know when I do the knuckles people like bid you know all right all right all right

(34:15) now what are you looking for 2019 High going once going twice and sold sold great thank you Matthew let’s let’s talk about the next three or four so people can see so conventions next what’s after convention I know there’s some people waiting for emojis so we got the light skin tone waving hand and then maybe just two more just so people can see browserizer we also have the um yeah okay so there’s some Emoji I know some people are waiting for the Emojis so that that’s coming but let’s go back

(35:04) to where we’re at I just kind of thought we would explain what’s coming up and you can download the booklet maybe share the booklet again I think there’s some new people coming in yeah um thank you Alex OR tech support okay okay okay those so that’s the whole lineup and just shared it can that pin but um you know that’s the lineup for the rest of today and we still got over about an hour so we have time more than an hour I think but but um and then if not we’ll just take a break earlier and then we

(35:37) have name base speaking after and then the founders a couple of the founders and Shake should be after that okay so just thought I would just give we’re about halfway I think right looks I think we’re about halfway how’s everybody doing is there any questions I think we should just check in with people before I know there’s some new I think there’s some looks like there’s some OG domain investors coming in uh which is really welcome and I hope everybody’s understanding this is in price in hns uh

(36:04) coin you can use hns switch if you need to convert to dollars or other currencies and uh you know kind of feel like we’re halfway here we’re at halfway so everybody’s comfortable clear I think we’re at the halfway mark okay yeah so you can download Alex’s developer that app it’s totally free I recommend it uh they also support it as a sponsor so we’re about halfway through so maybe I’m just thinking I’m giving people a little bit of a checkpoint here so conventions here and then we’re gonna get into deeper

(36:38) into emojis and then finalize final with the dot and single okay so if we’re all good we’ll start again sorry I thought it would be a nice little checkpoint yeah Faith’s excited give us a full house you ever watch Full House okay okay let’s go let’s go back sorry I hope we interrupts yeah so we have one here okay we’ll put them in the list yes uh I think Ann did just shared the latest um okay okay okay let’s keep going then okay um it’s a great one convention anyone here for DOT convention you know I mean um

(37:33) 500. I mean this is a good one actually the talk with uh Sergeant yesterday’s got a lot of uses I’ve gotten ideas of 2500 high no no Reserve kind of was like anyone for a 3K for Doc convention that convention yeah highest bid after the moment 2500 I started it the first time you’ve been you’ve been in an auction this is the first time I’ve been I think it is yeah I mean there’s other otters and I I partnered with that bid on others but this first I’ve been 4K

(38:38) okay thank you foreign looking for five looking for five anyone 5K oh Mike at that level so um anyone here I mean this one did stick out and uh if it’s at that level I’ll be okay I feel like my beating this does interrupt with this so uh don’t be shy I don’t pull against you if you’ve been against me maybe uh maybe you guys auction I’ll I’ll update today Faith you wanna all right okay we’re looking for six six K anyone for dark convention anyone wants you what would like oh Matthew okay

(39:45) better value honestly okay 6K for convention for Matthew awesome to put in your seven mic because it’s worth it all right we’ll just make it go fast how about this all right I’ll put 10 and that’s like here we go minimum value all right 10K wow Oscar you want to come in Oscar here yeah okay for 11.

(40:19) hi videos 10K all right this time Oscars oh good one all right Oscar’s coming back again later okay you got it all right all right Emoji time your hands ready emoji character it renders as a single on all platforms uh uh yeah so we gotta show it you can put it Taylor’s a pro at emojis um yeah Jahan everyone just so you know one of the emojis in the auction lot today is is new it’s only in beta versions of iOS and some Android devices let’s talk about it when it gets there let’s just talk about the current one so the

(41:18) current one is uh light skin tone yes so I just pasted it’s pastable it resolves at least in my browser uh as a waving hand so there this is light skin tone okay so we’re trying to be as clear as possible it’s not the yellow the the core it’s a light skin tone yeah thank you Irene and um coming in two cases emojis and it’s really hard to get fined for us at least to get 3K for Alex forecast Alex do we see six hmm Oscar’s thinking now 6K for him you know I know he’s in Barcelona it’s late

(42:16) uh sick okay if somebody’s got to say hmm we got a drum roll again all right thank you wanna come in as well 75 looking for 75 75 average anyone yeah AKA anyone for 8K all right Matthew 9k you got that someone’s coming in now for the light skin tone waving hand 10. yes you got that

(43:20) again this is for waving hand light skin tone anyone that wants to come in for 15. a minute uh at the 10K 11k coming in from Alex hey 11.52 let’s do 12 13 14 if you don’t mind at these points um but wait I guess we’ll let it roll for now but let 12 thank you Johan looking 13 looking for 13.

(43:57) looking for 13 anyone ask you thank you do we have 14k high bid is 12K or 30. we help these guys make this one all right 14 14. okay okay Matthew 15 now can we bring it up to 16. looking for anyone coming from 16 now but we gotta type it in there Fair warnings fair warning now he’s on a cause of fair warning start to count all right going twice I guess we gotta give him like maybe 20 seconds just because he’s doing something all right all right is 16. all right

(45:01) let’s see 17 17. oh he’s out okay all right going twice you got it 416. we have our new one here okay I see can somebody talk in the main seat I see Todd was bidding in the main feed you got to be in the chat of the uh of the auction because well I don’t see one person but if you look at that Main feed you see okay okay people browser okay okay we’re already yeah okay oh look at that back inevitable 15. Alex can we get 20.

(45:49) yeah all right uh Ruben nasario maybe it’s a delay but we’re at 15 high bid browser of course Beacon would probably pick this at least a sub domain and uh when Brave when Opera and they’ll buy these hopefully 16 for Zach you want to bring it up to 17. 17 coming in for Paul thank you 18. 18.

(46:22) it sounds like it’s gonna be a big war here welcome you know like I do think it’s a helpful way to uh push it along yeah 19k 19k anyone for DOT browser like it’s a potential one all right [ __ ] basketball highest bed all right anyone here of our domains isn’t this chat thank you 26.

(47:27) great great can we bring it up 27 anyone for the browser all right let’s keep rolling we’re getting asked to talk faster all right going once going twice congratulations Zach okay thank you Zach from inevitable domains if you’re a first time bidder make sure you talk to Ann talk to Ann to for settlements uh you know and and any kind of details okay front facing baby chick you know um yeah it’s a great ones great one 20K all right so maybe we uh you can be up if you’re bidding you we’ll uh have

(48:22) others here so 20K is you another trick is you can see the length of the punicode xn-jazz T oh 25 coming in through Matthew that’s a short one so that’s the older one usually of course [Music] um I think we also yeah and sharing it so that’s the Emoji front facing baby chick oh boy yeah all right well we’re at 25 Matthews so we’re looking for 26.

(48:59) Wow Taylor is coming in now yes 31 000. 31 towns on anyone 31 000 for the front facing baby chick okay welcome back new base man it’s coming in for 41 now well Flamingo handshake was originally purely emojis and we’ve expanded to premium but yeah I mean 40 is a is still a great number I mean especially at HS prices name base is working on a registrar I know I’m excited yeah the cowboy is back welcome welcome back anyone wants to come in for 41. I think so

(50:02) we’re on 40 40 is the high uh chick TLD would be huge exactly looking for 40. looking for 41 41 of course 41.50 yeah 42 anyone 42 42 45. okay wow looking for 50. 46 coming in from Matthew oh 46 for Matthew for 47. 50. wow great deal on that yeah facing baby chick 451 anyone for 51. for 51 51 we got 51. [Music] for Matthew

(51:15) 56 all right this is action man this is a great deal yeah I mean once the nfts you know you we’re actually you know with dslds and all that and blockchain based domains yeah there’s a lot well some people might understand this but uh you know emojis we think a lot of people in this community think it’s about uh non-english speaking World okay but let’s keep it rolling let’s keep rolling 65.

(51:51) oh [Applause] yeah I think it’s she’s looking for where’s that coin High space 65 looking for let’s say 70 70. oh is that the Scarlet I remember it has been a while all right we’re looking for 66 or 70 66 or 70. Matthew 6 666 Route 66 I drove cross-country on a lot of Route 66 anyone for 67. yes 17.

(52:38) saying some funny stuff in the chats looking for 70 at least 70. I feel like 75 would be a little bit more acceptable at this point a 100 will move to 5K at least yeah it’s only a little bit over 2K USD right now in today’s value 71. 000 hitchiness coming on now for this one here anymore just so you know some people have a non-memes we know we know somebody’s bitters so um we have verified if you’re a new bidder you talk to Anne um and she’ll verify

(53:43) we agree okay all right all right all right I think this is a fair warning now oh 76. let one emoji go okay all right oh my gosh oh it’s Twitter 81 anyone 81. thank you yeah we love you too man hey Elon Musk okay we’re at 80k where’s that coin in Timbuktu anyone for anyone are we on a fair warning now yeah what do you think about content on time or do we yeah oh 85k coming in Davis water yet so it’s okay anyone want to

(54:56) bump to 90 . we’re looking for 90. anyone open verified so uh good morning 90k coming in from where’s wow 90. oh it’s a type bid actually inside but uh the dot coin where’s that coin person is uh first but we like to break the bid if possible looking for 95 95 be nice it’s great looking for a hundred and he won for a hundred now whoa okay so now we’re at the point where it’s getting to the USD Value Vet level um we have the minimum 100K but if you want to settle outside uh we’ll do that

(55:57) for Above This numbers above this as per the beginning okay it’s clear I hope you understand what I’m talking about you can do East or BTC um at Above This level yeah okay fair warning going twice congratulations where’s that coin for the front facing baby chick you know where where’s that coin is I don’t some people understand I think handshake Community knows I’ll leave it at that and this guy is like I’m up late man I’m gonna I’m gonna hit this so is he delirious

(57:01) two characters um obviously getting harder and harder to find these there is broker 3500 from Oscar let me make this right this is for DOT XJ okay 37 40. all right okay all right for 45. For Thought XJ anyone for 45k anyone number 45 looking for 45. anyone there all right that’s the um again I think Mom we need that fair warning again uh if there’s um count down here yeah going once going twice and sold sold sold

(58:08) congratulations you know so tell us about Brandon I think people are just any 2L right now is obviously very scarce so it’s the use case is um more about if the investor value and maybe specific use cases in my opinion just answer that question on stage okay uh punicode this is like a smiley Smileys are extremely rare lately you know um so uh yeah floor floor is 88k so I think the person stopping at 42 to sell it for 80 probably could easily get double as money in a week or two um okay so face holding back tears face

(58:49) pulling back tears so if you want to read this one all face you want to explain this one do you notice in your uh in your generation yeah I’m using that I’m using that so it’s like a yellow face big teary um eyes and slyly open mouth well the tears are at the bottom of the eyes and ready to fall or become a tear flow all right so who wants to come in now there’s a lot we have names for 10K you’re so sweet this looks like a selfie I agree Tom I agree I I’m using this Emoji so much honestly

(59:32) okay nice nice okay and put 25 of the donation is being cut between um Flamingo and name layer it’ll help kick yeah anyone for uh name layer and Taylor so 10K for no you know a lot of people get stuff at you know I think it encrypted Source a lot from uh you know the Flamingo and flip them uh yeah he’s double his money easy man like God

(1:00:38) damn yeah anyone for 60 now we’re in this immersion 55k coming in through Matthew 55 for Matthew okay that’s a little different Emoji though 75k coming in from nimbest but anyone or a 12 yeah two L’s is 88. emojis are harder to search honestly I think they’re fixing that a name base but uh okay but this is I don’t think it’s definitely 100K or more I don’t think there’s yeah okay all right it’s 80 for Matthew 80k 80 yeah 80k who knows what’s up

(1:01:46) okay 5K increments at 100 105 105. actually live did you know that and Troop 105 was my uh troops yeah 100k and one for 105. psychological people are not breaking the 100. okay let’s do a countdown all right amazing fair warning 100K is a high bid going twice congratulations bro it’s awesome check Discord for me right now uh so I’m gonna check this board now it’s kind of hard for me to check movies uh Discord at this moment we have this Moon anyone coming out for

(1:02:52) this Moon okay two minutes we got it so this one you can see is uh Hey TX you know again like we said it’s kind of like crowdfund crowdsourced uh fundraising so heytx and null is uh is is half of this for the for the community there so uh and the development’s there so waning gibbous moon basically if you know the moon’s emojis there’s like different uh right Taylor you want to explain it you know these I think you study these more than me how many are there there’s eight moons they go through the phases of the

(1:03:31) moon this is one of them so there’s eight yeah there’s so it’s like a set of eight some people I’ve seen have gotten like a string of them right but uh this is a single and that this is do you know what stage this one is of the eight yeah stage okay okay so they move from like left to right like the sun passing the darkness right so this is this is one of the eights so there’s only eight of these right so it’s a very uh you know rare and it’s also people always saying when Moon especially in crypto things like

(1:04:09) that okay all right let’s get going let’s get things rolling so we want to do an opening bid or I think 5K and minimum is the minimum opening anyone from this Moon anyone who wants to start off with that’s the one 10K all right Bratayley okay anybody else want to come in on this one this one come on four 15.

(1:04:43) wow welcome 15K looking for 16 or 20 16 or 20. 20. thank you thank you okay people are I don’t know how many are left today Anna yeah we’re looking for 21. 21. we have two left all right [Music] we got it here for you Matthew let’s just show people what’s what’s going on here that was too low you got this that’s it this is the last Emoji this is the new

(1:05:50) emoji that was recently released you could see it on some Android devices and the iOS beta at the moment yeah okay yeah so light blue heart maybe can we share a link to or there’s that link Emoji graph 5K for Oscar it won’t it won’t resolve in name base right now in there so it’s a new one but it will in the future 10K encrypted nice great all right looking for 11.

(1:06:22) looking for 11.9 Unicode so a bunch oh good to see you here 15K 20K coming in from Scott oh 20. 25 now who wants to count for 26. whoa thank you do we have 45 anymore yes 21 or 45. 41 I think 40K is when we go to fives but uh 50k wow thank you 55 next incremental I’d say okay Patrick got it there is that the right one Taylor okay no that’s the blue heart this is a light blue heart it’s new that’s a different one blue this is light blue just to be clear I hope

(1:07:27) everybody’s clear the Emojis there that we link to it so we’re looking for 55 Scott uh interesting the moon the heart versus the move I guess people like hearts more than moons okay all right anyone for 61 or 65. do you allow it or does that we gotta have it more clear we gotta encrypt it let’s add a slide next time a specific slide for this can we get 70k

(1:08:33) we can go for both okay uh somebody’s Shilling their name here okay or is that uh on oh expired maybe that I’m not sure maybe so okay okay 65 highest bid splitting bids I got we gotta do sessions that you had I know you’re a professional auction here 68 68 now highest bet is 68.00 we’ve encouraged fives but let’s just keep it flexible for this 17th birthday get us all in some classes there okay come on can we bring it up to 75 here look for 75 could accept 73 looking for 75.

(1:09:40) on this nice nice 100 now I think it’s going back a little teeny bit boy now I’m looking for would that be the same increment now one of five stars can we see 110 anyone for 110 for the light blue heart everyone loves heart right it’s miracle in here I’m gonna take a little rest but I feel like we’re probably gonna start to count down one thing coming from Neighbors now I think okay 115k coming in from Scarlett whoa all right

(1:10:47) [Music] 125 anyone Scarlett Scarlett yeah 31 31 30. me great looking for 135 135 135 for it’s Scarlett oh collection I’d say Lona has the orange heart if you remember Alona 140 for name babe okay can we see 145 or 150 oh wow there’s the collectors of hearts here okay 145.00 okay anyone for 150.

(1:11:51) what’s what’s in hip-hop I’m thinking of that some kind of 80s song Take Me to Your Heart A Heart collection of a few heart collectors here okay regardless at 145. and over 1 15. who’s gonna get heartbroken I didn’t do the countdowns okay we’ve got a good countdown I think I think we’re getting to a 145 looks like it’s the number but let’s just count down all right going once fair warning going twice [Music] so congratulations for 145.

(1:12:46) okay so of course we’re our last one I know some people are waiting and we’ve yeah we’ve been at this over now almost an hour and a half I know some people saying look alive like I’m trying to stay you know but this one’s Gonna Get Us excited because they get excited what do you think you know what it is but um it was 4.

(1:13:08) 7 for S I think that was when was that one we’ve gone through a few now singles but single is extremely hard to find and this is on in verified in escrow already the single dot end but they are 4.7 was the um was the record for S so let’s um let’s I think it was last handicun right one year ago yeah yeah it’s been a year okay so let’s move on to the uh to the uh to the main attraction to the last one of today I need to get a glass I’m running out of my teeth too okay dot n Dot N so this one is a single character right

(1:13:54) not Emoji or uh there’s no puny it’s just a single character n and uh as we split between a few Bob wallet sky and cool will be making this for some marketing efforts and then five for the flamingo crew here auctions so let’s um laughs okay let’s uh let’s get this one rolling five kick 5K 30.

(1:14:23) wow great to see you here if you guys can step up for me I’m gonna I’m gonna get water I’m 250k coming in from now 15 foreign for pay anyone wants to still come in can we bring it up to 1.2 maybe 1.2 anyone 1.2 for a DOT and fast I agree we agree no we agree all right now I went for 1.2 4 Dot N we’ve got dot we’ve got design design.n passion

(1:15:28) modern all these different names you could have filled up my tea filled up my tea okay one meal one mil all right oh and pays there all right so there’s actually it’s not even 26 letters because a lot of reserved 1.1 coming into the wire stock coin where’s that coin is verified yeah no Collision risk with I can that’s another trick uh you know tip icam won’t release a single uh I’m not sure why that is Tom I don’t know but yet there won’t be any I can single characters for I’m not sure of reason but that’s

(1:16:08) been verified by multiple um from coin okay where’s that coin is a verified bidder so 1.2 Bill coming in from Jahan 1.5 okay five great great 1.61 looking for 1.6 1.6 anyone for Dot N everyone’s waiting for this one okay all right I went for 1.6 lugos are looking you know yeah hns switch you can see that and convert that real time insane all right we’re looking for a 1.

(1:16:59) 6 is the next incremental and there is yeah like no Collision risk with I can and I heard that from multiple sources and Tom thank you for saying that here um and this there’s already some most a few of them are stake you know we know dot p dot C dot f are staked so they’re not moving okay sorry my alarms are blowing up anyone for 1.

(1:17:31) 6 for jot n or are we going for a fair warning on for 1.6 yes 1.6 1.7 1.7 coming from where is that coin I’m surprised johanna’s been trying to get this harder because he’s got all these emojis but I don’t think he has a single yet but don’t think he does okay he’s going pretty hard but in 1.6 million dude okay I mean thank you thank you again he’s got the secret sauce going wow anyone for 1.

(1:18:11) 8 for drought in okay wow newer people and people from not new but new to handshake from the traditional space there’s more more interest from the uh from the whole point so I’m getting some great feedback here please please for two okay please okay we’re looking for two and uh so Faith what happened to your glasses man I mailed those all around the world and you guys are you know oh oh my God I just transferred to a new house I must have I think it’s just here [Laughter]

(1:19:20) for 2m M yeah we have verified of course we have buenos Japan and the the others a verified bitter just you know um using the name where’s that coin from Timbuk2 okay well I think we should do countdown you know I think people know they were given enough time fair warning so just so you know uh the first honoring oh so no maybe in this nose no 1.

(1:19:55) 95 come on come on keep it under the two we can accept that appreciate that number two numbers from where is that coin oh two two all right where’s that coin as the hybrid so high it’s been now for two mil for worth that coin I’m surprised it’s going for two mil because dot s went for what 4.

(1:20:22) 7 and I feel like this has so many more use cases than dot as does personally in my own opinion so this will be kind of a shock see this go for this okay oh that’s a nice one all right yeah of course I appreciate it to appreciate people uh okay 2.2 oh lovely this is for where the coin for 2.2 anyone for 2.3 now again this is for Todd n Unstoppable God and lovely let’s go maybe maybe he’s holding this duck coin is on handshake you know I think he’s talking about the ud coin but I’m not sure this likes a joke looking for a dot in and handshake I had

(1:21:19) no owner actually okay is that coin you know what I like to do you know I think my slds like um I got r dot P from namecheap when they released uh when it released it and then I have the name on hns.chat rhs chat yeah I think is a b dot U dot r dot P burp and uh the photo is a burping guy so I’m burp e Dot see that you know you can do the whole sub multiple long sub domains so yeah fun stuff with these where is it yeah

(1:22:27) highest bid at 2.3 anyone for 2.4 yeah yeah yeah exactly Tom it’s on wow 2.5 alarms are blowing up hey quick a really cool domain that I want to get from this is auction like auction oh yeah we could get that for Flamingo yeah well the best ones are the single character on this one so you get like like uh you do the last character oh o.

(1:23:13) n and then you can do a DOT U dot you know I guess that looks cool right it’s got the dot on each okay Scott is here I love that video I saw I’m Anonymous okay all right 2.6 2.6 all right 2.7 where’s that coin when Scarlet because we’re gonna go home all right let’s talk to you about some of your BC I want to maybe license it for a product we can talk later okay we’re at 2.7 we’re at 2.

(1:23:55) 7 now anyone for 2.8 okay um yeah anyone for 2.9 9 where’s that coin yeah he’s just like we’re not playing around here so looking for 3.1 thank you Jahan thank you where’s that coin we are looking [Laughter] um all right all right I think it’s uh fair warning foreign [Applause]

(1:25:11) good deal yes thank you enjoy that thing in Timbuktu you know great great great all right so I think that is it do we want to have some give we have some break we actually still have a little bit of time even on the agenda right uh in congrats can we do some congratulations to all yeah excellent after that is the sunglasses so we should show this merch you know like I don’t know if people saw Alex’s talk about you know um you know selling merch but I I actually liked his talk it was yesterday but you know we we align

(1:25:49) in the idea that physical products like I’m wearing a label pin as you can see the Hat the glasses um but of course we should sell these I think I think actually um nfts are stupid.com did you hear that one and if these are stupid.com he uh he’s joking he doesn’t believe that but Alex is selling those uh for makes machine on on dare but we just like to show these maybe we can go to the next but let’s prepare some giveaways and I think people we have some names for four million HMS what was that okay yeah they asked how

(1:26:28) much it was sold for let’s let’s do some giveaways I think we well I can go through slides we’re just kind of showing different merch from different people in the community of course we have our own glasses um maybe go to the next slide and let’s do some giveaways and while we all just gonna go to break if they meet and the rugs so we have the you know the rugs MIG machine which is now uh nfts are stupid.

(1:26:53) com um and then the Hat I’m wearing the fog hat so I think some of you’ve seen some crazy this guy’s getting kind of crazy on Twitter this week with the meme but yeah dyb’s app and um we helped them make these in China this is made actually uh nft uh boy is buying some for their Faulk Marketplace they’re making a whole metaverse Marketplace it’s not really about handshake it’s but we try to bridge you know a lot of people are trying to Bridge nfts and uh encrypt other communities so this is a

(1:27:22) you know I’m excited that there’s being more bridges with me various collections so that’s that one um I think it’s on Amazon yeah we help them get on Amazon okay next one label pins Irwin is here Irwin is here thank you for heat um you know I’m wearing it I think some other people are wearing it I was trying you know I think next year we can have everybody wear one you know they’re they’re from made in Australia it’s nice yeah he’s he’s really great he’s also contributing he was uh he chipped in to

(1:27:57) help me get this background he said you need a professional background so thank you Irwin and hnsau crew uh I’m not sure if he’s here but we appreciate appreciate him um and you can get that on label dot pins dopeman’s here yeah he got the pins yeah they’re really nice these things will last they’re solid and it’s like you know it’s also not gonna be as obvious as the glasses or the hat or the flamingo so you can wear this like in your normal daily life and not look like some kind of D gen like I am okay next

(1:28:32) one yeah I mean um this is just the standard templates but we also I’m an Amazon seller is my day job and my you know 15 years selling on eBay Amazon websites so of course we always want well some of you’ve participated in these we can get you some free products um U.

(1:29:00) S buyers only unfortunately but uh let’s keep going and what’s this I think that universe yeah I think we can dot Universe gifted us some names to give away I don’t know we have slides we want to try to get some names to new people right I know appreciate these big bidders and ogs but I think there’s people here that maybe don’t even have a handshake name or or many okay so and thanks shared it we could just let’s just do you want us to do this if people are going to take a break you can take a break until the name base

(1:29:30) session but that’s gonna be still in a normal time but let’s uh I’m gonna share it in the chat so these were gifted To Us by dot universe and I think they’re pretty freaking I think they could be they actually are ones that could be not maybe all of them might be auction level but I think they’re pretty pretty good so he just said well whatever whatever you want to do with these he already in our escrow he just gifted them to us to give away in various ways and we’re honestly trying to figure out how to do

(1:30:01) more giveaways um so we can use a q a section right and that’s what you said and please if you’re if you’re an established person don’t do it it’s just newbies newbies could just put a um h s rocks chats in the Q a tab and the first two will get the padlocks and coaching first one will get padlock second will get coaching HS rocks doodly great we’re still one more available if you want to be fast so he got padlocks okay this guy won I guess maybe people don’t like coaching I’m getting Timothy King each of those

(1:30:52) rocks okay so so those two are done that way and that’s um auctions are easier encrypted you have some ideas I know I’m putting people on the spot um I can’t think of anything better let’s do questions let’s do questions like you know that girl uh that fit me in one was pretty cool so let’s ask questions I’ll think of a question and then if if somebody else wants to prepare a second question so the first two are given out padlocks is to uh Bradley okay padlocks which is awesome we could

(1:31:32) do a memory one where first person to remember what a domain is sold for in price gets it okay so I just commented those two Andy mine are are a penny there’s manly there’s actually so many people in our uh are backstage helping just help me out on these we just want to get these to new people and they were gifted to us for that purpose and uh if you want to take a rest if you want to take a rest to the name base or whatever but we for those who want to hang out let’s have some fun so Four Courts let’s give that one for free

(1:32:06) um encourage new people but I think we can’t really control at this point um when what what what month and year was mainnet of handshake month and year of handshake and the Q a tab first one will win and that’s nobody submitted yet that’s I know it but first one okay Patrick uh that’s not correct actually unless I’m wrong but I don’t think that’s correct I hope I’m not wrong but I I don’t even know the answer to this one honestly man so it’s up to you to verify that was easy people say that’s not an easy

(1:32:51) question I’ll give it another I’ll let it I’ll give a little bit more time and then uh I thought that was easy mean that means like when did it open [Music] get in there but yeah I mean yeah yeah I mean I’m going what I think is what dope said I think March 2020. I’m 90 sure 99 sure so if I’m wrong you can call me out but I mean that’s in my opinion March 2020 I wasn’t around either I wasn’t here for mainnet but March 2020.

(1:33:31) if you look up the auctions it could have been maybe uh February but I believe most of the auctions were uh where then yeah Patrick so March 2020 and dope was the first one so March 2020 is when the auctions first the um on-chain you know uh auction started for handshake but of course like you said it was earlier it was being planned and prepared I think even 2017 2018 you know we’ve seen Stephen Mackey here originally we’ll be sharing later you know of course he was a co-founder involved see Mackie work I started with

(1:34:05) purse in the purse company JJ was also involved the purse company a lot of them came to build out handshake and it went live in March 2020. okay who Okay easier question and Faith do you want to say it do you see in a speaker chat so don’t want to share if you can help me it’s that I’m just gonna let’s go through the whole list where’s the names and um I think he’s sorry I’m I’m winging it but we’re just kind of showing here just having some fun while we so this is zero one zero one is the next one up for

(1:34:45) for free or for the question so you see in the speaker chat the question and yeah please yes I can see it for the next question is what is the mascot of this auction okay you said no it by now yeah what is the mascot of this option the first one okay I I think we don’t need the slides Oh damn got it I think it’s dope he’s when he’s he’s scooping them all up so yeah there was some after so easy way we need to get some talk maybe some dog uh dog ones but like yeah maybe I’m turning into a flamingo my daughter’s

(1:35:39) filling my my office with flamingos now so there’s more but um okay so dope got zero one zero one let’s see what’s next of okay we’ve got zero dash dash one okay next question next question all right good one uh Faith you want to help say it okay all right so the next question is um who is the next speaker and for the name I put the list whoa chats nope not correct uh you gotta put it in the Q a though not in the chat in the Q a just if you don’t mind dope got it okay yeah though she’s out

(1:36:33) here like racking in the wins boy yeah Aaron also known as AO X aox and like I said he’ll be sharing but like I said I’m really happy he joined he actually is selling his other EMS project which to me is super bullish I mean all he means he’s bullish but he sold his ens uh platform uh or selling I don’t know if he’s fully sold it so that was for zero dash dash one TLD the next is w p which is super I think valuable um and we’ll give that one away for free I put it easy I guess you can scoop them but let’s uh

(1:37:20) let’s see if we can clear the FAQ no I can’t okay uh Facebook all right so this is the next question okay um where can you integrate Mona pay all right again just a quick recap where can you integrate monopay all right fill those questions like those answers and now no can I do wrong one wrong three wrong yeah this guy uh WordPress hello is a WordPress plugin which works with woocommerce we’re e-commerce sellers so we use it um machine you have built it

(1:38:24) for us we uh you know the sky include team you know compensated you know paid for this development any future for Mona that’s not gonna require WordPress at all like an API or something it’s actually got a whole bunch of functionality it’s almost too much functions uh I kind of we kind of like shingua just kind of have fun with it it’s actually buy some shake decks I bought Shake decks names on it um it’s actually a full wallet you can create a wallet on it um okay Taylor’s question which is

(1:38:58) um this is Taylor’s face okay okay yeah Taylor can ask himself right okay all right um would that be me okay all right so the next question for everyone is what animal is Bob again what animal is Bob okay or alien eyes TLD so we keep track is it is it a cat a lion well is he the he is the first it’s not yeah it’s a cat if you look um if you look in the uh if you look in the uh where would you see the actually the icon of Bob wallet is is it looks like a lion true it does kind of look like a lion honestly

(1:39:58) what are you talking about to me it does anyways but it’s a cat that’s already it’s like an anime when I saw the art of some of the launch stuff there was a lot of anime style things um also H Nest search he has that Bobcat on some graphics but there’s um I think I think I did it I made a Blog about it let me uh don’t I find hilarious about this dope is dming me and he didn’t even know that he was winning domains when he was answering these questions he was just answered well he can give him away then if he

(1:40:50) wants her yeah Patrick the mean one we just got we just got overloaded with submissions like way more than we thought and uh we we didn’t have time to properly count everything to be honest and our team is still there’s about five people behind the scenes that are here but even with five it’s kind of like overloaded um if you want to see more about the mascot I made a little video and blog if actually I’ll share my screen because I think it’s kind of cool again we’re just kind of chilling here

(1:41:24) because we’re in break mode or between so this is this is um this is actually the this is Bob this is what uh handshake I don’t know this she has a name Allison it and it’s uh there’s a whole story so there’s this is a story somebody wrote Mina Allison in a physical it’s like anime story so you can read about this I don’t feel like reading this but this is I think Allison or Mina and this is Bob the cat okay here so it was a little geeky but that’s that’s I don’t know I think it was part

(1:42:09) of the launch of mainnet they made that um just some fun facts so we do got another question what’s going on I hope you’re having fun bob bob for Bobcat I don’t know is it I mean is that a bobcat maybe we’re gonna ask the founders at this session there’ll be in a in like an hour hour or so we’ll have uh some of the founders of handshake sharing Bob the cat yeah you can read my blog I tried to kind of put together what I could find online into a Blog on Sky include so we do have more questions and more

(1:42:50) names to give away and the memes we just gotta calculate we’re gonna try to look at like views or likes and try to make the most uh uh uh approved I mean socially accepted one okay so two tlds left and there is one question that was submitted that’s available what’s the next name alien Isis went oh we so these are the last two names almost could be done together but we’ll split them up I’ll read the question what merch makes me doesn’t mix machine sells which or actually an nfts are stupid is

(1:43:35) his new name do you know that encrypted their new name is nfts are stupid yeah that’s kind of hilarious bro it’s more you know so let’s see do we see it in okay I see the right answer MK is the first one I see so great yeah rug rugs rugs these that’s his core product he’s adding more but yeah rugs is his main product he’s made handshake rugs and Bitcoin rugs and custom rugs dot X rugs are the sponsor here okay and then crypto rugs yeah okay and then last question is dot domains which is another

(1:44:19) core sponsor here pay thank you pay I think he’s even on in the audience right now um the question is uh Faith you want to read it off that last one absolutely so the last question that we have here is give one TLD from dot dot domains registrar all right again just to repeat give one TLD from dot dot domains registry uh in the in the Q a section not in the chat sorry okay I think uh yeah that pal yes meals great Neil Swan got it awesome great yeah he’s got an amazing collection he was bidding today too um so thank you pay thank you for

(1:45:19) supporting the handy con Your sponsorship and community all right so we will get those to you I think and or our team will be in touch right and um and we’re you know we just kind of get down to fly thank you dot Universe those are all gifted us from dot Universal Ricardo to uh to give away to get to different people um and uh maybe we go to break what how are we doing on schedule can somebody help me out oh we got like two minutes oh so it that that’s it and then it’s gonna be a long break actually

(1:45:58) uh I think right so Aaron or aox or name-based session is at Pacific Standard Time 3 50 P.M so in 50 minutes I think and um let me try to see Google yeah I mean I’m pretty sure I’m winging it here I’m trying my best but I think yeah we got a 50 minute break but let’s not you can of course go I’m gonna fill up my tea again I just drink cold tea because uh my throat is dry but um I’m gonna get hot tea but you can also go to our booths open there’s booths okay who’s booths this year we got booths so please um

(1:46:45) they’re virtual of course but you can um jump into the booth dot X name based booths have booths open so when you when we close this session you’ll see an option for lounge and you’ll see option for booths of course you can jump in the lounge there’s been some great groups I think there’s like 10 15 people on the table I’ve seen it’s just sharing ideas poofs yeah boofs and then you can go to booths and similar to the lounge but it’s themed around that that sponsor and there’s people there

(1:47:21) that can answer your questions about what they’re doing and uh and of course in 50 minutes we will have aox we can’t move earlier because people some people have it in their schedule and everything so we’ll just take a longer break I’ll I’ll be hanging out I’ll pop into Booth I’ll pop in the lounge but I’m first gonna get a t so um yeah take a take a break Network share some ideas it’s getting towards the end so we got just two more sessions right we got name-based sharing some updates I think

(1:47:50) they got some new releases that we haven’t even seen yet and I don’t even really know I have some ideas but I don’t know um of course we’ve seen them make some big updates in the marketplace but I think there’s more updates than that so they’ve been working hard okay ancestual email the winners and uh and then after that we have the co-found couple of the co-founders from handshake protocol that will know more than I did about mainnet and uh Bob and all these things uh to ask questions

(1:48:20) fire inside chat kind of wrap it up and then we’ll be done we’ll leave the airmeat open if you want more Lounge time but we’ll basically be done so we’re almost at the end hope you guys been enjoying and uh I’m gonna rest my voice so thank you and thank you Faith thank you encrypted thank you Taylor it was a lot of I love these it’s just a lot of fun too I agree I agree there’s some more of these yeah okay perfect all right I just want to say a couple things before we go though it’s actually

(1:48:47) tomorrow this did tomorrow I’ve been an Auctioneer for this for a year so that’s kind of cool wow crypto in there also pick up an easy domain if you want to support your boy okay some people DM me about about the contests if there was some question um yeah me too I think I got an inquiry from Bad cow yeah he’s messaging a few of us and is the best person to talk to I mean I know where she’s overloaded but we’ll sort it out but if we announce the name unless there was some real technical difference

(1:49:27) um again we will talk to you but uh we’re going to end the session for now and uh but yeah it’s been great encrypted one year one year anniversary it’s almost it’s my birthday almost my birthday when’s your birthday when’s your birthday Mike April 2nd oh dude why is it April 1st bro I’m I mean April 23.

(1:49:51) yo I should really I wanted to be able I mean I didn’t know of course I wanted to be uh my dad’s April one she was praying to God that I wasn’t born on April Fool’s Day yeah my life’s a joke anyways we’ll hang out in lounges or booths please uh you know support the booths and sponsors like of course we’re always name based but you know uh and Dot X I can’t wait till that’s released and uh we appreciate everyone here so let’s uh let’s wrap up this room and we’ll see you at the name day session in 15

(1:50:31) minutes all right thank you everyone we’ll see you then bye-bye for now [Music] thank you