Goldshell Miner Talk w/ James Chen


[Music] thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] hey James how are you doing everybody’s excited for your sharing today

okay you can hear me yeah I can hear you can you hear me yep I hear you clear all right great we’re getting a lot of people tuning in for this uh excited for gold shell and James to share um yeah we’re right on time we’re a little bit tight on time so I don’t want to take too much do you have slides you like to share how would you like to do this would you like me to help you here with any contests or or uh I will I will go into like your screen and do a little more presentation okay sure yeah can everyone be mine I can I see your

slides you have the four nine two one eight one one oh five three yeah Okay so Shall We Begin yeah I’m gonna jump off and see I’ll be in background but I’ll give it to you okay thanks so hi everyone this is James Franco show I’m responsible for Community Management and social media Corporation many of you might have converse with me or with favorite to the convention anyway many thanks to any and Mike’s invitation to lend me to have this presentation at this event with handshake friends first two special

thanks to handshake and go show supporters we have prepared a lot of surprises for you during my presentation and also you are welcome to join our ZIP code server to have a chance to win actions light and special gift box also please pay attention during my presentation some details are important about giveaway we will holding giveaways during the last q a section please stay focused and I will announce how we are going to do for the giveaway so first I want to share three words with you guys uh past now and Future

so many people might start beginning to be curious about the number on the screen um this is our First International tracking number and this is the whole story begins so the story between gold shield and handshake can be dated back to 2020. but first everything first I’m going to show you the surprise okay so here’s a special defined for our HS box from our designer we have 10 boxes for our audience and make Community giveaways if you are really interested in you need to listen carefully and I will have several questions during the last

time or you can join our Discord for more chance we use years to start with social but iconic starting point is it just one we start our International online shop with it first order from kosho International online shop is on July 11 2020. and as we all knew first handshake came out on February 3rd 2020.

we use five months to do the research and develop make the hs1 start serving and users so many handshake bands it is that 50 GH per second hash rate bought them into the home mining world during that time period The Miner needed to be connected with computers go show appreciates the love of the henshi community for allowing us to provide foundational power to this project and grow up together we under intimidated 150 GH per second can do under handshake Network by saying lots and lots of innovative ideas discussed and involved in this project

in that moment our team contact this project and believe pension has a good great potential go show me people use only hundred dollars to enter the world of crypto until now we may have manufact different series of miners but what we and handshake experience is unique and will be appreciated by us after this contact with handshake we discovered a way of locating ourselves in the world of crypto to help people who want to know more about cryptos we already have provided several series of miners to help end users know

handshake by mining cryptos therefore we decided to bring more energy to home mining that is also the reason we produce box and live streaming which are the different options for home mining the goal of Box series is to be more quiet easy to set up and suitable for new miners who just enter the cryptocurrency world to help our customer easily set up we have set up a different platforms for customers can easily set up fight.goal.

com can help customers buy IP address easier and can connect to minus back-end by one click also with Social Hub ghost show Hub is served for people who have multiple miners our customers can manage multiple miners in one simple interface you can put a different miners to change hash rate Claim by having one simple action also you can group up your mind to have different actions those are the things we are trying to help our customers manage the minor easier Wi-Fi option can also be one of the upgrades for using experiments you can set up your mind everywhere you want

just like another technology based on what we achieve on box minor and feedbacks from our customers we have live streaming for live series you can seem like an evolved version of Box series site is also very quiet with more powerful hash rate one of the advantage is support while with voltage which means you can mine everywhere around the world with our live streaming and also we have provide different Power modes according to custom money people can enjoy their mining Journey with us at home and also enjoy what

handshake program bring to them as well after these years we have seen a lot of people devoted themselves into handshake and create upon what goes your camp ensure can also develop a simple mining reward project into an ecosystem where people can do limited like all sorts of learning facilities go show love to be the Cornerstone of the network to provide secure and stable Network hash rate to help users to build really attention by serving the miners all around the world making the whole world connect together

we would like to spend more energy to make miners to give our customers the ticket to enter the world we are committed to decentralize the hashbrid so we always free shipping around the world even those that need extra spending until now our handshake miners has shipped to over 80 countries more than thousands of individuals have fought so far mostly they are end users which means more and more people are starting to know cryptocurrency and start enjoying the journal Journey with of the cryptocurrency late on April tension is going to have

the first album this is very beneficial to the development of handshake give more possibilities to the handshake community back to culture kosher will keep focusing on this project by providing the best minor service to community to achieve a triple win situation of it go show can she community and our customers to do that we will provide a better customer service to all people who support us and do more try like surprise we prepare we prepare for you this time if you find anything interesting or want to share with us

feel free to drop by our Discord server and say hello and unless social wishes wish a promising future to the tension community thanks for everyone’s participation now it is the time to give away so Mike can you hear me bye here just getting my glasses on how’s it going okay sure no problem yeah it’s kindly asked you for a fever yeah sure yeah um I have prepared for questions and I’m going to ask to the Community member all right and then how is it like first to answer correctly or how does it work

yeah the first answer correctly you could you please tell me okay so we’ll catch we want to remember we use the Q a session uh section yeah okay to do that but there are some good questions in here and can you help me back up these how do we back up the current there’s some like business questions in here um I’ll try to back those up because they might they might get lost I’m gonna just save these current questions uh in a document on my computer okay um yeah so you’re gonna show it on screen or how do you how do you answer

the question ask the questions do you have it that I am going to depression by saying yeah okay all right and Anna and the team will also help me monitor the answers so we’re ready so so this time we have uh I have four questions so the first class we will get edges like oh free nice yeah free yes so the first question is when will your handshake have first Kelvin just type your answer q a section okay I think people Tim maxels and April April I don’t know if that’s the correct eight percent of April next month

are those eight I mean end of I’m some people are saying 2020 that’s I think they’re thinking mainnet now we’re talking about the have ending so what would you accept as the answer end of April James or what kind of answer there’s April end of April it’s April April 18th is from my time zone so okay the um I only I do see more April 18th coming but uh the first one I see is David braco I hope my team yeah okay this is the one I find figured out as well okay yeah the uh our our team also confirms their that’s the newest the

most the first answer correct okay so keep going the next one is if you have any kind of problem which platform you can find James for help Which social media platform yeah I would say Discord yeah I see Discord you see the answers too I think Tim maxel is what I see as the first one yeah the team Maxwell yeah okay yeah this is yeah okay all three of you and I and uh and confirmed yeah so this is so all four of these are the same prize just to be clear I don’t want any misunderstanding yes oh it’s like for free

okay great yeah all right so so that’s great yeah so for the third question is back to the prison can we clear the question can we clear the Q a for now and or Penny or somebody because it’s got all these other answers is there a way to clear it if not we can can you give me yes or no if that’s possible or not man I need to clear one by one okay forget it then okay um so the third question is back to the presentation what is the date when ghost show have First International order the date of the first International

order right okay I’m seeing a lot of you see it too right uh it looks like November 7th or I can’t tell if it’s July or November because of the date format the July 11th um yeah I see Oleg but I don’t think that’s the correct answer that I see Japanese yeah yeah you too right yes yeah okay congrats Jenny great we’re getting out some minors congrats in Slovenia it’s going all over the place this is great and for the last one what series can sing as the evolved version of box Theory um yeah can you say it I see SC I didn’t

hear your question but I guess SC hs1 light light what kind of series can seems as the evolved version of fox series okay well light looks I see light as Jacob yeah the Jacob is the first one to get awesome so that’s four right yeah but for the people who didn’t get you can also have our unlimited coupon code for HS light and the coupon code is Handy call okay yeah how much coupon is it how much fifty five zero of 550 50 USD okay yeah five zero USD 50 US dollar coupon code handy con yeah and uh what’s it’s Discord website

is it called well I don’t want to say the wrong domain because I know there’s some fake websites on go show Miner okay so go to Discord not to a website to the goal to the Discord right okay go to Discord so yeah slash gold shell Miner yeah and also we will hold another Community event for the Box we just showed you before with the community action all right I think it’s good okay thank you and then talk to Ann I think people know for the for the prize um Ann is in contact with James and then we’ll

collect your information to settle this of course be a little bit patient and I’m seeing people already saying that they were first not the other person I I don’t know I don’t know um how to handle that we we tried our best to see what was on the top of the Q a that was correct so I’m sorry if uh if if you didn’t agree um even like he’s just broken I would like you to get it but I didn’t I didn’t see that uh I’m gonna type in the answer or the Discord gold shell minor this is the Discord channel right I put

it in the chat James discord.ggold shell Miner and yes this is the one comment prepare for okay event yeah thank you all right thank you James thanks for sharing thanks for gold shell supporting handshake thank you have a great day guys take care [Music]