Handshake 101

Everything you need to know about Handshake


(00:00) foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] hopefully I got a little bit of a rest a little bit of a break here how’s it going feta Chris how’s everybody doing oh Mike how are you great to see here for you good good hanging in there hanging in there mostly halfway yes yes you guys are pushing through is it Vita vetta or Vijay what do you what do you prefer feta is fine beta okay yes thank you nice to see you you awesome so

(01:05) so I’m excited for today’s panel I think I’m I’m trying not to be I don’t want to be on the spotlight so much so I might I might hide myself and just have you two share it’s called handshake 101 um I think you know we just we haven’t actually I’m noticing a lot of new people today which is great and over the last couple of days so maybe we should have had this earlier in a conference space with some questions yeah maybe it should have been like day one but we’re doing it so hopefully

(01:32) people are here uh to get some ideas and some strategies and I think sometimes they’ll prevent those common mistakes that I think all of us myself included have made at the beginning because we didn’t know about some of the rules and uh and strategies so so um yeah I’d love to hear it um Peter do you want to kick it off and then and then Chris and well before we start Mike yeah I think Vita if we may you know I think that we should announce that in this session at the end of this session we’re going to

(02:03) be giving away 500 USD in BTC whoa we’re gonna do it you have 500 so at current HMS prices yeah so we’re going to pick five individuals a hundred dollars USB a piece BTC that equates to 333h and it’s approximately you know with the H S price and incentive to build so you guys stay tuned for that amazing and that’s I think yeah just to be clear your your uh you’re the one uh our neighbor tips is supporting that that uh contribution uh yes yes really thank you you want me here do you not want me I mean do I am I helping or

(02:44) I don’t I’m just Mike you are welcome you you are welcome if you want to stick around stick around if I’m gonna be here with the lovely veto we can do it I think YouTube I’ll be hidden if you need I just maybe uh summon me okay okay all right well Vida you have the floor um well hi I’m Vita Ridgeway and um you know I was asked to participate in this panel um you know to kind of talk about how I got started um with handshake or you know what interested me or drew me to the project and for me

(03:23) um it was about you know um having been involved somewhat in the Legacy you know domain system and I’m learning about that and starting um you know um to be more of an investor um with traditional you know domains on the icann system what drew me to um handshake was the fact um around the whole conversation of the shift to web3 and the fact that it was truly decentralized and also um you know uh Community governance um as well as you know the whole um slogan why um rent a domain when you can own um and also you know the opportunity to

(04:08) own the TLD and then and possibly stake it to you know sell flds on top of that um and that’s one part but so also because of all of the other different utility um that um agents domains um provide whether or not it’s you know being a wallet and or being able to build on it and actually do websites you know being able to eliminate the need for a.

(04:37) com or dot XYZ or whatever and just use you know that um domain um and um all of those different things and also because um it looked like it was a ground floor opportunity the opportunity to get into something um you know at the beginning you know because it’s still very early it’s still yes it is yes it is and so you know the opportunity was just greater where um I kind of say that the um you know the domain industry in terms of investors it’s both um big and small meaning you know big in terms of there’s

(05:12) just millions and millions of domain names to be had but most of the good ones is small are it’s kind of centralized okay unattended you know amongst a few you know individuals um you know who have you know been around for years and years or whatever and kind of got in I guess early or figured it out early so um you know with handshake I think it provided that opportunity to kind of get in on the ground floor but plus the true you know I was just interested in the in the in the technology behind it you know the

(05:45) blockchain technology the fact that you can use it as wallet um and all of the utility as opposed to some of the other um you know competitors it just seemed like the best choice um to me so okay yeah okay thank you for that Vita well I’m gonna formally introduce myself I know uh there are some individuals who are interested to know I am Chris Neal the lead community relations liaison Ford namertips I’m a cross project Advocate and principal asset manager for creators Collective I’m like a reporter and mystical

(06:18) blockchain guidance all wrapped into one uh for neighbor tips and some of our creative partners that own blockchain domains and that includes sld these tlds third level domains both staked and unstaked many of you are familiar with the faceless perspective of name or tips but we’re also behind some great projects to be released should the maturity of the space permit and I want to emphasize the maturity of the space because we’ve delayed releasing some things based on that factor alone and I’m privileged to be here with everyone

(06:47) in the audience and with Vita and with Mike and Ann to discuss how progression needs to be approached in the space both my colleagues and I are firm Believers like really really really really strong Believers in the potential and the power of the healthy community in the blockchain space we can’t emphasize that anymore so it’s our duty along with you all to help Bridge Community culture creativity and commerce so that the space can Thrive so I’m thankful to be here um this space is going to be very very

(07:17) interesting uh Vita so with a 500 dollar BTC prize on the line and that wonderful introduction on your end clear clearing up some things on my end um I think that this is a great opportunity to do a bit of reflection about what the past year has been okay for handshake we don’t have to dive too deep into it but there are some things that we’ve seen take place and one of the things that we talked about backstage was the community being personable because we’re entering the onboarding season that is a very

(07:56) exciting time you all have been paying attention to the space and people are announcing that they’re uh going in this direction I think it was coinbase just announced that they’re leading with the uh base initiative and they wanted to make uh on chain the new online those were their exact words um so that’s a very interesting Dynamic and in addition to that we were talking about GoDaddy too GoDaddy announcing their payable domains initiative and that’s something that uh everyone in not only the handshake Community but just in

(08:31) the blockchain space in general needs to be mindful of because regardless of what you feel about web 2 domains you have to understand that a big part of a new industry and a new sector being developed is narrative control right now it’s a lot of narrative control regardless of where you look it’s everybody’s telling their own story and uniquely enough GoDaddy is um for lack of better words they’re uh letting the centralized realm know that they have this new Innovative idea which is payable domains and I think that being

(09:07) that blockchain domains are being used for identity and also payments everyone in the in the space would benefit from taking note of that so when you guys get some time it’s an easy Google it’s an easy search you can find information about it and just bring yourself up to speed but better what what is what are your thoughts with regard to a centralized entity especially you’re coming from the centralized space or having uh experience with it just hearing that on the top layer what kind of mind space does that put you in with

(09:38) regard to how blockchain domains are perceived and how web 2 domains could possibly be perceived um what um exactly what you said in terms of the narrative and people trying to control the narrative um and also just trying to everybody’s trying to get in where they’re where they’re where they fit in and so for me the thing about um hns is in terms of it’s just organic you know in terms of how it was um built you know um and it’s decentralized from the beginning as opposed to from the root from the root is what they said right as

(10:15) opposed to someone trying to um you know kind of um enter that space um and also be careful not to cannibalize themselves um in terms of what is already existing uh and it’s kind of like you know you can’t cut off your your your your face cut off your nose despite your face that thing so so in terms of the narrative and the spin they’re trying to make it seem um like it’s truly you know like it’s decentralized decentralized or it has some of those elements um where you may have some of those elements but

(10:55) the point is that it’s not and it’s just it’s kind of like it’s it’s a teeny bit of trickery in terms of since they have a bigger stage a bigger bigger platform um you know uh uh more money or whatever for marketing um to try to get Mass adoption um to follow them as opposed to um what’s happening over here and so for me although I do believe that um with regard to um handshake that the marketing is somewhat lacking I’m not positive that it’s a good or a bad thing yet meaning that

(11:31) um I I like at the same time that there’s not a lot of Bluster and a lot of Hyperbole and that people are truly building and that it truly is and does what it says it does and you know and you know the special and if I may interject and and you know uh you have the floor this this is uh this is Vedas I’m thankful to be here with vita guys and I really mean I’m thankful to be here with you all you made a very good point Vita about the root Zone we heard that a lot in the previous year the root Zone the root Zone it’s the root Zone

(12:04) and uh you know on our side with our team we we have a phrase that we use the root versus the fruit right uh the root is an essential part of the plant anyone who who’s who’s familiar with how things grow nature things in nature grow the root is an essential part right um however if anyone you know we have individuals tuning in from all over all around the world so please chime in if if I’m inaccurate but uh Roots aren’t always that tasty by themselves so it’s the things that grow from the tree

(12:37) proverbially or the plant that the things that grow from the plant that are the appealing things so metaphorically what I’m saying here is that yes handshake is a root Zone it’s a root Zone uh protocol and the organicness is built in I mean that’s undeniable but that alone can’t be what or I’m not going to say it can’t be because like you said it’s still to be determined whether or not the marketing or lack thereof will pose a larger issue but just from the outside looking in right

(13:13) now um there’s an emphasis that needs to be put on the medical metaphorical fruit and appealing there are a lot of talented people there are a lot of talented people like you Vita and and a lot of the developers we can run down the names a lot of wonderful things that are happening in the handshake community and throughout the blockchain space But the thing that keeps coming up is what happens when it’s time to onboard onboard individuals that many of which don’t even know what a domain name is so

(13:43) I personally what we’ve been leading with is a really inviting and personable Community Dynamic right um I know it might seem frivolous on the top layer but if you really look at the past year there has been extra criticism one thing that we know that the h s Community is really really good with um is the criticism and I know that there’s Flack that will be caught from that but I just want to pose this question with the degree of criticism that we’ve seen in the past year how much of that has translated into

(14:20) progress right criticism takes time and energy from building so in this case you know individuals have um expressed a view and and I’m just going to slightly derail here uh Vita and this is with no um no ill intent but individuals have asked hourly why don’t you all say that UD is a scam or any other project is a scam well for Namer tips it’s not our job to do the policing right we are solely Community right we look at the people uh we know a little bit about ud’s situation in d-web situation but we’re really interested in

(15:04) the people and there are people one thing that we can’t get past is that there are people on the ud side on the D web side and other uh in other name spaces and they actually hold handshake names and that kind of puts us in this very unique position to where we can’t afford to take aside and I think that we can be a little bit more mindful as a community hns UD or whatever about how we deal with things Community to community so from a marketing standpoint go ahead well I think that right now it’s all speculative you know so

(15:35) everybody’s heads in their bits I have a couple um Unstoppable domains and a couple that eat domains and everything else but I’ve I’ve I’ve focused on since you know and that’s just a whole a part of the discovery and educating myself about you know what I like best for whatever purpose I’m gonna use it for now as I actually have heard a lot of people say that UD is a scam or whatever but the point is that as far as um I think that name Shake is um you know it’s concerned as far as that is and

(16:09) everything that they’re doing it’s kind of like when you have a dirty glass of water like probably the best thing to do is put a clean glass of water next to it and then um and then people can make a choice so as opposed to um as opposed to really um focusing on everything that they do wrong and everything that they’re doing wrong we can just talk about what we do right meaning meaning you know handshake and all of the utility and I think that um again that you know the cream Rises to to the top so it always does right so

(16:44) the point is that once you actually go through it and even though you have these domains but it’s built on hype but they can’t actually do what they’re professing that they can do then it’s all gonna come out in the wash anyway so yes the energy should be focused on building and um and utility and and the killer the killer app the killer app because that you know that was something that we were talking about last year and we had made some recommendations and they might have went over a few individuals as heads and

(17:18) you know we’ll bring them up here on the killer app we agree with it there’s something unique that’s happening uh you’re familiar Vita with the ordinals right the ordinal nfts right so so the killer app that we had recommended was uh something along the lines of a proof of mint right um we’ve looked and we’ve you know we’ve had a few conversations not really extensively but we realize that there are some BTC maximum lists that are against the idea of nfts and jpegs being attached to uh you know the Bitcoin

(17:53) blockchain uh but it’s coming right and so one great way that we believe on this end that handshake can really really capitalize on this is creating a ramp where people can go ahead and have a seamless experience with nft I mean uh Bitcoin ordinals on the on the Bitcoin blockchain so basically what like the proof of mint concept is it’s it’s an application that allows people to go ahead and track their minting progress I’m going to share uh the screen if you don’t mind shared here okay well while you’re doing that if okay

(18:45) um in terms of handshake 101 um and bringing more people into the community and um you know um basically appealing for you know Mass adoption I think that um basically for me in terms of how people use domains right now and I know that um you know there needs to be more browser um adoption and all of that but basically letting people know exactly how you can use these domains in Commerce um Beyond jpegs beyond nfts beyond you know all of those things because to me uh people talk about nfts and art almost like it’s synonymous and it’s not right

(19:32) he means non-fungible tokens doesn’t have anything to do with art however art is what popularized nfts and so like in in terms of this community um you know this whole web 3 Community for whatever reason when we’re talking about nfts it’s always about art and you know um but the domains are nfts too but well you know artist expression so you know it’s it’s an artist’s expression but the point is that there is a bunch of other real business real world that’s true nfts and so in terms of

(20:07) being able to educate people like 101 about um handshake and the utility and the fact that it’s like an nft domain is how you can use these in real world situations to solve real world business problems um the same way that you would use a traditional domain however you get to um control your own data and um you know so I mean in terms of business in that direction okay so let’s let’s let’s let’s let’s you know I think that would be great let’s pivot and go into the the utility the right now so I’m I’m a new

(20:48) person right I’m coming into handshake and I encounter you Vita I say okay I wanna I I’m looking to get into this space give us uh you know give us the breakdown for what you would introduce me to first because I think that would be great because individuals that are listening they can take a similar format and then you know run it through how they go ahead and they bring individuals in because you made a very good point about uh bringing individuals in and letting them know what the real utility is and showing them actual use cases

(21:23) okay well handshake for me the reason why it’s because it checks all the boxes it doesn’t do one thing or the other with some of the other you know domains and also in terms of the whole shift towards community over customer and the whole web three ethos and all of that it checks again all of those boxes organically the fact that you can build on it and build a website the fact that you can use it um as a wallet the fact that you can um use it as a name to sign in as opposed to you know your email address

(21:53) and and a password um and and you know you can use it the d-links like you know you would a link tree and all of those different things it checks all of those boxes and the fact that um again it’s um it’s its own blockchain and it marries you know crypto and tokenomics with domains um is is that’s that’s why I like it so in terms of bringing people in um as opposed to say um or um you know uh Unstoppable who they don’t do all of those things um you kind of need one for this and one for that or whatever else and even to me

(22:36) you know although there’s this whole hype around ens um I never bought in that much even just for me just the fact that it is not eat because I’m a marketing person and so in terms of it being a crypto wallet that you can use with other crypto the whole dot e stuff does not translate for me in terms of Mass Appeal it’s just too complicated to explain that to somebody in terms of adoption because a novice or somebody coming in it’s like well it’s only eat and then they’ll say no you can

(23:10) use it with other but it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s a heavy lift in my yes that’s your opinion you know and and it does I think that that’s that’s always been the case with tlds in general and I think that um one of the undertakings that a lot of the uh individuals in the h s Community have us included because again we do have names and uh we do have namesake with name cheat Port bun and Circa so uh we’re we’re actively involved right um however The Branding part is a really

(23:41) really really really really big thing right and so because every every single TLD is owned by a different person or you know a particular group of uh tlds might be owned by a certain person but with that comes a particular ownership model a particular uh marketing experience a particular level of expectation and so on and so forth and I think that right now uh many in the handshake Community uh from what we’ve seen have they have a very strong idea I think that everyone in the handshake Community I can’t speak for everyone and

(24:15) I wouldn’t dare try but um I’ve watched some individuals and they really I think uh appealing to marginalized communities is a very very very very big thing I think what agamon is doing with uh the the Indian registry and the Indian characters I think that is excellent I think that that’s a good use case um and it’s not matter a matter of whether it’s a good or bad use case but that’s just one that just stands out to us amongst many right super link is another one super link presented uh

(24:43) during the session and it was exciting to see what they did with uh the names and you being able to get your name and so on and so forth um but there there there are certain there are certain limitations there are great Concepts and models but there can also be limitations right and what we want to do is that we want to definitely do what we’ve been doing encouraging each other but encouraging one another to think beyond the scope of just being owner you as a business owner you understand that there’s the part that

(25:16) comes with wanting to own the business then actually owning the business and then successfully owning and operating the business right and so you have a lot of people who are coming into the blockchain domain space and their owners for the first time and that is super duper exciting it’s super duper liberating however there’s still the hurdles that have to be gone through with uh managing you know custody is one part but managing assets and then on top of that marketing asset and adding value to it and all of those other things so

(25:47) you you made a very good point with uh bringing people in because when you think about handshake one-on-one there’s not a formal way to get into handshake and I think that’s the point that’s being made here and that’s beautiful because everyone can kind of customize their entryway into handshake we know name base uh for us name base was kind of like a through point so uh we went through name base got names and we learned about Bob wallet right then we learned about uh the beacon browser those three things uh or three uh

(26:20) mediums in and of themselves We Believe are great things like it’s beyond us as to why and someone who is technical could probably explain it as to why the Bob wallet is not integrated with the beacon browser we always thought that that would be like awesome because if someone downloaded the browser they could have direct access to a wallet by default so it takes an extra step out of it and then if everything that they have to do through the beacon browser involves the h s coin then in one way or another that could benefit the hns value

(26:53) and so on and so forth so I think that it’s a lot of the connecting of the dots um that that’s really important so bringing people in and and giving them the one-on-one I think that we can kind of um throw ourselves for a loop if we allow ourselves to believe that with so many owners and so many tlds that there is only one way to 101 someone to handshake because you I mean no but but there is kind of like you know an easier way like for me somebody asked um if you’re totally new to it how do you get

(27:25) involved and for me it was through name base which was the easiest for me a lot of people say that you know well it’s hard to get your hands on handshake well not really not not if you use you know name base you just transfer your BTC and then you buy it or whatever but if you’re starting with Bob wallet or whatever then there’s going to be a couple more hurdles so for me that’s something that you graduate to um but it’s easy to start with name base and um the reason in terms of it 101 also what I’d like about out um yeah

(27:56) what I liked about um handshaking and in the beginning is the whole auction you know process yeah yes yes yeah which and we haven’t talked about that for somebody who’s trying to get the names and it’s totally new to it so it’s not where you just go in there and you register a name and you buy it like on GoDaddy or whatever there’s actually a process where there’s an auction so you open an auction you bid on the name and then other people have the opportunity to bid on it too and then you know you have to watch it

(28:23) um you know so that okay so in terms of best practices um you know when you’re first starting out and some of the things that you know I didn’t know like a lot of people didn’t actually understand how the blind bid worked and you can always tell as somebody now who’s like a veteran and probably a master sniper um you could tell when somebody’s new because they’ll put a lot of money on the Blind and not on the phone and like you know but those are things that you learn through trial and era you know like I did because in

(28:56) some auctions um that is the case um because it’ll go up incrementally based on what somebody else bid you know whatever your blind is but it’s actually the opposite um you know with with handshake and I actually some people think some people don’t like the auction process because they feel like if I if I thought of the name I should just be able to buy it well actually for me that’s what makes it fair because everybody we can all think of the same names but what makes it fair is everybody has an opportunity

(29:27) to win that name um but you got to be in it to win it you know you know Alex Alex NATO Alex NATO just posed a question and he said uh when you buy your first.com domain you think about setting up your website online business professional email not flipping that domain this is the reason why I can is winning he said h s has the potential to go beyond due to more utility potential what is the vision for utility potential and he said sorry he couldn’t fit it all in the uh all of the text in one question uh you know I agree with that

(30:02) completely yeah you know but he he emphasized the vision for utility potential right um and vision requires foresight and the things that you referenced are definitely uh they’re pivotal parts of it but they’re the early phase so when I think about just on this end from utility potential um of course you think you think the generic so let’s look at it these are the generics the email is a generic right the uh the website is a generic uh give us another way that domains are used email websites uh and maybe when

(30:36) you talk about web 2 Landers but that kind of constitutes a website so the first one out the gate that’s new and exciting would be the payments right um accepting payments because that’s not something that you can actively do right now in way of two and you know transferring funds all over the world at the speed of light that sounds attractive right the TLD is the biggest for me the biggest attraction okay so the so the TLD so elaborate a little bit on the TLD part so for me and it’s not only it’s not

(31:08) only about you know having been able to create a registry where you where you know you know slds on top of it um but um that’s one part of it if you have one that is worthy of doing that sometimes people want to do the most ridiculous names but um as dlds but just being able to have the option but if you if we’re moving to a space where it’s um again where it’s we’re in web 3 and it’s more about building a community around a concept or a product or whatever um as opposed to the whole customer you

(31:42) know community over customer the fact that if you had something and you had a project even even a product and as opposed to if you’re building something and as opposed to you know um having somebody log in with again their email address and a password you know how many how many email how many passwords do we have for all this stuff you could actually you know build the community and and allow them to be able to register um you know that name under that TLD to get into that community so is as a principal um you know because I

(32:17) mentioned earlier that I’m a principal asset manager for creators Collective and you know I manage a lot of the assets the digital assets the domains and the tlds that they have that they’ve purchased to be associated with different projects and I’m talking about some very very great artistic and creative projects that have to do with music art writing and so on and so forth um the thing is is that the the things that because we take uh monthly polls from the artists that we manage the uh the digital assets for and they they

(32:49) monitor the space and many of them are moving throughout Twitter but the concerns that they express during the weekly polls is okay where do we get the consistency of utility value like you know we can introduce this to our community because it takes time to build up a community it really does and you don’t want to let them down by giving them something that is seemingly and I put extra emphasis on seemingly Half Baked right and so you want to go ahead and make sure that there’s an infrastructure there that allows people

(33:24) to not only be able to get the grasp of what they’re being given in the beginning but being able to have the confidence to know that this is going to be something that I can hold on to that’s not going to be Troublesome to maintain as I move forward with this person that either gifted it to me or I bought it from them so you know when you think about.

(33:43) com or any domain that’s a uh you know a centralized domain you automatically walk into the registration situation with a certain mindset you have an idea that it’s going to work it’s going to allow you to do this and even if you don’t move forward on those benefits or those particular features you have a peace of mind knowing that they’re there so I think that when you think about handshake handshake is the the being able to own a name is tier one I think that’s the tier one priority I think being able to offer slds is is

(34:19) up there as well and I think the beauty is that you have the ability to either sell or gift or do a mixed model or change over time uh when you get into The Branding of it you made a point about uh the staking of the the quote-unquote ridiculous names I think what we’re poised to see in this space is you’re going to see some people who have domains that you would think are super duper appealing and then you’re going to have individuals that you have domains that you think are super duper ridiculous and those people who might

(34:50) have the super duper ridiculous domains might market and they might have the craziest engagement there is and then when you have to do the checks and balances down the road to see which TLD has fared well we’re gonna see a lot of just because it was short didn’t mean that it was necessarily better you know well I agree with that but that and that’s that’s my point about building Community around it so it could be any name if you build a community around it and that name is applicable to that

(35:18) Community then that’s what it’d be used for it could be Snuffleupagus I don’t know it doesn’t matter what it is it the the community is what determines the value of that name or how it’s used um but I mean in terms of um if you’re if you’re liking it to um people being able to um just random people who don’t have anything to do with that particular project or that particular Community coming in to buy a domain um you know like like a.

(35:52) com or like a DOT XYZ to build on it like you know most people aren’t gonna come in and build on a lot of these names um but I think that the fact that you own it and you know it’s it’s yours and that you know you don’t have to worry about somebody coming to take it from you or you know having to um you know pay every year or whatever and then having them take it from you even though I know there’s a teeny bit that comes out you know every two years but my point is that that is to me what the promise is

(36:22) is so I own a whole bunch so and of course most of them I have no intention of um you know selling slds on but I like that I can build on them like most times you know the domains that I collect are domains that I think that I could build on or that somebody else can like you know use it you know what I mean not just and I think that’s a I think that’s a great angle to um kind of dive into what the 500 incentive to build is because you just made a very good point about you know in advance what names you’re going to build

(37:01) on and which names you are not going to build on and that’s that’s a wonderful thing and I commend you one thousand percent with that and let’s go ahead and assist some other individuals with jogging that that level of certainty uh what we’re going to do is that it’s going to be one entry per person this is It’s really simple right you just need to go ahead and email and I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna give it to you slowly handycon 23 at namer.

(37:33) tips handycon23 at namer.tips these are the only things that you need to provide one the TLD that you own okay two what that TLD is going to be used for that project three what how is that going to benefit humanity and the blockchain domain space and number four your wallet address and please please be sure that all of the characters and numbers are correct name or tips is not responsible nor is Chris Neal for funds that are sent to wallets that are void don’t exist and all of those other good things and again one

(38:11) more time you just need to send the TLD that you own what project you’re using it for how does that project or how do you foresee that project benefiting humanity and the blockchain space overall and your wallet address I think Vita this is going to be really important because it gives us an inside scoop as to some of the wonderful things that individuals are pondering on and so on and so forth because the goal is to motivate I think that’s you know with the handshake 101 I got your cues when you were saying you know handshake

(38:46) 101 we’re supposed to be showing people how to go ahead and you you go to name base you buy the name you get you hook up your uh your your bank account and you buy some uh BTC and they convert it to h s and you start those auctions and you stay up until the dead of the night trying to win we know one thing we know a thing or two about that uh you stay up you win the auction and then you know what you stake with uh name based pork but I mean you steak with name cheat pork bun and Circa and then you promote and what we wanted

(39:20) what I wanted to ensure that we deal with this time is letting individuals know that there is more right you can do more you have to think outside of the box um there’s a lot of things that have been happening in the space a lot of wonderful projects we’ve seen a lot of things transpired not all of it is beautiful and my closing uh statement would be uh Vita that listen let’s agree let’s disagree but let’s respect each other it’s not a perfect world and nor are we perfect right there are talented

(39:51) and very important people in the community and freedom of the internet does in fact matter people it does in fact matter Vida I’m Gonna Leave it to you uh to go ahead and wrap up okay um well thanks it’s been wonderful thanks um to handycon for having me um it it has been an honor and a privilege um thank you also uh Namer tips for all of your um insight and um for me um in terms of wrapping up you know again we talk about marketing and or the lack thereof um some of it but I and you mentioned earlier in terms of the white paper and

(40:30) you know in terms of governance and all that but not sure if there is one for you know the community and I would like to be nice yeah I would like to see that happen or get together you know with some community members um to come together for a concerted effort to create some sort of structure where we can kind of um combat some of the noise maybe maybe the hand maybe the hand up Coalition might be a thing we didn’t bring it here but we’ll be announcing that shortly we have some books that are coming out this

(41:00) particular month and we’re going to make an announcement about the hand up coalition uh so maybe that might be something that you might want to be interested in we would love to have you Vita well definitely So yeah thank you handycon thank you everyone in the crowd thank you Mike and everyone over at Sky include and handy con you guys have done a great job wishing you a great uh rest of your event and hopefully handycon 2024 will be in person all right [Music]