Using HNS for Payments


(00:02) [Music] thank you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] okay hello hello hello okay how’s everybody doing what’s up hello um all right all right we are rock and rolling a little bit a little bit late that last panel um how’s I know super late for you Rick Ricardo yeah it’s not too bad not bad it’s midnight quarter past midnight it’s okay oh it’s not bad

(01:05) okay great Mr Universe Santiago says yes oh I know I know God I’m just reading them flying through now there’s a cool background I I do agree it’s International International Space Station this Mike there you go going to the universe going straight there all right flat or round is I don’t know HS programs yet I’m missing yeah so whereas Steven I mean we’re lucky to have him yesterday but I I do think maybe do his personal issues you might not we’re trying to track them down but um um okay and then she so let’s just get

(01:47) started it’s uh we have midnight in Barcelona uh it is 7 A.M and 7 15 a.m in Thailand and uh you’re over in well you’re not Barcelona you’re in Switzerland Ricardo or Europe Maine no London at the moment London London okay cool yeah 12 midnight just past midnight London well there’s some people here 1am for Oscar uh 2 A.

(02:14) M George I believe Georgia Nick I’m sorry and seeing you I think it’s 8 A.M for you right how are you in China how are you doing yeah yeah wow awesome so yeah today you know talking Tech talking Tech talking payments talking platforms talking thing you know both of you are building in handshake uh and um just want to kind of Spotlight some development and building you know I think there was one limited gripe from kiba’s there’s not enough people building in handshake there people are just flipping names trying to

(02:45) sell slds you know he also see more building um and uh we are gonna showcase that so Ricardo you want to start with the intro and then you in a little bit like about yourself and what you’re doing in handshake yeah just um I I tend to Waffle mic so I’ll try and keep this short and sweet for you okay yeah I get carried away so um long story short I was getting carried away registering tlds and just stacking and I was just going to sell loads of sub domains STDs that’s all I was going to do originally and I was

(03:20) getting some premium ones as you can see I Cherry Picked a few I missed the folks originally yeah I wasn’t an early adopter to be fair we’re talking a year and a half ago I jumped in so I always saw handshake but I was a bit late joined in the party I thought well the best names have gone I’ll let it be fun I’ll see how it goes and and you know just watched from the sidelines but I noticed at the end the price handshake went down last year dramatically and um top Universe was there don’t buy it now and it was just

(03:48) so much more cheaper and I don’t know if you were selling it yeah I don’t know if the the bank now listen hadn’t been updated correctly or I don’t really know but I just hit buy it now and got it cheaper than it originally originally was and that was it good point good point yeah it’s definitely an opportunity you know like just to kind of like summarize you know you you felt you felt maybe you were a little bit later to the party but like I said the coin dropped so a lot of people left these buy Nows which at the time of hns

(04:19) was higher dollars but now you can come in and buy those for Less dollars and get those premium names so congrats glad you made it I mean yeah if you if you look back it was about seven or a thousand dollars for DOT Universe when I actually clicked about it now um but you know that that’s it now so we’re just gonna make use of it now it’s so expensive so gotta try and turn it around sure sure I mean I don’t know if you’re preparing here but the last session is still so early you know you’re looking at of

(04:52) course to me I mean there’s dot C dot stars or some others doing really pretty high numbers but even the top 10 top top 20 are not not so many you know it was still really early they’re still alive I won’t jump too deep into it right now but it’s such a long game yeah as well yeah go go on like one well just to kind of go rushing you and just uh have him do a little intro we’re actually he’s a talented developer you’ve been involved in the handshake since before I’ve been involved and

(05:25) you’re um you want to give us a little intro your yourself and your background what you’re in your head shake things yeah I really appreciate it speaking English because you know native Chinese and uh you know developers so it’s really really appreciate your uh sharing with us okay I prepare a little uh demonstration about our payments about uh yes I guess I could do the intro for you then and then you get to do a demo and then I don’t know if Ricardo has something to yeah you do too and then okay we can just do demo Styles so so

(06:09) before you do the demo yeah actually just a little bit of disclosure I uh at our uh uh kind of handshake Hobbit called Sky include we uh we work with and and uh you know uh contribute to show you how to develop um some projects so he’s been making this Mona payment solution for uh it was a WordPress plugin to use hns payments um for your woocommerce site because we do e-commerce so he he built that with us um for our own use as well as of course as a free plug-in but he’s also based in China uh I think it also helped with h s

(06:45) fans which is the main Chinese community for handshake uh Annabelle or the triple strawberry handshake username she’s uh she’s also one a CO director or in in the Chinese HS fam fans community so yeah I know you are also active in the Chinese Community but yeah sure if you want to share your screen and demo I mean let’s get right into it let’s get let’s get our hands dirty and then in Ricardo if you want to share how much time should you do you want or need not I I don’t have a working demo at the

(07:22) moment Mike I’m just basically the Litecoin clone wallet I’m just talking about where we’re gonna go okay no pressure no pressure but he was just sharing about uh yeah okay yeah yeah and the last conference 2022 I display my or monape is simply a basic wallet and now I do some progress uh it is a simple API okay it can be used to communicate with WordPress in fact people uh split two parts one part is the WordPress owners say use the API K on the install or Plugin you can download here and then people first use the plugin configure

(08:24) the WordPress it’s a after you install the plugin you will get on setting page here uh World Commerce handshake payment give me and I use the settings you can perfect the handshake payment as your own site it’s the title description and the current tab is to support some other currencies and after some blocks you can also go back to confirm your order if it may be processing or completed also the most important you’ll set the apbk and the secret after your citing the page your shop can be uh selling with hns

(09:20) it was one shop page shop page is like this up here and it is a common process like as Euro add card and add the checkpoint page the most important is we add our hns payment after place to order it will jump through to the monarchy and waiting for the payment progress is a page like says [Music] okay we can make a new one it’s a page like this it gives Place wallet number wallet name and the

(10:25) expectations cont and the effect price and you you just payment to the address to this address it will refresh the payments and after some blocks should confirm the uh the monarchy will cut back the WordPress on the interview change other status it will add the comment like this waiting for the uh as payment callback order and assist status is confirmed then you can do it as you like great so what we go okay says all the share I think that was yeah that was that was that was the demo so

(11:29) thanks yeah it’s been working on that yeah it’s been obviously it’s not like you know we’ve been doing this part-time we’ve been doing this part-time you know we also doing your work uh from work but it’s been great to uh to develop this and you know we hope to use this for more e-commerce shopping carts we have and and uh in merch or or or or uh donations you know but it’s a working model and it’s it’s not it’s not manual right it will you saw its tracks if the payment went through

(11:58) it settles on the blockchain and then it will say confirmed so it’s not like you just of course you could just hack it and just say send to this address and just list an address on a web page or a checkout page but this is actually integrated creates a unique wallet address monitors the blockchain for the transaction confirms we had to work a little bit sometimes because it would uh the gas fees it’s not that much but the gas fees might be a little bit less and I wouldn’t recognize it so what we when you develop just add a

(12:27) little bit extra for gaspi so that when the user sends it it wouldn’t uh it wouldn’t it wouldn’t uh it wouldn’t say it wasn’t confirmed because it was like 59.99 a little bit of a tweak whatever we had to do but it’s it’s really great thanks for and it’s totally free plug-in I I don’t think it’s on the WordPress repo yet like public but you can download it off Mona on handshake or monapay.

(12:55) com on DNS but um but yeah machine was also developing and he I think did you are you the one that made is that you who made that is only a state uh some little people in one group and uh only the The Exchange as fast organization side uh settings is that is provided by the ex post uh like golden Manner and uh it seems have only in fact we didn’t communicate too too much got it okay thanks see I think that’s that’s a mic I think that’s amazing what you’ve done with the payments because we need more use case

(13:52) for for people being able to trade in the coin because the volume’s so low so it actually helps with the flow of the currency if that makes sense just giving it a bit more use case and there’s some people who are not too keen on using it for payments or having payments attached to to tlds but I think that’s what uh that that would that will generate volume in the coin potentially if that makes sense yeah yeah if that means yeah I agree and you know we use it internally for like paying you know sending money to each other like

(14:33) invoicing for uh instead because I suppose we do a lot in Asia like different currencies and stuff so it’s just easier to pay each other in hns so we’ve been using internally oh this is awesome um but and then just to recap which I said and then we’ll get Ricardo just I think um kind of like Chinese community of developers and miners that I think the rest of the world doesn’t know right there’s the export there’s the gold show which year yesterday there’s FX wallet there’s HS fans there’s this whole

(15:08) Community I know it’s bear Mark and some are not as active like you had said but but um um but yeah I mean it’s it’s cool the block Explorer people here used e.hns fans a lot of foreigners westerners you know non-chinese use because www is all Chinese but the E dot is an English block Explorer so yeah we appreciate that Community um for that thank you thank you awesome so Ricardo do you yeah we don’t need a demo but a lot of us getting hyped up with Universe senior uh usually kind of hearing a lot on Twitter I follow and

(15:46) everyone’s following do you want to it’s uh whatever you’re willing or able to to share no need for unless you have screen sharing yeah yeah not a problem so if we if we go back to the end when we acquire the end result Universe TL day then we noticed that there wasn’t that many sub domains selling on it I I had a I had a feeling it would be that way it’s too long for people to type in it’s it’s a bit Niche and then that led onto needing to find a useful it’s either just gonna sit there and get the

(16:16) oddsm stld registration or find a real use for it which leads us on to how how could we integrate it into what was The Fad at the time a metaverse or some sort of offering if that makes sense because we always wanted to launch a blockchain or clone a coin like ethereum or Litecoin always wanted to do that but we weren’t quite there to do that um it was just we the the first thing we could come up with is would be if we could build some sort of online social rooms where you could visit each planet and each planet would have a collection

(16:48) of like people Avatar in that hologram or holodex sort of um environments then you could potentially use the domain name and the TLD or stld as a passport for Access and then exploring that we were thinking well could we actually charge fees to access or not really charge fees but sort of charge for the passport for example the stld so that’s where the resulting for purchase citizen passport that you could use for accessing to some sort of service which gives it a different type of use if that makes sense

(17:22) then on top of that we we were we were trying to figure out how we could take payments or or use the stlds for making payments or receiving payments and it with brainstorms a lot and made quite a few scripts that transfer payments between tlds and it’s quite manual to be fair it’s it’s not part of like the Bob wallet or anything like that so it’s a bit disjointed it would need to be more integrated but it is possible to do it with tax records on the on the stlds if you had a metamask address into that or

(17:57) the actual your Bob wallet address in there you can query it up and then allow some sort of payment transfer between them you can get addresses that way so that’s what we’re exploring for payments so basically you would log into the metaverse with your metamask wallet into the into the social room you would log in with your metamask wallet then it would ask for your your um citizen passports your dot University name and once you type that in it’ll query the text records for your metamask address

(18:24) to match and or yeah and your HMS address if that makes sense and then that way it would verify you own it and it’s connected to your Mata mask through a text record so there’s different ways of playing about Mike that that’s we’re just trial and error with everything and just testing things if that makes sense you’ve just got to try out yeah like no there’s not there’s not that much development going on around names there’s there’s a lot of purchase and names to hold or stay confer if you’ve

(18:57) got a premium name you can stake it that’s a perfect business itself but some names and just I don’t think some names are good enough to sell tlds on stlds are on so you would have to add a hope to flip it or turn it into some sorts of business like a uh an ID business like a name social ID type scenario so yeah we’re trying to we’re trying to do that like two beds with one stone the passport is the stld ID and their payments between through the tax records of the actual domains and you’ll be able

(19:30) to transfer between got it so then yeah I mean just yeah just recap a little bit what you’ve said just to come back for people to highlight some things I’m noticing um we see that maybe you weren’t like you got Universe hscoin had dropped you got it cheaper maybe you saw it earlier which is a great opportunity but then you notice maybe people weren’t registering as much slds you want to use it you want to also get into metaverse and Coin and use this as a digital ID so then you start to make it like a

(20:04) passport like a citizen’s passport and uh you’re built building I mean yeah it’s overwhelming you’re making a lot of stuff yeah it’s just gonna try everything definitely yeah then we we didn’t originally set out to clone Litecoin but we ended up cloning it we we cloned it to get a couple of like couple of weeks ago and changed all its parameters now we’ve got the universe blockchain which is a Litecoin clone so we’re trying to find a way of integrating that and maybe some sort of

(20:34) hns go between Bridge or something but it sounds like we’re all over the show but we’re just throwing loads of different ideas out and then just sort of into mixing and trying to connect them in different ways that’s what Innovation is right I mean that’s the difference of people I think most people here and the mass adoption the the the you know the mass users is after this is defined but we’re you and we us all of us are defining it now by testing and trying not breaking stuff right like

(21:08) what I think is Steve Jobs somebody says Break Stuff keep breaking stuff and we’re all like you know hacking stuff together testing it testing what do you the users are doing uh yeah and just shared your website so nice is that that’s the place to go now or or yeah so is it like positive a project see you just follow and it’s like a natural course of evolution throughout it every day and we just ended up tripping over the domain name on the back now Lander on Go Daddy and couldn’t help ourselves but buy it and

(21:39) you so we just we have to click buy it now which was the it was originally going to be the ticker for the coin anyway the univ so unvn so it just works so well and it’s just I can’t take the credit for it either it’s just donut itself it’s just naturally flown that way and just naturally come together it’s just it’s unreal I don’t get how how it’s gone so well today like today it’s like how it’s just come together everything we’ve ever wanted whether it be the domain name or

(22:07) clone the Litecoin or it’s just all happened it’s just that it’s just too easy at the moment just waiting for something to go wrong it is sometimes I I mean I guess when you’re in those low States it’s true you’re getting like wow this is working and there’s no problems and you’re like you can always say amazing yeah but uh it’s you know I think you’ve been but you’ve spent a lot of time and even investing in it so I think it’s also should be welcome that you get some

(22:38) reward yeah I don’t know I don’t want to Hype people too much but every I guess everybody gets excited for sure yeah it’s just a bit of food progress yeah and I think we’re all getting rewarded yeah for our our work um I mean are you working on your own so you have your own coin and there’s Mining and CPU money yeah yeah so the the so like I said we forked Litecoin and then we’ve got our own wallet and there’s mine is at the moment but um a couple of them VPS providers like digital ocean they were just refusing to

(23:12) accept it it was shortened us down in the past few days and reject and all our nodes and saying we don’t accept miners or blockchain anymore it’s just it’s hammering our systems too much us like shared resources so we’ve shifted nodes about there’s people out there mining at the moment the hash and the hash power has gone up a little bit it’s harder the difficulties changing so it’s people are getting coins we’re going through blocks it’s going all right at the moment it’s stable enough

(23:39) we’re just going to see how it goes we should have done a test net we didn’t do a test net we just jumped straight in threw it up there and just let it be okay so we’re getting just a few more minutes uh maybe come back to shinyuan and then maybe recovery can can wrap up but yeah I mean it’s great you know we’ve had yesterday we had quite a few different people from the Chinese Community you know the mining Community FX wallet what what do you think um you know what are you what are you seeing for the

(24:10) future of handshake like when next year like from your perspective in in your community so you’re getting some ideas Ricardo and chat I don’t know if you can see it but yeah I’m reading through them yeah popping up just watching them so she I don’t know if he wants it’s just like a last Mark remark about what are your things seeing and head shaking development space yeah I I think the HS maybe the amount faster and communicate with the manners and uh say maybe come out with a much more decentralized I said like a shake

(24:44) DX and others and uh also I I checking the moon blockchain unlike apples and Stockholm and other three uh maybe maybe we can connect it to the handshake to them because they are the faster than the ethereums ethereum and blockchains uh I I I’m not sure because there are also be the first developed okay thanks thanks again and we appreciate what you do and in the building and bridging you know communities and and languages so thank you uh Ricardo how do you so you seem pretty excited you know I don’t know if it seems like people

(25:35) well looking out for you and also maybe what can listen people watching can contribute or get involved what would be some ways yeah you can you could just start mining some free coins if you can get a bit of like get a graphics cards on the go you can try and get some early coins for free if you want through the wallet and we’ll be doing some airdrops we’ve there’s only a team of five of us at the moment like four freelance devs and myself who’s like the main guy 24 7 on it but we’re gonna think about it I

(26:05) know I’m just wired all the time it’s just too many Red Bulls thinking about doing like airdrops as well and we were the number one Community is the handshake Community because we’re part of that and we’ve we’ve been welcomed over the past year as we’ve started growing bit by there and you know if anyone’s going to benefit from it it’ll be the handshake Community number one they are the first movers on this one and like I’m saying with the with the STL the users sort of access passes for the for the network

(26:34) anyway it’s it’s given more of a reason to for people to purchase sort of handshake coins if that so what what I’m thinking is with the volume on handshakes only fifty thousand dollars a day at the moment which is it’s so low it’s unreal I just can’t believe how low it is to be fair but if if people are buying loads of stlds then maybe name cheap will have to credit us with more hns if that makes sense and the volumes will increase so we’re just trying to get that volume to increase somehow

(27:10) so he seems like he says it’s pretty high because there’s no big exchanges and not big Traders so it’s almost in retail yeah so if it’s really a retail only then then it might be um of course I’m not seeing many um I’m not seeing many market makers purchasing trunks of the coins like huge bags like we’ve had a few emails from people who have spoken to us about maybe providing us with some C Capital at the moment where we’re on a raise as well yeah so yeah I’m sure people may want to to

(27:46) contribute or yeah make it all mainly market makers who are purchase some coins on pre-sales and then the holding them ready to to to provide that liquidity that’s what they’re doing so um I I don’t see why people are not doing it with h s like big I think because they can’t get load their bags before they they can’t load it yeah so the drip if they want to get that big chunk up front yeah then they list it makes sense actually yeah so I think that’s that’s a problem we need some big boys

(28:24) I’m just checking it in the chat’s coming and stuff yeah a little speaker chat we’re kind of at time we’re gonna have a break I think we do need a little break but I guess we can go from a minute or two but I think we want to let people enjoy the break also the booths and such but um yeah so then so then finding you is Twitter is the best place to talk about any Twitter yeah for any of us yeah Twitter Twitter’s the best place for nothing really yeah it’s it’s all a work in progress at the moment but Twitter

(28:51) excuse me Miguel has some ideas on the chat there about I don’t know payments with mpm JS I’m not sure but uh and thank you for sharing and and uh uh call it call it a session right now and uh what’s answering I’m also reading yeah also I think Ricardo has also been very generous in the community and uh he has some great tlds that he’s gonna Help Us gift off for free tomorrow uh which I think are pretty also pretty similar almost in a premium category totally for free for people so yeah I think you’re

(29:34) part of that and everything else or building okay I think we call it a wrap and uh good stuff it’s being great yeah thank you bye bye-bye [Music] thank you