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(00:00) foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] everybody got some good energy here I know it’s intense intense we’re getting towards the end of day two still this session and two more amazing

(01:04) sessions and um we have with us and I think finally on stage finally a little more hard I hope she’s somehow sleeping these days but thank you and uh working closely uh she’s the behind the woman behind the scenes of course there’s others as well but and and uh Irene am I speaking I pronounced correctly Irene yes uh can I don’t hear you do you hear her Anne no all right nice we see you clearly there’s some sort of delay um it’s not a I mean I don’t hear it at all and there’s a delay on yours I don’t

(02:07) hear and how about me like can you hear me loud and clear you’re clear you’re clear oh you heard her faintly Uggs okay I don’t I didn’t hear it all um I saw her clearly I I saw her Studio set up with the lighting I don’t know if you saw it on her Twitter yeah myself on her Twitter she shares her setup for today so I know she’s been really preparing for this um okay um Penny’s talking to her I mean maybe while we wait and can share hopefully we can get Irene here ASAP but so we um keep things moving

(02:47) awesome Escalon is here thanks Eskimo for coming get you up here too actually um yeah invite invite the state up the stage okay uh let’s hope it works for Irene but maybe while we wait for her and let’s let’s hear from you um you’re a Filipina I know you’ve always wanted to represent the Philippines and and handshake and the D web or Internet so um and you also work with us in our our full-time agency uh where our day jobs both of our day jobs um but maybe just a little intro of yourself and how you you know why you’re

(03:28) so excited excited about handshake or what got you excited about handshake yeah sure sure thing well when um I I started working for uh Mike yeah it was it’s not uh under the sky include project so um actually it was uh me doing some sort of like optimization uh work for Mike for his YouTube channel so from handicun one I of course I had to watch all of the videos right because I was like optimizing them and that’s where I learned about handshake he was already working uh uh I mean he was like making

(04:13) a lot tons of videos from from like October and then handy gun like merch right that time and then yeah that was a time that you know I was like watching all those videos and then um yeah I I I heard um I listened to of course um I’m sorry I have to mention like Andrew Rosner about domain name it was the first time actually for me that you know like I I I knew about domaining and then um yeah and also yeah Stephen uh Mackie yeah and um uh the way he presented you know a one-hand shake what or was or is is that it was

(04:56) like poetically written so yeah maybe my like brain brain cells were attracted to that and then uh come Flamingo yeah the next the succeeding month actually it was I think it was Flamingo I forgot to bring my glasses I should have brought them with me yeah um come Flamingo I started joining Flamingo with the mic and Chris Moore so um starting from the second one I was on I was my video was on already that time right yeah so from then on yeah um handshake just hooked me and of course he had the the tech the tech itself you

(05:42) know I I don’t uh I’m not a developer I don’t understand um how a sinks or I cannot explain things how they work um but um but because of you know just studying and learning and all yeah it’s it’s beautiful so that’s that’s how I started and then um uh yeah from our team it just kind of like convince them and push them like to join me but um yeah maybe later on I could share like uh what are the things that um I want to do to create a community but yeah let’s hope Erin’s audio is fixed I can

(06:24) see her clearly again all right Arena let’s let’s hope we can hear you fingers crossed do others hear her and Irene no no I guess you’re very cool um I feel like maybe I don’t know what computer or phone she’s on maybe I have to try another device at this point or at least two two devices are a little bit more tricky oh no I know she’s prepared for this oh so frustrating um yeah because it was just Penny says it worked in backstage so I’m not sure all right I mean we gotta keep continuing for time and hope that hope

(07:21) that we get it but let’s I guess let’s move the second question hello you can hear her I hear something now or is yeah but it’s very yeah but it’s yeah far away from her uh and you’re you’re better at um you know it’s frustrating um you could try another device just join as a participant and then we could add two of you I sometimes do this with bad internet or tag problems that’s what Ann does with her audio and video yeah yeah from her um I mean I guess Penny please try to help me talk to her I mean I just don’t want

(08:21) to use all of our short time uh because we have two more sessions after um I mean really maybe trying another device have if your friends there they could try to just log in as them and we could add them on stage something I mean just we just gotta try multiple devices I think at this point okay uh and so let’s go to the second question Jenny about your community initiatives I know you uh we made some are you you know handshake pH I think you people even helped us get that we have that in our uh I hear clicking

(08:55) it looks like maybe her phone all right maybe now here oh okay I hear literally but I don’t see there you go as much as I want to see her if I guess if I have to choose would be hearing uh if I have a choice okay I mean we can hear you now oh okay can you hear me yeah yeah it’s decently yeah perfect yeah I mean so let’s let’s hear from a little intro and more about handshake yeah I’m really sorry yeah I have some problem with my airport and I don’t know why okay I think we hear you so yeah just

(09:44) just uh intro I mean uh yeah I mean hopefully we can actually can fix the future internet so we don’t have these problems hopefully that’s one other idea right and you want to help maybe uh I think she’s trying I just maybe you have more you can try help I I can hear it we’re waiting for your ring just just introduce yourself um and uh I’m hoping it works okay so I’m all right and I come from Albury so today I would like to talk about Vietnamese potential for crypto Vietnam continuously receive such a real

(10:22) foreign direct investment Apple and Samsung need Vietnam to build their industry in the future according to barriers the Vietnamese adoption for crypto is up to 21 so I could say that Vietnamese is such a potential Financial Market however the Vietnamese a session especially through a session of crypto lover to deep encyclical is still limited I mean they are being obscure sir Audrey will lead them to the light and internet is a light a point that I want to lead the Vietnamese crowd through I want them to understand about

(11:07) handshake I want to distance the district the distance between handshake and crypto user Vietnam um is your point that um I want to raise a number of Vietnamese users to own housing domains as digital identity so that they can use housing for their legal website um how to provide personal website which is really suitable for Vietnamese local brand for example um Irene owns a profiler and the name of the shop is a ring so I can make a website like username.

(11:54) arent instead of username dot for my distributor and my vendors inconclusive we want DNS of Internet to be applied wisely in such a potential market like this we’re Vietnamese so we understand deeply about Vietnamese control we can exploit over aspects of internet in order to bring internet to such a number of Vietnamese users we want to change the view of Vietnamese crypto user completely we want Vietnamese people to understand that crypto is not a trading pumping or dumping we want them to know that crypto really can make life better

(12:41) and internet is a light that I agree and Vietnamese people really need um we are making a website it’s naming it’s a top news website Vietnam and that’s that’s our website that I will post a dnf information frequently there and we are also building a YouTube channel on and tiktok also to help the dentist of Vietnam to understand more about internet sir uh also we are also having a Blog about yeah based um artery it’s also in English um the people actually they can um there’s a it’s no like I mean Google

(13:32) translate and chatubity sometimes cannot translate really the meaning um exactly the meaning I mean exactly exactly meaning from English to Vietnamese or Korean right so I believe hawkery is a Linker from from housing to Vietnamese Market really yeah we’re all happy to see you here and glad that Tech got all set up can you just he said some of the website URLs I don’t know if you or someone that heard it could type it in the chat or say it again or I guess we could link it later but yeah we were really happy and

(14:20) yeah I mean Vietnam is a is a very emerging market and it’s true I also feel I’ve read certain reports about The crypto adoption is really growing in Vietnam and I’m happy to have you you find handshake how did you find handshake well searching for for some project that got investment from a16 yeah we’re looking for some other project um hungry project but I found 18 years was the most special one yeah it’s definitely a special one definitely is a special one thank you for your chat so we have five minutes

(15:05) left um but I think you got your main talk you know you prepared for this um is there something else you like to add or I mean we want to you know make the most of these last five minutes or and you maybe go back to you quickly what what are some of your ideas for for the Philippines Market I know which you have you’ve been chatting about it to me I think maybe you’ve made some Facebook page or group and things uh yeah we already have a Facebook page but um handshake pH but uh it’s not mostly Filipinos Chinese

(15:37) say from other Asian countries yeah I’m surprised you got a lot of followers like in a couple of months but but uh the direction that I’m going is that uh we have a few group of people uh maybe they’d be available to spend some time with me to you know get more time to talk about handshake yeah but personally um uh I’m targeting the the owner of dot pH yeah it’s been a while yeah hopefully we could uh um uh get him on handshake and claim dot pH and um another thing is that um yeah my dream personally is that you

(16:23) know um if I could talk to like a couple of universities here in my country to you know put handshake into practice you know just just doing Simple computer science um you know a task or academic work that would be great I mean just integrate little by little and then also like uh hopefully it’s not shooting for the stars but like um I own our uh like a local name actually I also own one from uh Cebu so maybe it would be like a good extension like uh if you got like a some sort of a d-links page going on and then new onboard like different

(17:13) businesses in your locality they could have like you know their their own page you can find online easily yeah so yeah for me that would be like the easier start yeah I don’t need to explain Tech a lot you know maybe just show them some steps what they can do and then yeah that’s it yeah amazing amazing okay I think we have a few more minutes uh um maybe you can also send a link or the Facebook group for the Philippines market and on an arena you were mentioning meetups or websites I mean I’m just maybe we can just plug

(17:47) those mention those um or other things that you’re planning to do in the Vietnam market for us and see how we can help [Music] um well actually get up as I say his name is there in building um so I’m I’m still working on it okay sure sure whenever you’re ready just let us know um I think I typed in the right URL I know it might not be ready yet but and um you’re in you don’t have to share if you don’t feel comfortable you’re a Ho Chi Minh or what Mark you know or what markets is there different it’s a big

(18:38) country I know there’s a few different markets I’ve been to Ho Chi Minh once or twice is it what what Market country or city you think is the best one in the Vietnam Market biggest for the opportunity if that’s a question I’m just thinking of questions it’s mostly there Ho Chi Minh Saigon or is it other is it like uh oh that’s a good question yeah [Music] okay all right um I think any other things you’d like to add either of you I think we’re getting really close to the end of today’s session I’m really happy we did

(19:30) this and I think others you know we want to support this is I think what handshake’s really about honestly you know you know um Emerging Markets you know like you and you know how expensive it is to get a DOT pH I think it’s a lot even for me it’s so expensive um so you know I think yeah hopefully fake names can be much more affordable in these markets for people to use them um and get access to a free and open internet like the title of this event um so thank you both for being here and thank

(20:05) you both for being positive influences of handshaking [Music] and just again don’t be shy I’m sure anyone here uh myself include would help you in those markets however we can so you know but yeah just bit by bit you know translating content is a good one events things like that so let us know how we can help thanks Irene thanks thanks really nice [Music]