Impervious Domains Update


(00:02) [Music] thank you [Music] all right all right I’m wearing I can’t wear more than how many hats can I wear at the same time you know various swag or I like the glasses so I think it’s sticking uh how are you hidden Steve great to see you again this year yeah good to see you too man yeah that’s great and then Zach was here yesterday sharing some great stuff and and following a whole event tweeting in real time so thanks for that sack the

(01:06) shake of course all right so I’m excited for this session you know like we had talked about today is a little bit if you might notice in it a little bit more sld discussions right we just had stars now we’re talking about impervious on eth and Dot record so this is gonna be uh a great one everybody wants these glasses we actually send them all around the world you know I think encrypted encrypted where your uh where your glasses at man I think he’s in here anyways um but we got a lot to cover today I

(01:37) think it’s uh it’s it’s gonna be two parts right Steve you got impervious side and then the dot records with within impervious from Zach so I’m gonna pop off and I’ll let you to um I’ll let you two take it from here yeah let’s do it all right bye Mike uh yeah so as Mike just said we’re gonna split this up so I think Zach is gonna tell us about his journey with DOT records and like what he’s done so far what he has in store and pretty much anything he wants to talk about and

(02:09) then I will swoop in and discuss this release that we launched officially today take it away I’m gonna mute myself all right I’ll keep an eye on the time so I don’t run too long and give you enough time to to fill in on the cool updates from the registry but um okay yeah so I have been working on uh dot records um a namespace that uses the improve impervious registry protocol um it is currently the top selling name on on impervious and like a nice use a test case for what has worked and um and how to use some of the features

(02:52) that impervious registry offers so dot records is a music Centric namespace it’s marketed uh towards the crypto music community and I think that that piece of it is really important to highlight and part of why it’s had early success so far it starts with this music community that exists in the crypto space and acts as a naming layer for those people for these artists these fans these collectors um which is a little bit different than the traditional domain name approach of starting with like a really aesthetically beautiful name and then

(03:40) trying to build a brand an audience around it and um and so that sort of community Centric approach has driven a lot of the work that I’ve done and the ways that have taken advantage of the impervious features so what’s really cool about the impervious registry is the ways that you can customize a namespace for your purpose so looking at dot records through this music Centric lens um sort of from inception to today we’ve taken the approach of customizing the namespace for this group of of users on on

(04:26) ethereum that are kind of using different music applications minting songs playing around with collecting songs and um engaging with with that sort of ecosystem so that kind of starts with the name reservation process um impervious allows you to reserve names that can be claimed by specific ethereum addresses and so we started by saying anybody that had minted a song on this specific platform called catalog has their username reserved as a subdomain of dot records and this was one a way to thank those people as being

(05:12) active participants in this ecosystem to a way to prevent squatting on names from people who are highly engaged in this ecosystem we we also reserved a bunch of other names too less is kind of a thank you but more as a way to prevent squatting and so these were kind of like high profile record label names atlantic.recordscolumbia.

(05:36) records Etc um the reservation system allows for a lot of flexibility and um a way to reward certain people to reserve names for certain people and also kind of to to circumvent some squatting and potential like trademark issues our reservation system dot records is largely inspired by handshakes reservation system and and so there’s a lot of lessons there and a lot of similarities moving on from the reservation system to the ownership of that records itself today that’s just a a standard eoa address but has the ability to be owned by some sort

(06:25) of uh multisig or Dow that allows for the music Community to take ownership of this registry in the future and a lot of a lot of this is sort of Leaning into that Community allowing them to have a naming and identity layer that serves them but also that allows them to sort of control that system rather than have this sort of generalized system like ens or something else that doesn’t necessarily focus on or prioritize their needs one of the more recent things that we have built um off the backs of a recent impervious

(07:07) feature is our own custom metadata server so you can add different kinds of metadata to the dot records to your dot records domain and one of those things that you can add is a song is a piece of music that when you go to one of our websites when you go to openc or when you go to your wallet will play that music and so this is a very playful but also like useful way to um a useful way to lean into music Centric uh Tooling in ways that ens has kind of ignored so the music Community really wants uh this kind of feature in in ens but

(07:55) that hasn’t been prioritized one of the benefits of a community name space is that we can make that a priority and so the the first piece of like custom metadata was was animation URLs it is this ability to add audio uh or visual media to to your domain in a way that lets you have sort of like a profile record in the same way you might have a profile picture conversations around the metadata um have evolved with the community with with some people some some people in the music Community wanting certain uh like

(08:38) right standards or royalty standards built into to to the dial records metadata and so as the community sort of leans in and um we can continue to make the dot records namespace more tailored to what what is useful for music and music kind of identity um the whole kind of the whole kind of thesis uh of dot records as a community name space is to to be as custom to what music identity looks like which is going to look different than identity identity in other places so continuing to build sort of in this direction alongside

(09:24) artists and projects in the space and um uh lean on the flexibility of impervious to to uh sort of chart our own path and be our own namespace so I would encourage anybody who is thinking about using impervious or thinking about launching a namespace to to think about what the audience is um and how you can uh customize your own features for reserving Distributing names for owning the registry all of these pieces to sort of map to that audience um I think dot stars who spoke recently right before us is also kind of like

(10:10) falling into this community namespace concept and um I think that we’ll just see more namespaces that map to communities in in this way and um and so um that that’s kind of been the the the the vision and the goal for records so far um and we will continue to build out different tools and excited to see kind of where where impervious takes it um and looking forward to kind of charting that path together awesome uh so really quick I think somebody I don’t know if it was in the chat or Mike asked if you wanted to show

(10:59) like a screen for like the warehouse or like anything not to put you on the spot right now because if you’re not ready right now I can start doing my thing and you can queue it up or totally up to you why don’t you start and I can think about the right thing to screen share yeah sounds good uh all right so as Zach just mentioned let me screen share this thing and see if this works holy Lord uh oh I did not expect that many options oh my God uh sure did somebody see something hopefully you guys see improvised domains I have no idea Mike

(11:42) is there a way for you to tell me if uh oh there it is all right cool so yeah let’s look at this all right so this is the new version of impervious domains as of this morning I think is when we launched it and it looks slightly different I mean the functionalities by and large the things that are different I’m going to highlight but for the most part still breaks down into two big features one is being able to actually register domains which is obviously the use case for users and then being able to stake

(12:11) domains which we’ll get into in a second which is the use case for actual TLD owners uh one really cool thing well hopefully my mouse is showing up so we have kind of these we’ll call them collections but I mean really right now the collection is primarily just for the TLD so we’ll go to records right now since we just talked about it with Zach so what he was describing with the metadata is you can customize what you’re looking at right here so your TLD will have basically this dedicated landing page and if you

(12:41) go up here in the docs well let’s go and look at it right now uh it specifies how to actually specify what metadata you want to assign whether it’s your Banner or your individual logo for the TLD or like what each of the little sld records will look like and then obviously you can do cooler stuff like Zach was mentioning where you can assign like in their case actual music to it but that up here the docs will tell you exactly what format you want and basically it’s just what you’re going to store on ipfs and then it will get read

(13:16) basically whenever it gets picked up in openc or the other marketplaces where am I going there we go all right so one cool thing that we added in this release is what we’ll call more real-time search so as you actually start searching for Stuff the results actually happen in real time which not like super mind-boggling but a huge improvement over what we had previously just because we had so many tlds so now at least it’s a much quicker helps you figure out if you’re just trying to find cool stuff like uh I

(13:48) unfortunately like way too many of these stupid uh hacks so I find myself your home page uh oh no um maybe you just shared a tab not a screen hold on oh is it has it been on the homepage the whole time hold on yes that’s all good I think maybe the sharing you set was uh just a tab or something so I did window but let’s try this again can you see that now or no uh I see yeah the homepage seems explicitis let’s just test I don’t know why it’s stuck on the homepage um I don’t know um let’s try this let’s see

(14:49) that’s launched a new window so we’ll see if that helps anything sorry about this little buddy now it’s all good I don’t know if that’s picking it up or not I mean it’s the same screen but maybe there’s a choice when you share screen is your tab share Chrome to share screen uh hold on Cisco yeah try to there we go oh it’s not letting me for some reason it’s not letting me share the entire screen there we go let’s see if this one this works yeah I see you typing in there all right

(15:39) there we go all right uh so just the thing I was showing a second ago was is that showing up now I see open c glasses no it’s all good so this is the customized landing page so this is the one for DOT records and what I was describing but wasn’t making sense because you guys couldn’t see it is if you go up to the docs it will actually explain what you need to put as far as the metadata so you can customize your landing page so you can customize your actual icons and the banner image and so this will be

(16:19) like if we’re given what we’re calling collection but really it’s primarily just for the TLD so I was talking about with the search is now there actually are much more like real-time results instead of having to search and then for the actual thing and so like I was talking about I get way too excited about these dumb domain hacks especially with dot f just because there’s a lot of not safer workwords that you can do with dot f so uh whenever I get bored I start playing with those uh all right so the thing

(16:52) that’s really exciting about this particular release is it’s a lot more like what you would expect for web 2 type functionality right so we actually have shopping cart so if anybody’s actually tried to register these things in the past or with ens uh it’s somewhat painful because you have to do one at a time and you have to go through this commit and then finally actual registration process so as part of this on the back end for TLD owners you now have the option of so if you look in these results you have these

(17:21) little buy now labels all that means is that those tlds have upgraded their controller so that now you don’t have to do the commit and register process so it’s just one step meaning we can easily just add them and then I can immediately just pay with credit card in one transaction even if you don’t upgrade the controller and so this is just for TLD owners so let me go back and do one where uh so if I if my card has tlds that are mixed so like forever that’s going to change today probably where it won’t

(18:03) require commitment anymore but if you have a mix you’ll see this little notice that says some of the names require or commit because just as a byproduct of the way ens originally or still works is you have to submit a commit to basically it’s essentially to prevent front running but for a lot of our tlds since they’re not that popular it’s really a terrible poor it’s a terrible user experience so the security is not really the priority at this point and you can obviously go back to using the commit process if you need

(18:34) it at some point so I mean ideally you know dot records gets huge and then front running does become an issue in which case we could easily put it back in but for right now since we’re not having to really worry about that the additional step is a real pain and makes it more complicated to actually register so anyway this little notice just tells you that you do have to pay the commit fee with eth which we’re also going to be fixing in a future update so that if you want to pay with card even for the committed TLD as you can but the easiest

(19:06) way to eliminate that right now is just have straight tlds that don’t have the commit that just have the buy now option I’m not going to go through the cards just because unfortunately you’ll see my credit card but I promise you it’s just what you would expect as far as uh just putting in your credit card and then poof and we launched on the on Twitter a quick demo video so you can see that it’s just point and click click some buttons put in your credit card information and then hooray you now have

(19:38) these domains in your wallet um the other big thing is well the way all this works is we now as I mentioned have bulk registrations so instead of having to go one to the commit then do the registration then do another one then do the commit then do the registration you can all do it in one huge batch and like I said a second ago if if all the tlds you’re interested in have upgraded and no longer have the commit process you can just buy them all at once and not have to worry about anything just one step uh just to go back since this might be

(20:10) the first time some of you have even seen any of this some of the cool things well obviously if you’re a tilde owner you go through the process of actually staking the TLD I don’t know if we we need to link there’s a step-by-step guide that we published uh like weeks or months ago it’s not a difficult process but you know if you type in I don’t have one then I’m going to stake right this second so I can’t go through the steps but it’s pretty straightforward just put in your TLD string you’ll then have to

(20:40) transfer it and I think there’s like five or six steps but the only real time lag is just if you have to transfer it to a different address then it’s just the time it takes for that to happen in handshake which I forget how many days that is but then you have to obviously do the the finalize once you’ve finished once the time is elapsed or the number of epics has passed um let’s see all right so the other thing that’s cool that I don’t know we’ve touched on is well Zach mentioned it

(21:11) a little bit earlier when he was talking about eventually transitioning the dot records CLD what’s cool about the previous release in addition all the metadata or maybe it was the previous previous release is you can actually mint your TLD so you can have essentially an nft that represents what I like to think of as like the revenue stream for your TLD so if you like meant to dot www for instance then you could easily sell that nft to somebody and then that person that’s buying that will now for all intents and purposes be the owner of the

(21:46) money that that TLD is generating for whoever owns that that nft and so basically then just the money is going to the address associated with the nft and so when you transfer the nft you’re basically telling it’s essentially like selling a business and so you have significantly more liquidity now in terms of what you can actually do with this dld versus if it was just staked and then you’re like oh cool now I’m beholden to this forever the great thing about being able to nft just the TLD itself is now you actually have

(22:19) more options as far as what you can do with these assets um is that just for um for locked tlds it is yeah just primarily because if it’s not locked then you you have that potential issue where the person that owns the nft doesn’t have the assurance that they’re not going to get rugged right so like but once it’s locked the TLD on the handshake side is at the like Community address basically and then the nft is then just associated with whoever the owner was that staked it originally and then whenever you sell the nft then that

(22:54) ownership changes to the owner of the nft does that make sense uh yeah it makes sense uh I don’t know what time oh yeah we still have did you want to show something or you may keep going or do you want to talk I don’t know if you have questions or not I haven’t been checking if there’s q a I haven’t been checking either one thing that I wanted to comment on in regards to the new feature for credit card purchases is I have a great use case for that in dot records because a large record label who I won’t name

(23:31) reached out about wanting to acquire some dot records domains but not having a plan for an internal ethereum wallet or using ether and so being able to go through a checkout process just with credit card allow sort of a an audience like that um some sort of corporate audience that doesn’t have crypto to to be able to acquire domains in that way yeah and so we we have some well we’ve had discussions internally about if you even you know what because there’s a way for us to not even require a wallet like for the

(24:13) actual but to me especially and basically internally that kind of goes against the ethos of the previous like the whole idea is that having a lot like the whole point of all this is to be non-custodial and so just having a wallet is still a very low barrier to entry like I could you as long as you can download metamask like to see your point you don’t have to actually have each now like so you don’t worry about trying to figure out how to acquire any actual coin just having the wallet is all you need and as long as

(24:40) you have a credit card or debit card then you’re good to go as far as uh the only thing that might happen is the uh yeah it has been it’s just like any other like with striper whatever you might have to verify that this card is actually associated with whatever address information or whatever but that’s just for fraud prevention on the back end but yeah to your point it should be very much accessible to the people that want to put their like toe in crypto but don’t necessarily want to go head first

(25:13) um Mike’s I don’t know if we want to handle these q and A’s or if Michael’s going to come in and tell us what do you say there are a bunch of art well then let’s look um I can help I can help um so someone you know someone asked why doesn’t records.hns.2 resolve anywhere so um uh I’m not there’s HMS fluids still work so regardless the question is the bear TLD is not going to resolve it points um two and it points only to the impervious contract so there’s a number of uh dot records domains that you can

(25:57) check out if you want to explore the namespace but that bear TLD is uh is not going to be one of them so um catalog record is the name that you could check out profile dot records is one of our names that has uh some some tools that you can use for domain owners um Warehouse uh dot records should work as well and um uh zora.

(26:25) records there’s a few that you can go to um but not the bear TLD yeah I’m just gonna share it just real quick and that’s going to apply right the other TLD is also really well done Zach I was hoping I’ll share it for you because I think it’s worth sharing it’s really nice this is a web 2 domain but yeah warehouses here minted and he’s got the reserved um list so and it also searches directly to impervious from the site so it’s a just do that really quickly but it’s really not really well done

(27:02) okay but yeah so I guess the basically short answer is you can’t post on the bear TLD with in this uh system as of now oh yeah well I mean it’s really important it’s because like with hip five it points to the like what Zach was saying it points to the actual ethereum contract address okay I mean do you want to pick them or you want me to pick them there’s like five oh you go for it man I’ll let you you can pick okay just one of your the beacon I mean I know you’re not talking about Beacon today

(27:36) so the future is a hard question to answer I mean we’re still we’ve got big plans for it I don’t know what the timeline of that’s going to be just because we have been focusing more on these releases for impervious domains I probably am not allowed to say what we’re planning on doing with it right this second just because I’m gonna get in trouble because I don’t know if this is like the thing the thing I think we’re going to do I don’t know if it’s like a three-week thing or a three month thing or three

(28:03) year thing so yeah uh but the short answer is we have big plans for Beacon we’re now going to abandon vegan but I don’t know what the timeline is for the new features we’re going to roll out with it um encrypt is suggesting about this for uh for payments with cards on commit but I think you said you’re already working on a solution for yeah we already have a solution further commit and hopefully a lot of the tlds will upgrade their controller so that they don’t have the commit anymore in which case we don’t

(28:35) have to worry about it but um I’m not sure if you know what this one means I don’t even have no idea yeah I think that means cro and I guess they have some centralized payment Solution that’s their Cosmos ecosystem but bog to make you could share with Steve later uh probably you know um yeah send me an email Steve Steve impervious.

(29:06) com yeah yep so Steve is this domain um and then Alex asks uh State win previous burn address can’t receive sales I don’t know if you know oh that’s not true so I don’t know what that means like the only thing that the burn dress does is it gives end users assurances that the uh I’m gonna play nice but that’s something bad doesn’t happen to uh that TLD it has nothing to do with I mean being able to get slds somebody loses their wallet keys but it should be Associated It’s associated with the ethereum wallet

(29:45) address yeah the private key for your assistance if the payments will be eat so uh as long as you still have access to the wallet that you uh used for staking of course if you lose your keys to your East wallet the sales would go there yeah oh and you wouldn’t also be able to uh I’m trying to think if well if in that case if you had already minted your TLD and you had it listed that’s one way but if you wouldn’t be able to actually you wouldn’t be able to access the money you got off the sales

(30:22) in every month but yeah as long as you don’t lose it as long as you still have access to your wallet you’re good the point of the burn address you know like uh is just so that you can’t rug your sld customers like in it like um you could sell the sld like I mean TLD on a base right so say you staked it on impervious and then you want to flip the TLD on name base and then the guy changes the name server or whatever DNS records and then all those are rugged because they actually do work in Beacon or their hinge slds

(30:52) but if somebody just on a TLD breaks it right then all those people will be rubbed so the burn address is to build trust to the customer of the sld to not have the TLD got owner you know break the connection so that’s the point of the burn the dress but the burn address doesn’t mean you oh yeah you don’t have it anymore but it’s connected to the eth address it’s no longer really in HS um okay this is going for Zach for records domain how do you think about onboard new users I mean you have some

(31:24) pretty exciting news about some big record label that you were just mentioning but I don’t know if you want to answer kiru here yeah um that’s a good question and I think that’s kiru who’s uh who’s in active uh Community member of Dow records um nice the yeah I think the the goal is to continue to um ingrain ourselves in the ethereum music Community primarily and to partner with different projects in space to serve as a naming and identity layer so there’s one project right now that we’re

(32:04) um speaking to about a potential collaboration sort of along the same lines as as like the nouns naming service that spoke earlier where they became like a username for a bunch of applications um that that is one way to integrate with some of these apps and and be useful to the music ecosystem and then separately um also on the DNS side being able to work with some of these projects uh to serve as a user-owned domain for uh places where artists might uh sell their music and and so there’s a bunch of collaborations we’re working on right

(32:50) now that should provide some some value to the artist community and hopefully spur some more I mean um okay nice nice yeah I shared records that domain okay we have five minutes still got time there’s some questions coming in and I put some buffer ones or my own okay so big black crypto nice stop EMB uh what will the NFP sit in the user’s wallet so I’m just assuming that’s the sld I know we have TRS I think he’s referring to like if you meant the university so like it’s so if you have once you just

(33:35) take a TLD and you lock it if you then mint it like I was talking about earlier and you actually have an nft that represents like your ownership of the of the TLD then yes that will sit in the wallet that you used to stake it originally and then obviously you can transfer it around once you have the nft and then basically the ownership of the like it the way to think of it is the ownership of like the revenue that you’re that you’re generating for that TLD is associated with that nft so once that nft goes to

(34:05) another address that new address is the one that’s going to be receiving those payments whenever you log in to claim whatever Revenue you’ve generated from the registrations but yes it’s in your wallet and you can then sell it on open C or any other Marketplace yeah so just I know everyone loves openc you know everyone’s always going crazy about open C so this is this is open C so you can buy Bad Boy Records which is a pretty big one I mean the image [Music] that’s where the yeah [Music] [Music]

(35:00) all right but yeah it’s it’s I know everyone in the HSS always says I won’t open the opposite Open Sea so this is open c his DOT records Bad Boy Records 0.16 eth in impervious domains right and it’s a platform so people can share press f right so the dot f owner staked it onto the impervious and then a customer or use nft press dot f and list that open C so it’s right here so I mean I know a lot of people feel like you know I in previously around what’s not a year you guys this well you’ve

(35:37) been around earlier earlier but the impervious domains launched I think after handycon it’s like summer uh yeah August or September yeah if you click on the link that I posted in the main chat um this is actually uh kiru’s um dot records nft um maybe Mike you could you could screen share okay we we stumbled on a sort of accidental use case where instead of uh including the music um it looks like he changed it actually uh it looks like he changed it it used to show um actually a web page inside the nft that had a playlist

(36:21) um of songs and and so it doesn’t anymore he must have just done that today but we are playing around with some like really really interesting Dynamic uh displays of what you can do in dot records besides just uh just a basic song there’s a lot more that I think we can do there and so we’ll be we’ll be sharing that as we figure out exactly how to how to get uh how to help people um do more Dynamic things with the metadata of their nft awesome awesome thanks Zach yeah it’s really cool to see

(37:01) okay about two minutes let’s see I think I did see more q a coming oh let me see well I had some myself [Music] um so I think you’ve been you mentioned Steve about updating controllers so I I have stink two one um so we need to up I haven’t as of what today then I’ve updated once or twice already but it seems like yeah the new one is if the primarily you want to upgrade today if you want your TLD to not have the commit commit register process so it just is a one-step registration which and the thought there is that

(37:46) hopefully that will make it much easier for people to register your on your TLD which will then hopefully generate more registrations for you okay and I’m just trying to break it down as simple as possible because some people’s questions being Affiliates they’re not getting it so you have a TLD on handshake like main base or Bob or whatever you can move it to ethereum if not even just updating the records and then uh burnt address which I don’t you know basically means it’s locked so nobody

(38:16) you or nobody else but it still connected to your then you’re basically fully on ethereum okay and then people buy it on if you want to use credit card you gotta upgrade to contract like I’m not so good on ethereum but you can upgrade as a TLD owner but you got to pay a gas fee a small gas fee but you know I don’t have so much eth honestly but then you can upgrade then those new rules that impervious has in the contract can be utilized by that TLD I hope I got it I hope people understanding and there is a staking fee

(38:51) I don’t know I think you’ve dropped a fee I paid higher when I did it but it’s a pretty what’s the fee now I think it’s right oh I think we might have changed it just recently so I need to double check it was 100 I think it came down but it’s not going to come down too low just because we I to be totally honest not all TLD should be doing this right like what Zach was saying earlier if you don’t have like a pretty established idea in your mind as to like what community would be interested in

(39:18) registering for your TLD it’s not a good idea to do this and I also very much differ from I haven’t been paying attention to some of those sessions but I do know that a lot of people are on the other opinion that every single one of these tlds should be staked and we should just be everything you know I’m a hammer and everything’s a nail and I don’t agree with that and so I would imagine that our staking fee is going to at least be something so that not everyone is just staking staking staking because

(39:48) ideally what we really want is tlds like Zacks where people are actively promoting them and there’s a very clear use case and we’re trying to build a community and it’s not just a money grab of like let’s just put everything in the system and just hope something sticks like we very much want people to have some thought about what they’re doing as far as how they’re marketing them okay sure um I feel like we’re at time almost and yes the answer the answer to that question Nathan is yes so

(40:16) the the controller is somewhat separate like you’re still attached to that TLD it’s just it’s locked in the handshake world but all the controllers and everything else is in the ethereum world you’re completely in ethereum almost and yeah uh your everything is connected to your ethereum wallet like your meta mask for some people but metamask is not your ethereum all but I know most people using metamask right so that means you gotta do everything in metamask or an ethereum wallet right yeah the amazing thing is you’re equal

(40:53) to Unstoppable domains you’re equal to ens domains as a handshake TLD owner maybe only a small difference is you’re within the impervious uh ecosystem under impervious umbrella like dot records right so you’re inside their smart contract bridging through hip five on a h s to ethereum and then allowing people to mince with credit cards now as of today and then listing on open C or other you know blur I guess it could work or wherever right and you people you’re in the ethereum ecosystem equal

(41:26) to an ens domains under the impervious umbrella but your operating upgrading is an ethereum thing so you do it in metamask you know and then the burner address the renewals are done but any is anyone can renew so impervious will do it you can do it random people can do it the customer can do it personally you know anybody can do it so I hope that makes sense but we’re at time um but I just want to make sure people understand what this means I hope that’s clear uh just real quick so Nathan I’m seeing

(42:04) in the chat just send me an email Nathan Steve and I can explain it better offline yeah and then Zach says it’s true yeah so it’s a platform so impervious gets a commission as a platform of 20 of sales um of the slds and uh there’s also other honestly there’s a lot more to talk about I mean I think this is hopefully going to get people down that rabbit hole and like Steve says you know quality and stazak spent a lot of time preparing for his launch of dot records he didn’t just shoot it up

(42:35) and then hope people bought he he made the reserve list he contacted people right uh he prepared some Twitter and some other cult content so anyway there’s so much to talk about well actually it might be related to the next couple’s sessions the next is a panel about with uh you know claycoins.c uh Richard so we got a really good panel about sld sales right after this that’s what today’s theme is about I just want to thank uh Steve and Zach again for sharing um experiences and knowledge so thank

(43:05) you so much and I we’re a little bit yeah and thank you Zach for uh given us here first-hand account of your experience without records of course [Music] [Music]