In the Heart of the Matter w/ Jehan Chu

Captivating conversation on HNS, where we’ll dive deep into the heart of its principles and explore how it’s changing the game in the world of innovation and technology


[Music] must I see Aaron is zero so I don’t know if he’s joking with us and encrypted one there we go I’m done great pencil [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] awesome all right that was our sponsors you know name base so we’re gonna have a

little clip of each major sponsor before each session just to prep everybody but uh that was entertaining there’s Aaron on a guitar huh nice all right so we’re back and uh that was our opening this is kind of a little bit of a heart to heart I think we got you know 10 15 minutes with Jahan and I chatting about you know what we’re seeing in the community and some Trends so I mean like Johanna says you know we’re we’re definitely in a bear market right crypto bear and many companies and blockchains are are have closed shop or

or not around right so just being here anyone being here right now should be proud proud as a protocol as a community as a company as an individual uh you know what would you say right ahead I mean it’s a tough yeah right now yeah it’s an incredibly tough we’re really at an inflection point I think where uh the you know from my perspective as an investor we’ve invested over 250 companies some of the largest layer ones in the space what we’re seeing is is really like kind of a reckoning uh in

the crypto space between uh you know companies that have true Mission uh and companies that have you know kind of a speculative Vision handshake for better for worse has always been you know The Little Engine That Could I think we hope uh without you know all the treasury without all of the you know big VC backing and kind of participation even though some participated but they don’t really participate and and you know without all the hype we’ve managed to maintain our community to kind of incrementally grow it and it really is

all around the actual vision of what we’re trying to achieve which is decentralized domains and a decentralized you know another pillar of the decentralized internet I think that you know it’s it’s a testament to us as a community that we keep focusing on this one vision and of course we have fun things around it auctions and you know collecting and Etc but at the end of the day what we’re doing with handshake is so important uh as again one of the kind of building blocks of the decentralized future now

I think with the age of you know um AI uh and Chachi BT and generative where things can be faked where things can be you know spoofed where it’s hard to know where things come from uh truly authenticated uh and you know kind of cryptographically proven authentic domains becomes even more important so that you know and you can prove that this is where information comes from this is uh where you know the source is and that Source truth which is backed up by its own blockchain becomes really important and I know in

the country Community we always keep talking about oh and eventually eventually eventually but the market is moving towards us in a lot of ways and these use cases for how kind of identity even if it’s you know a site website identity these use cases are becoming more important I don’t know if you guys saw like World coin this is like decentralized identity biometric from Sam Altman the one of the co-founders of um one of the founders of openai but authentication is so important and that’s kind of what we’re

doing here at handshake and trying to you know promote these decentralized you know kind of top level domains um Mike you want to add anything to that I I’m on the same page you know I mean we will we will go through a lot of sessions each um you know throughout the next few days um you know I think I think a lot of there’s just I think there’s two major categories of of of of handshake or of decentralized domains there’s a digital Identity or I think it’s even kind of called did and underscores that the

resolver domain like a website address so um I don’t know if you have your opinion on on those two different paths I mean there’s been various Twitter spaces clubhouses where people are kind of going back and forth to those two different kind of tracks in a way yeah I don’t know if I have so much of an opinion on that I mean I guess for me that what I think is important in the community are two things one um is you know it goes without saying I guess that we need to continue building and even though there’s not as much

money in this in this Arena yet um the the important thing is that we just keep on developing keep on building um I also think it’s really important to build with integration in mind um for me at least I think that handshake as a standalone kind of uh monolithic chain will not be as useful um if it doesn’t integrate with other chains with other applications and even centralized applications I think one of the best you know use cases for handshake is if we can have these decentralized domains kind of resolving

into browsers resolving into you know kind of centralized websites uh and centralized businesses that’s where we really start to see mainstream value and mainstream adoption you know the best case scenario is if the brands like the large companies with you know billions of users are able to have their own decentralized domain where they can prove that the products that they’re offering the information that they’re you know putting out there is really true you know well and truly coming from them so I think building with a mind towards

integration with mainstream um kind of organizations and user bases is so so important but I think you know for me and this goes along with you know Mike’s theme of positivity alignment and build is this idea that you know you know three years into handycon and you know however many years it’s been since you know handshake was invented and released um I think it’s all the more important that we as a community kind of come together uh and you know this is really almost a call to action uh to the community to support each other and I

know it’s like this Kumbaya stuff everybody’s going to have their own you know opinions and their own ways of thinking about stuff and you know we’re crypto Community we’re all crypto native so we’re passionate about stuff we like to um you know argue about stuff and debate but at the end of the day handshake is its own vision and it’s important that we as a community like Stay Together despite our differences um I agree one of the other things is that I think it’s really important for the community

to get even more involved and for the founders out there amazing job like congrats like you’re already doing it really really appreciate you but for those who aren’t who are kind of on the sidelines who are you know investing in in hns here and there training domains we actually need more help right the community needs more help handshake is still pretty much like you know a bottom tier you know at least in terms of coin market cap project uh despite its incredible passion incredible Community we actually need more people to do more

stuff when I when I kind of came up in the ethereum community so I got you guys probably don’t know this about me but I got my start in 2013 and started the ethereum Meetup in Hong Kong in 2014 and Mike and I were talking about it and we had this you know kind of idea of making basically handshake meetups handshake Rings which can help to allow people to come together and talk about handshake trade domains you know just support each other from a technical standpoint from a social standpoint I think that to me that’s really important

because um we do need more activity around the world and being we need more kind of like leaders in the handshake Community who are willing to step up and organize and promote and bring Community together and create platforms for more Builders to learn about handshake there’s still not enough ways for people to learn about handshake to get guidance to get support to iterate ideas to iterate you know kind of applications and I think that you know this idea of running meetups to me at least it might be a bit old school

um but for me at least I don’t I don’t know any other good ways to kind of create community at scale around the globe and for all the people that were in you know Norway and you know Hong Kong and uh you know New Jersey Etc there’s all these opportunities to bring newbies into the space but it takes leadership and I guess that’s what this kind of call to action is we need more leaders in the handshake ecosystem you don’t have to be rich you don’t have to be you know kind of the the loudest

voice but you need to organize and you need to step up and you need to you know bring people together even if it’s five people my first ethereum Meetup was five people this was back in March of 2014. that’s how it starts it starts with people who are just willing to come together so that’s kind of my my appeal to the community you know on this third anniversary of handycon um it’s it’s not enough like we’re not going to get there if it’s just you know several handfuls of people no pun

intended who are trying to guide this community it takes the entire entire Community to become leaders to scale the rest of the community I love it I agree you know um we were chatting Johanna just quickly before we started the session and we try to do these we want to try to have rings for Handy con um you know Knoll and uh and heytx Steve Webb and and a team in Austin you know not team but you know the community in Austin is doing amazing I think it’s almost monthly now there might be new people here um who don’t know what

handshake rings are yeah I mean it’s probably most people don’t know it uh it’s a term that we’re we’re you know we’re chatting about essentially meetups so we really want to support this Grassroots bottom up it’s my favorite part about handshake is is this whole organic so I already see people in the chat saying Dallas Texas I saw somebody said about Sweden Italy we want to support these Rings which are essentially meetups we don’t want to put too much pressure on you as an organizer

we know we know it’s a lot of work we know a lot of people here are doing this as their side hustle or or you know bootstrappers but basically um the team organizing handicon wants to support you um as much as possible to put a little web page up help you with posters help you with just simple like like Johanna says if just a restaurant a bar a coffee shop if you just want to pick a date and a time we you know don’t make it complicated just let us know we can share on our channels on our Twitter uh my personal account I’d love to share

um a lot of you know Ann but we’ll we have some systems we have some systems um where we can you know if you want to just contact us I see some people in a chat already willing and to do it uh we want to support you we want to support you um and essentially just keep it simple and start step by step if you also as speakers if we know speakers or experts in the community that are in your area we could also introduce them to you as you as an organizer and just really try to build this up I think I think you had

mentioned ethereum really used this in their early days right like Japan was in Hong Kong doing meetups and that’s I really believe Community is the differentiator in these blockchains and crypto space so organized better the handshake Community is is its greatest asset other than it’s you know kind of Novel technology and again for those of you who are raising your hands I love the enthusiasm like you know Long Beach shout out we’ve got Elizabeth in Los Angeles like please you know the way that you do this is you reach out to

Mike and Mike can you put your your email address into the chat just so people can send Mike an email right now and say I would like to be a handshake ring you’re not signing your life away you’re not signing your firstborn away you’re just saying I want to do one handshake Meetup and if you like doing it awesome we will help you get speakers we’re trying to act as a Clearinghouse if you’re if you’re running a handshake company so you know Matt from superlink and everybody else who’s running handshake

companies out there if you want to speak at a handshake ring we will Source you we will say on this date someone so and so in Stockholm is running a handshake uh ring you can zoom in if you know I mean even better if you can stop by but you know the very least uh you can zoom in and just pitch give a presentation about handshake give a presentation about what you’re working on it could be technical it could be business it could be you know creative whatever we just want to you know people to you know share their love and share

their information at the very beginning when I started doing my ethereum meetups I wasn’t I mean I wasn’t a Founder all I did was I just explained what handshake was over and over and over again I did the same pitch over and over just helping people understand what ethereum was because I just didn’t know and that’s where we are with handshake people just don’t know what it is but when you tell them about it they’re going to be interested they’re going to start collecting so that’s that’s the

pitch I hope you know get in touch with Mike yeah uh did you throw your email in there I put my email as my work email so she has my my marketing company um I wasn’t really prepared I have so many emails but I guess that’s my direct Google email for calendars and everything um we are at time it’s really great um we’re gonna try our best to stay on track for everything because we have so many great sessions but yeah I’m really inspired Jahan it’s true like I was hoping to have some more rings for

today but we just have Austin officially which has been already gone amazing but congratulations on Austin because you’re the first handshake ring you’re a leader you’re kind of showing the way you’re a role model for everybody else so thank you so much for doing that and you know Prague London Lisbon La Let’s Get It Started email Mike and let’s start you can yeah just like your candy con we have a great team I know people know me but there’s a whole team behind the scenes like Anna Lottie chat too we can

support you with finding speakers promoting posters website uh Pages um it just you don’t need to be expert you don’t even need to be an OG if if you’re brand new you just want to start we want to support you so you just need to ask you just need to be psyched about handshake and you need to yeah just need to be in yeah there’s no leader here right like I replied something as a telegram group listing companies or exchanges that say who’s the leader there is no leader anyone here just starting your first time to hear about

this you can you can step up all right great I’m really excited this is a great kick off to handycon three thanks to hen as always um so I think we gotta we gotta wrap it up but um thank everybody we’re gonna move to the next session which is David vorick I think a lot of you know him and he’s a speak about this importance of decentralization and uh and why why do we care about decentralization which I’m really excited to hear about so everybody well this session will end I think you already got the hang of it

join the next session and then see who’s first in the next one thanks thanks so much Jahan really appreciate your time and to support for the community and Mike if there’s a way that you can have a I don’t know if there’s a place where you can put a sticky up for the entire Community but if there’s a ring sign up sheet somewhere or if there’s a way that you can have controls and remind people to sign up for Rings if you want to attend a ring say you want to attended if you want to leave a ring say that too

Mike will come up with a way for people to kind of sign up to be a ring leader I’m wearing Anna she’s still busy I think it’s handiconda XYZ slash rings I don’t I just Wing yeah perfect slash rings on that for each of these things again be a ring Master Ring follower whatever you want love it thank you yeah there’s already a landing page there you can read about okay so that’s a great great way to kick off the event um and let’s take action it’s not just participating you can you can be

involved we want to welcome more people build up leaders build up the community awesome I see some raised hands too um but I think we’re gonna move to the next session so this room will be closing in a minute and we will go into David’s speech but thanks again Johan yeah handiconda XYZ Rings is probably the easiest or emailing me um which I put in chat or anybody update the graphic at some point on the top and you can just put the put the URL into the graphic okay cool sounds good awesome thanks Johanna thanks everybody thanks

everybody [Music] thank you