Listing Progress and Specifics w/ Daniel Harrisson


wow [Music] [Music] hey thank you everybody Daniel are you here hi I’m here hey good how are you how are you I’m doing great I’m doing great pretty intense I think everybody’s getting information overload but I know this is a topic people are always talking about so um thanks for thanks for joining Daniel um so this this session will be about listing when binance when coinbase you

know I think we see that all the time in a telegram groups we also see the listing exchanges coming about you know listing agents so yeah Patrick exactly when binance when coinbase so Daniel’s gonna give us some insights um we’ve been exchanging on telegram for quite some time and uh you know you’re you’re working on working on um helping handshake get on to more exchanges you know you’ve been involved in crypto for quite a long time do you mind I mean do you want me to stay up here or should I

hide do you have something to share uh I think it’s more I maybe I’ll stick here with you and uh make it interactive you want to let me know what you think from people we can do you want to take a look at the presentation for uh yeah that’s amazing yeah I would love that uh do you you can share your screen either upload the pdf version or it’s just share your certain tab that’s the easiest way to tackle it here we go okay I’ll I’ll give you the stage then and I’ll pop back when we get

to questions okay that’s super so uh just a sort of 30 second uh background and bio here of uh who I am so you know who you listen to um I’ve been in blockchain since involved in blockchain since really right at the start 2012 2013. um originally on the journalism side where I wrote the first coin market cap markets column remember when coin market cap was just technology it wasn’t about the price or whatever and I I went to them and I said look she wrote about the Bitcoin price um I said no no one’s going to be

interested I said everyone’s going to be interested sure enough they were and then uh I went to uh co-found uh a couple of other blockchain Publications uh where we really covered the emerging uh blockchain sort of days right up to uh Beyond proof was taken up to ethereum so um that that was that was kind of the journalism side of it uh then I got involved with a number of other blockchain projects uh as a sort of co-founder um of various success one very a very unsuccessful in the end uh and a couple that had had reasonable success we

learned a lot of stuff so I’ve I’ve had the experience from um everything from sort of talking to the developers from a journalistic point of view a media staff right up to uh working okay so when when I talked to Andrew recently uh Andrew Lee uh he was saying that we need to get uh this out there and uh marketed and basically listed in more places now one of the things that’s changed uh about the blockchain landscape unfortunately in the last three years is a lot more projects are centralized right so they tend to have big budgets

and you know that that produces different uh realm of expectation from things like exchanges uh who who offer want large fees for listing things and so that that that has definitely hampered uh the the prospects of HMS in the last in the last two years and I can see that looking there I mean you’ve got a massively active community um and you’ve got uh I mean this community is thousands of people strong and and everyone is smart and everyone is engaged and people are actually building in it this this you know

whereas you’ve got other communities that are literally just full of trolls and they’re listed everywhere so that makes no sense so we agreed that the the the point the the main thing that we needed to do is coordinate this way and what I did was kind of break down first of all how how this community is structured um so we have got sponsors I mean we have got uh Venture capitalists who bought at 10 cents um so that that’s significant and they’re still holding um and the main thing that I see with

these guys is they just need to be contacted so we’re getting in touch and uh seeing I mean these sort of things happen through conversations you say you know do you have a budget to buy up some of the points if we were going to list on XYZ exchange and what kind of buying could be done and all of these kind of conversations will be different for every single PC but VC should be participating I mean they have they have the budget obviously it doesn’t just invest and go okay we’re going to keep coins aside you know if they’re

contacted uh they will uh they will they will engage usually in my experience in conversations about buying off the market and so it’s so as to increase volume and also bringing other people that they know in to do to to get interested they’re just going to be contacted recipients uh are the people who uh all those uh foundations like Wikipedia who receive the money uh which I thought was really great by the way I thought it was a fantastic I think one of the strongest things about this project is not only

the technology um but I can see your messages uh and so not only the technology but the way in which the way in which this was done I mean they sold the coin they funded it the founders funded it all themselves sold the coin just to set a market price which actually worked because if you look at it the sell-off last year was what uh no more than no more than the average coin everything sold off last year then there’s nothing that did well last year uh and then it’s rebounded 60 whereas the you know Prime market cap index is

up like 25 so I mean the the quite so this actually worked they they uh they did establish values um which which is fantastic but they also expanded the valuable again we’ve just got to contact these guys so that’s what we’re doing contact all these foundations so how did you you know how did you spend the money can we do some YouTubes can we do some videos I mean these are great this is fantastic right of affiliation you know Mozilla Foundation has has openly taken this money I know there’s that there is a no

um uh how do you say expectation uh policy on this but at the same time it’s it’s it’s fair to ask them to uh you know to if they want to cooperate uh it just needs someone to contact them so that’s what I’m doing retail investors uh obviously this is I mean this is another massively strong point about this project it really does have a great retail invest in this it’s it’s if you think about it people people say well the daily volume is quite low but I don’t think it’s quite low when

it’s just supported only by retail investors I think it’s astoundingly high given that you know people are every single debt by fifty thousand um every single thing without without that um so developers and Engineers this is a this is a really this is just a there are very few projects in blockchain that have as much engineering community as this if if if anything it’s in the top 100 of the of the percentage of the community who are Engineers building uh onto the uh uh on onto the product is just unreal I mean it’s unreal it’s exactly

what blockchain is meant to be about there’s no better example respect uh I don’t think that message is being communicated so as it might be to the media and to other uh people in blockchain so that’s what we’re going to do and go to these conferences like actual physical conferences we’ve been invited to one in Berlin a web 3 conference I’m gonna try and try and guess too because uh these with all the industry players there because they really just need to see like if let’s say I’m

starting a blockchain project myself and I needed some Engineers where better to go than just into the handshake Community I mean that thinking about it like that that that that that shows you this the the strength um which which is just not found anywhere else I mean you can go to the ship community and not find one engineer or or you might walk into an engineer who’s not really an engine it’s going to take dollars for them um okay so uh customers customers really comes into all those people who are building equipments I mean this is this

this technology is kind of uh how to how to spell this um he’s really at the age of disruption isn’t it once you start going down the rabbit hole of what the technology can do in terms of in terms of decentralizing the internet and the way that branding can come into it uh it’s we we could do that’s for all the other presentations but I think it’s I I I I think it’s very strong and again it’s these segmented media marketing and then come the exchanges okay so what we’re going to do about the symptoms

let’s see um so this so these are some basic sort of uh initiatives that I’m going to start putting together um I think uh newsletters of some kind uh conference attendance are are just a really great way to get the word out there as well as a Blog for some kind with stuff I mean blogs tend to be they’re about as exciting as the people but we’ve got exciting people so it should work video series are about as exciting as the people on uh again the I mean the founders of this project and the people involved in this project

are some of the top blockchain engineers in the world it seems to me a massively under resourced uh we’ve just got these amazing people in this community and I think if you put them in front of a video and ask them intelligent questions you have thousands and thousands of people looking at it uh it’s not something you see I mean that’s my personal experience having talked to them personally I mean you could you know yeah I could have sort of two hour long conversations so interesting um so I I think there is a need for some

sort of data center which I which I said to Andrew that will start building so we’ve got uh a kind of a rolling um if you like file of of what’s going on press releases I mean to various effects we could we we could just get more active with marketing to the Press definitely uh something that we’re going to do because I’ve been putting together a strategy for it and talking to some other guys who feed him to different media Publications um external applications okay so one page where we can actually get all the

applications everyone’s building as people can see it I think I think would be helpful because it seems to me like there’s so many different things that people are building around happening that that’ll have to that’ll have to take more time to build but I think I I think it would be helpful um definitely events marketing uh point of contact for Community Development I mean you can use mic now with listings here we go uh yeah are you looking into mining agents yeah okay so we did talk about getting

uh with Noel we talked about getting uh so I think that’s a good idea especially with the with the hard book um and and uh reaching out to them to to Really strengthen that side I mean already this is quite consistent mining presence isn’t that so if we get one or two major major lines look this this coin this this coin price let me just say something about that is and I say this to all the exchanges is phenomenally phenomenal opportunity phenomenal opportunity I mean if it’s in the top 50 which it absolutely should be uh

given the technology and the Community Development I mean thousands of fully developed technology being continuously developed by other engineers and thousands of investors yeah it’s about a billion market cap you know you’re already at a two dollar price and it should be well up there Beyond true I think everyone is kind of aware of that um one of the problems with uh listings and I want to say It’s Quickly is that so exchanges have changed here approach it used to be that they just list a coin and there are exchanges that I’ve just

contacted crackhead we did have some sort of progress with them but then they were complaining before uh that this is what I heard that the volume wasn’t high enough uh on the point to list it now they don’t charge a listing for you so this is so so this is a significance for us and I know someone yeah I miss some other people are cracking but go to if if this first form of electricity um but they were complaining the volume wasn’t hard well that that’s where I think what we do is I’m going to circle

around to the VCS and be like look if we do track and list how much realistically can we get together because that’s a no-brainer right you’re sitting on a bunch of coins you’re going to buy them up you know progressively you’re gonna I think that uh exchanges like coinbase and cracking can happen that’s quite easily uh where there are now that may take longer to initiate it may be quit or maybe not so we’re gonna have another thing um the the thinking behind this the alternate thinking is we can also

partner up with similar web 3 Type projects that are any good and they can actually pay for Holistics and finance um and then we can because because this is such a credible project so so if everyone likes that technology basically it will preview because because we have such a we have thousands of people who will potentially look at new work through Technologies they will definitely be paid for that um and I think getting other projects to pay for all this success uh and and and I know one or two projects that would potentially do that

on other exchanges I mean not crazy amounts will be is three hundred thousand dollars which we just think is I mean you can enjoy your own conclusions where you take three hundred thousand dollars um you know I think I think I think when when you’re talking in the five figures um so uh we went through this media data and coordinated effort so we want to Target but what we want to do is Target the exchanges that are free to listen but also you know see if we can affiliate in part with other uh emerging technology projects that are very well

funded and get them uh to pay for our listings and we give them the exposure to our community this is a two-year-old it doesn’t have zero value it has hello guys that can be they can be exploitable uh from people looking at that project one of the hardest things you work through is together [Music] um so here’s a sort of marketing guide which really we ran through and it’s it’s just a bit more drugged out uh I will put this we’ll put this in the handshake room maybe or something we’ll find a we’ll find a place yeah can we

find out put it yeah put it somewhere yeah as well content because then you you you know we we can we can we can sort of include you into how uh into those discussions it doesn’t mean you have to be uh participating but if you want to be included in those discussions and you think yeah I know some people who are potentially be interested okay yeah um we have three three minutes left just yeah so this is the last slide really uh here we go that’s a three-step process uh for for how uh but for how it goes I

mean basically each Cycles into each right so we’re going to keep the data managed I think the first thing we haven’t done is hadn’t had any coordination things like email address everything from email addresses of the partners and and uh you know and and VCS of different recipients and community members or whatever you know through to uh email addresses the journalists and things like that just keep it contact then engage with them through the newsletters and various things uh well videos I think is going to be massive

because we’ve just got so many good people and then you know that feeds into the commission um that’s basically where we are with our here’s my contact details if you know that’s my telegram official Danielson is a huge uh huge potential more potential in this coin then 99.

9 of course so I don’t think it’s going to be difficult I think it’s just going to be process oriented yeah I mean I guess obviously I’m here so I agree and I think most anything everybody here agrees um yeah I mean people you know I don’t know if you’ve seen so many other sessions but some people say handshake needs more marketing and things like this I mean um but yeah I always need more marketing but like you said it’s a it’s a it’s a it’s a ready-made it’s already made it’s used it’s working um it has users there’s people building

on it and uh it just needs yeah somebody like you I saw you in a telegram group you know I’ve been in some other telegram groups with you um yeah I’ve seen you you know this report’s great I’m glad we were able to get you to share a handy con it’s a great idea to have you share here and uh so yeah I think the best is your contact details are here and people can connect with you because you know um I’ve already seen some people in a chat say they want to support um like Alex he’s in uh yeah

so I think but I just reached out to you um okay I mean okay one final thing I’ll say is we’ll definitely get all the big Brands to claim those right because that you could be fine think about it if you’re if you’re a Google and you’re not claiming Google you could actually be fine I mean in a certain position you could be fine if if then that nft becomes significantly valuable over time so someone has a job at this time uh you know so so we should see a lot more Big Brand participation in

handshake over the next year if we do this right okay I agree and I’m really happy to have your support and I think people here can reach out we have gold shell waiting another Mining Company they’re they’re in the other room and they’re ready so um we need to move on but I’m really happy that we had you come on today Daniel and let’s keep in touch uh as we are and others here can reach out and connect with you so thank you thank you all right [Music]