Namebase Updates


(00:00) foreign [Music] thank you [Music] all right already are there okay we got a lot to cover I know everybody’s excited for this we’re almost at the end and saving some of the best sessions for the for the end I know um I know you actually have a lot to share Aaron or aox and I really appreciate you know you stepping in to help neighbors and and uh and handshake in general so um I will you know a CTO of name base I

(01:04) know even working super hard I know it’s a lot of a lot of things so um you’re gonna be sharing some of the updates I think some people have seen already the last week it’s really great to see some I think everyone’s just excited to see the iterations at name base um because I know it’s been um some time so I’m really excited I noticed a lot to announce I’m just thinking off out of your way and I’ll be behind the seats so thank you Aaron take it away all right thank you um sharing my stream

(01:40) so we don’t have to look at my face uh so I’m just gonna do a quick background on myself um I’m a developer I’ve been into domains for a long time uh originally got into like dot IO domains like five or six years ago um and kind of gone into the domain investment side through dot IO domains and then uh a creative site domain.

(02:12) io which is kind of like portfolio management for uh web 2 domains IGN domains and then uh over a year ago I created a site called which tracks uh ens domains and their Marketplace or their aftermarket uh and uh yeah I I uh sold that recently so I don’t run that anymore um I’ve always thought that like domains and identity are the best possible uses of blockchain I’ve been watching blockchain for forever um and uh two fun facts about me I’m uh uh I started the ens 10K Club along with uh Daniel got hits

(03:08) which became a huge thing uh I have never have predicted it got that big um there’s a lot and then there’s been so many like clubs that split off of that and uh so I you know once it went from like four numbers to three number or three numbers to four numbers after that like five numbers and all the crazy clubs uh I never thought um it would keep growing but it’s kind of interesting seeing um like The nft Collector uh Community come to domaining where uh they’re you know they’re learning about

(03:49) like what a 3L was 3L means or like a dictionary name and start using those terms um another fun fact is that is how I got started with name bases I was on a domain name wire podcast uh with Mike Carson the title of the podcast was uh hns handshake versus ens and I was arguing the ens side a while ago and um so Richard from namecheap listen to the podcast and he reached out to me and uh we had a long discussion and um you know at all over the last like two years I’ve been in in following handshake and you know my main

(04:43) Obsession was was slds uh the centralized slds and so he had kind of the same vision that you know he wanted to see handshake move more towards identities and to have the centralized slds so he brought me on uh to work on that and then I ended up taking taking over um a CTO in October um so uh as Mike mentioned you know name-based didn’t make a lot of progress for a while uh that’s because the whole team original team left um so when you have um no like technical knowledge passed down from the previous team it’s really hard

(05:36) to get started uh so there was um some Engineers from namecheap but uh it was just tough uh you really need um yes you also need knowledge of handshake in general uh it’s just a whole different world um than regular domains so um we were fortunate enough to get uh nodar who’s a core contributor um come help us with the uh insane wallet stuff uh uh name base runs its runs a custom version of handshake wallet software uh and it does all of its bulk stuff it’s all custom code and uh so one of one of his priorities is to

(06:32) basically uh bring in uh the public uh merge the public code together uh like bring some of the features that we have that the open source doesn’t have and kind of bring bring them uh in line um uh so yeah all the work he’s doing will get we’ll go to the open source uh wallet as well and then uh we we hired uh took some time uh hired additional team from within the handshake community so they already understood what hand changes about and what like name base needed uh uh we are Stefan from Miami uh Fernando falafshi from SIM papellis uh

(07:28) Alex Neto is um been in handshaped from a long time he’s our lead designer uh Nathan would burn um John Favreau Christie Maria and uh Sam Ward is a name that you might not have seen around as much but um he’s uh contributed to the ens uh and has has a much of a successful smart contract projects on the EMS side so he’s helping us with uh dslds so um took us a while but now we have a great team to handle issues and we’re able to start uh building Cool Stuff um it didn’t help that like the wallet we went to the huge wallet

(08:23) issue uh right as everybody was starting but uh moving on uh so we have a new Marketplace uh this is kind of phase one uh of the new Marketplace we admittedly tried to uh got it get it out beforehandy econ um so you know we we heard uh loud and clear that we didn’t we didn’t have bulk search up there as the top hey top necessary feature but uh it was and so we got it back on um you know the plan is to make it better than it was before We’re not gonna lose any features so like one of the things you couldn’t do

(09:15) before is just like literally search for a name search for names that match uh a viewer that you’re looking for um so you can do that now you can you can search for names that start with a keyword that doesn’t seem right but uh so you can exclude hyphens numbers underscores we’re gonna make this all uh better you’ll be able to uh you know include those things as well if you want to look at just numbers uh we want to add uh we need to kind of uh Define the Emoji and like idn uh spec that we’re gonna go with I mean

(10:15) there’s kind of been kind of like uh this like alt idna thing that um I don’t really uh light I don’t think it’s doing anybody any favors um so we’re gonna solidify this back uh for idnas and then add filters in here um so that uh only like valid valid uh puny code idna domains um are shown well are included in the filter um yeah and then we uh yeah I also want to add some of the like clubs and collections that we’ve seen um been popular in the ens communities uh like the 10K club and uh like just general categories like uh

(11:14) last names and first names and dictionary words [Music] um so yeah this is phase one uh you know phase two is all those things I was just talking about also bring all of those same filters and um features to this auctions page so you can see it it’s so it’s a lot slower um uh that’s because we need uh we haven’t done the right major uh optimization that we did for this page so okay so everyone’s in the marketplace um so uh oh I don’t know if I said already but uh out to Stefan and Alex uh for their hard work on this

(12:09) um uh yeah I think it’s a major uh evolution of improvement over what was there so uh moving on to the registry uh we’ve kind of um uh we’ve kind of had a few improvements in the works for a while and um we’re looking to kind of uh do it all at once uh so one of the one of the things is just kind of like making the like stating process kind of like uh more clear about what to expect uh we we some of the registrars that um initially worked with us that no longer wanted to work and now they’re coming back so I I believe all

(13:07) five of these registrars will be um uh accepting active registrations in the next month or two um they’re all they have all like reintegrated with our um registry so uh this is just the pretty stuff the landing page uh so here’s what it looks like you might have seen this with a little bit of this with play uh showing that c and the other talk um so the registry manager anyone that states that TLD will have this page um and shows your earnings your sub domains and then if you go in to like says dot Doge uh I was fortunate enough to buy

(13:59) uh a random person off Twitter and um this manage TLD shows all of the registrations as they come in your earnings um and you’re able to set a premium domains that have a higher registration costs as well as reserved domains that cannot be registered so uh I’ll just uh just real let’s see so like for premium domains you can have like a whole list of them where um you said uh your prices in a CSV and you upload them and so that was like I had baby Elon and Elon baby in the CSV you can set up all of your

(14:57) premiums uh and manage them in a in a separate spreadsheet uh and then like um yeah you can add reserved domains easy so uh premium and Reserve domains basically just go live immediately with um Epp that’s not something that registers care about necessarily I mean that’s normal uh uh so what what we had to kind of rethink uh was the was the pricing changes and so um we saw uh I don’t name names but like a tld102 increase renewal prices and uh a popularity and not only like the sld customers existing customers were not

(16:00) too thrilled but the registrars themselves contacted us and we’re like this is um this is not normal uh we not only do we usually give people like a year notice before we increase uh renewal prices and we and it’s usually limited to like seven percent or something per year so uh that was actually a really great experience because um opened up a lot of conversation with these registrars about what they expect uh or what they’d like to see from handshake and what they expect from it for them at TLD and so from that we kind of implemented

(16:46) some new policies um uh so like for example right now you can only you cannot increase renewal prices if you have existing subdomains so this is kind of like a in between step eventually we’ll let you increase up to like 10 per year but for now uh your the renewal price you you start out with it’s going to be stuck if if uh anyway registers a domain the other uh policy changes that you can’t uh just like disable renewals um used to well uh I mean this is basically the same as like rudding uh a domain if you can’t renew it I mean

(17:41) there’s um yeah so uh the policy is basically to take staking more seriously if you’re going to state um then you’re gonna have to serve those customers for as long as they want to keep their sub domains um and we heard uh yesterday uh uh Tom uh and Circa talked about like you know the worry of registrars and ITN is just that uh our our domain systems are in a road trust with the consumer who you know up to this point I’d never experienced like losing a domain or whatever so uh I think we’ve learned

(18:33) um in handshake in the industry you know over the last year we had a big uh trust issue with with Gateway kind of just disappearing um we we need to prioritize the trip the trust of the subdomain buyers and uh it’s not always going to be as like flexible for a TLD owner as you might want but um so just to clarify you can at any time you can like increase registration price because that’s just for new domains um and that’s fine like uh one of the things we put into place is it won’t go into effect for 30 days and

(19:24) that’s because we notify all the registrars uh do I have 10 minutes left so that’s it means uh anyway so uh you didn’t increase for new registrations you can decrease uh uh registrations um okay so this is um we just have like a few uh final like EVP Corner cases and this will be rolling out to everyone in like the next uh hopefully two weeks I’d say um so moving on quickly the next thing uh H S ID is to have the site uh where the the centralized slds will live um uh we’ve seen impervious domains uh

(20:23) successfully kind of uh launched this the the same thing um so I just wanted to give a sneak peek at it uh we we have um uh fully custom um contracts that are done uh we’re gonna getting some audits it’s period it’s done and then we’re gonna open source the smart contracts as well uh I mean yeah uh we have uh Sam Ward that I talked about who’s uh has written the smart contracts they’re like incredibly uh flexible um especially from like the TLD pricing perspective it has all of the same rules

(21:12) that I just talked about in uh for Epp has a built into the smart contract so this is like what the this is looking at like the sld page uh which is uh you know an nft a tradable sld you can set um you can set like profile features uh the other thing you can say is like wallet addresses um so uh we have there’s more to come on this as far as wallet naming um we’re we plan to launch with hns as the uh first TLD uh we may like maybe the first three tlds may be ones that we control or we are are in a multi-sage

(22:04) and that’s just uh just to kind of move slowly um and make sure things are working well uh but like I’m excited about hns I think um uh we’ll find a way to make sure like people in the h s Community get their uh get their names um we may reserve some uh so uh so this is the uh the exciting part I think for me is like this is the on-chain uh registry um so like the DOT hns TLD um I’m just like real quickly uh you can set the annual pricing by the number of letters uh you can set discounts specific to uh a specific

(22:56) address and this channels can be either for Renewal or registration and they can have a time period or no time period uh so like one example of this is you would give yourself as a TLD owner you might like give yourself a a high discount so you can register domains another example is if you were like records.

(23:18) domains you might run your own register uh registrar site or right where you could uh interact with the contract directly and you could give yourself like a discount so you you would be the cheapest place to go to get those domains where everywhere else doesn’t have that discount and then uh royalties uh as far as like so that’s that’s sld trading royalties I don’t know how long uh those are going to be enforests thank you blur but uh that’s uh something that’s nice for a TLD Community is to um collect some royalties on like

(24:04) aftermarket Trading um how much time do I have sorry I think we’re going to extend you a little bit we’ll just we have uh of course a great session after but yeah I think how much time do you want but um I I did uh just like uh five more minutes I guess okay sure sure no problem uh so uh so this is TLD this is uh on on chain registry fully transparent the earnings get streamed to your wallet um you don’t have to claim them um the tlds also become nfts uh like impervious added that and if you uh sell the TLD

(25:06) um nft the you know the new owner gets streamed uh royalties or and the registrations uh so um that’s hns ID um uh I’m really excited about it um because of well we’ve had a lot of fires it isn’t uh as far as long as I’d like but the the hard parts are done and that’s the uh smart contract stuff and uh so um I just want to talk about one more uh so just a couple bonus things about name name base okay that a lot of people have asked about so um we will be uh requiring a renewal fee for domains on name base

(26:01) um we currently have 90 of all uh handshake domains nine million domains um and when name base was built like renewals were not a worry they were two years away so uh the uh the the costs uh has not been announced and that will give you uh like at least 90 days if not much longer advance notice um so the cost for uh domain renewals will be paid in hns from your account uh and you’ll be able to manage which domains um uh are set to Auto renew and turn some off and we’re gonna we’ll email you a hundred times to make sure that you

(26:52) don’t want to renew uh your TLD um so more to come on that um we have uh I have publicly talked about shutting down the pro exchange um if the liquidity Is Not Great uh it’s also um the whole thing runs at a loss for us um what we do want to do is instead of like uh focusing on the trading like traders of the coin we want to provide a fast like Fiat on-ramp to buying hns um so uh we’re we’ve looked at like Moon pay or ramp Network which provide uh like debit cards uh International Fiat uh just uh much faster ways to get hns and

(27:52) uh into the market and buying domains that’s what we want uh to focus on not necessarily the trading of the coin and then um yeah like just the side note like the ACH is slow and we’ve also experienced uh six figures worth of fraud in the last uh like 12 months it’s really bad uh so there’s a number of reasons why we are going to change up how uh uh you buy h s on name base and uh it’s all it’s all geared towards won’t focusing more on the names Less on the twine and finally the last thing

(28:40) um hopefully um last thing I want to say that uh people have been asking about and I’m very excited to announce is that uh h s withdrawal will enable hns withdrawal for U.S customers who have completed kyc in the next month so uh direct hns withdrawal that’s awesome I’m really that that’s a great laugh because I know a lot of people want to you know there yeah I I think people yeah I just get a lot of great emojis we are we’re loaded with q a um Andrew Lee is here I actually JJ can’t make it he’s not feeling well

(29:26) unfortunately but uh Andrew Lee’s here I just prepped with him but I think even said in chat we could extend a little bit um before that great session but there are still price so many questions okay uh allocate more resources to marketing uh we already run out of loss so uh we’re doing as much as we can uh there’s a lot more people stepping up for marketing I think this last few days like um uh we’ll do some summaries but but yeah it does seem like name base has doubled down on development I mean you

(30:07) know you you and many it’s like very developer focused which I think we all appreciate and need because um maybe before it was development but I feel like while we haven’t seen any updates at name base right if you you and the team working really hard like you said beginning to get to the point where you can start to push updates so I think the community can start to see a lot of product updates at name base but uh like you said you’re you’re more like developer focused now it seems I think the community can step up on name on

(30:37) marketing I think we as a community should should help more on Market not expect name base of course name base does and they did sponsor this was a major sponsor thank you Aaron for that um and name base but um it feels like their their operations are more on developer than uh than marketing with the transition yeah yeah so uh the first question is what type of resolver uh there’s there’s a on-chain resolver and then as well as a name server uh like d like ns1.hns.

(31:13) id that will uh resolve on chain uh that’s dslds uh my perspective on the hns coin value um honestly I feel this is my personal opinion but I feel like it’s really disconnected from the value of the names uh partly because of the uh it’s the two-year renewal um I I feel like there’s not enough use cases for the actual coin and I think as like someone said in the first very first talk like that’s what people look at is like uh the h s coin uh honestly yeah I feel like the names themselves can serve the purpose of the coin and elaborate uh like if you’re if

(31:59) it was a Dao you could just use names anyway uh I don’t know what to say about the price of the name the liquidity is now so bad that it’s affecting our ability to like do business like we can’t uh like pay TLD owners because the the volatility and the liquidity of the coin is so bad so I mean I think you saw Daniel’s talk uh Daniel just another shout out or at least announcement I think he’s in the audience he got invited some kind of live streaming on YouTube after this event totally not related to any con but

(32:32) Daniel Harrison he’s just a Community member you know but he’s working on getting more exchanges and he’s got some positive feedback but that you know again a lot of people think name base is handshake because you’re such a significant part of it but there’s other entities and individuals involved but hopefully this is going to get solved soon he’s only been working on it for like a month or two really um he’s getting some positive progress I mean that would be great I think we’re

(32:58) we’re gonna focus on the market and maintain the names valuable and uh you know make it easy to get h s in and out of the marketplace but uh we I don’t know what we can do on the on the coin uh I think others you know I think basically the name base we shouldn’t expect them to do everything right this is supposed to be a decentralized community right uh they are a private company uh and Par a big part of handshake but I think our community handshake shouldn’t just think like other protocols that there’s like some

(33:29) Foundation that does everything and I’m just some kind of user or customer we are all directors we can’t just expect name base to do everything okay that should be our thought right not like when neighbors do this when neighbors do that right we as a community need to do it not expect them if we or we’re just Hypocrites we might as well just go to other platforms or other Solutions okay uh so uh someone asked about uh like portfolio management that is uh that is a big feature that we’re uh targeting uh

(34:07) next uh in the next month or two uh if you like the questions or if you want me to like just like that people can upload people can upvote questions in the questions tab you have to vote up to move it up yeah I mean I’m just not gonna answer if I’m bullish on HSN yeah obviously there’s some that are Maybe not maybe uh appropriate you don’t have to uh address everything uh and when you’re right you know we will just go to the next session after uh Anders are available and I think he’s tuned in so yes are we doing the trample

(34:46) tape the process before renewals fees no that’s another thing we want uh sorry the process to get your names off transfer your names off no that’s something that we really want to improve uh visibility into before we announce any of the fees so like you’ll have visibility uh they’ll be like uh rate limited on on how many names like a whale can be moving off at the same time uh and we so we have hope to have a much better system as far as moving names off uh that’s part of uh a requirement I

(35:21) think before we enable uh renewal fees and then like hsid I hope is launching in the next month that’s um that’s my best I think that’s it okay he said that’s it sorry what was that error yeah okay okay yeah I mean some people who have dark mode I see Alex also at name base asking why dark mode I think we all got to realize Sergeant’s talk yesterday this is a B2B market right this is a this is not a I mean we’re businesses or own TLD owners our businesses name base is a TLD platform you know like if the

(36:06) last few days um where it’s a pla handshake and of course name base is a big part of that is a platform for people that are business owners or entrepreneurs or registrars right just like I can not everybody knows what I can is right not everybody knows what uh verisign is Ivan I didn’t know those really right so we don’t need I don’t know it’s not a consumer level product it’s a b to B level product um okay but Aaron I really appreciate your time um yeah everybody’s saying thank you I

(36:42) mean I think we all should really give a big shout out you know we we I think you know bear Mark is where people build name base has been building right it’s been huge updates you know while most projects in crypto are are collapsing of course the coin looks horrible but I think there’s a lot of um there’s a lot of progress huge off dates so yeah everyone’s saying thank you thank you Aaron is there any last things you want to say or share is there like a feature board I don’t know if or somewhere they can submit these kind of

(37:12) we we’ll see if these q a or Alec you know get you or Alex these questions but uh there’s a lot of different discussions here I mean yeah the name base was frozen for like a year so we have we have plenty of ideas uh and it does have a feature uh board that’s been uploaded and stuff so we have like enough work for the next year uh I’m sure yeah okay I know not everybody’s gonna be happy with all those updates but I think you know you’re doing what’s best for every for and then some people says what

(37:48) about a community vote I saw that again name base is a is a private company it’s not handshake I know there’s a lot of confusion um and uh that’s the difference and maybe the next session we’ll talk about that more we’re going to go to the next session with Andrew Lee which is co-founder CEO of course or you have some more Aaron let me just add like name base has has not been profitable since it was acquired so uh a lot of the complaints like to Richard or about name base uh like to assume that name base is like

(38:24) printing cash but uh it’s the opposite so we’re doing the best we can and um yeah I appreciate the patience yeah that’s thanks for bringing that up I’ve yeah I’ve been hearing that privately and uh yeah I mean I think we all know it was a huge transition right it was it was sold and uh we’re in a bear market and a whole team changed so we got to realize uh it’s gonna take time but it looks like we’re about to um really see some huge progress from all the hard work of the transition of

(39:01) the team and the tech and uh everything so so yeah I think we should be a little bit more patient uh and I think we’re gonna we already saw the update about the the marketplace people are and you’re you’re iterating like now that you kind of got the base code understanding in a team you can probably iterate much faster so that you can start to see more iterations like the bulk search was added like you said you heard that and you implemented it which is great yeah so I I yeah bulk search was added right you I think it was

(39:32) Monday you went Monday or so you went live and then people were complaining or not completing or asking for bulk search and then you guys put it in so I think that’s going to start to be so I think we should all just realize updates are going to be coming more fast um I don’t put pressure I I know you’re CTR you got a lot of stuff but definitely um in the past we’ve announced a lot and not done it so we just wanted to ship and uh now that we’re kind of like past that we can announce uh a little more

(40:05) and now that we have a little more trust I think I guess why he’s asking for your old ens tools to search anyway so thanks Aaron it’s really great to have you and yeah it’s totally different you guys are like maybe the old team is more for marketing than developer and now you’re a more developer than marketing so I think the community needs to step up and help a marketing I’m I’m you know we’re gonna try our best here as a group and I think there’s people just organically I see in

(40:31) Twitter wanting me groups and make initiatives so it’s our responsibility as a community but that’s going to go into the next session which I think is another great one yes um telegram group might be the best way to talk about this but let’s make it happen I think we’ll wrap this session up we’re gonna go into that Andrew Lee uh JJ couldn’t make it but it’ll be Andrew I’ll be with him thank you again Aaron really appreciate everything in the next one [Music] foreign [Music]