Pencil Domains


[Music] thank you [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] how’s everybody doing drinking my pool RT some people thought this was coffee but this is a it’s a very strong Chinese tea it’s like a deep

Woody taste but girl you’re there how you doing buddy I know it’s late for you early for me all right well we wait for him yeah I just want to shout out to our team our team is doing a great and of course I think everybody’s gotten to know Ann over the years it’s really great to see her continue to grow and step up she’ll also be sharing later today Stephanie Manley Jason uh there’s there’s many amazing more people LJ maybe there’s a huge team behind the scenes okay there you are

I’m ready um sorry apologies for this uh no worries no no apologies um uh if you want your video on or or not working hello there you go there you go um yeah man all right nice you got your screen ready and everything so you have slides or screen share or anything I’m gonna hop off when you’re ready do you need to get anything set up that’s perfect uh all right I’m excited for sharing and at the end we can make a small talk if you want it and make questions and whatever you know how it works we’ll try our best

of course there’s lots of stuff but I want to give you the most time so I’m gonna let you take it away perfect so I have my presentation ready hello to everyone we have great stuff to show you today so uh let’s begin with that hello to everyone to pencil domains today we’re here not just to present a register right uh we are here to present more than that and I like to introduce to you we have over 700 tlds ready for the registry we are not going to launch all of that on the same day but this is just pencil and numbers

we’ve been thinking on where we are going to go and where we are now and it was uh well in fact 11 months developing on Rust and spell kit the whole app uh I try not to make the exercise to look at other projects I’m just trying to focus on on product and we’re going to present something more than registry was telling you there is one pencil exclusive this is a very special one because I registered like months ago and now he’s online in fact this works it’s just handshake and the sdld is dot Lydia this

is over uh millions and millions of people call it with that name and other names are coming so we’re going to present this TLD as in a special one because it’s just a name and we know we know that market works and we just want to bring the service on so at the end the registry what it means is just to buy domains right so I want people from Pennsylvania to buy domains but there is more than that I want you to sell them also the idea here is to put it on your hands the tool and bring the freedom to everyone just allowing to everyone to

adopt handshake as fast as they can only allowing this technology that it just works so first we need you to buy domains if you want it but we also going to sell domains on the platform not my domains your domains and and this brings me the idea of an identity and I am if you want to see this again with me we are going to buy we’re going to sell we’re going to identify people these are not three different products this is just one product and we call it defined defined is going to be ready in those days I also call it

up pencil domains and a decentralized finder you can find anyone at the end the identifying people if you know these days I was asking about all the ideas of questions on the chat I see a lot of people here enjoying that the ideas are very important and when you get that you can get anything I’m going to put the demo this is the app we just developed an app and it’s online too uh so at the end of the presentation I’m going to show the link to just Rose net logins and sign ups but before everything I’m going to

show you just how it works so um I think I’m going to stop sharing this um and just show you uh I can show it in car screen there’s no problem with that okay so I’m going to just share the screen I think it’s the easiest thing yeah um so here we are this is a this is a 0.2.

0 a very fire version um this is not going to be open source but we’re going to educatively open source the project showing the code live right so be aware of that this is our own new app called it defined and here we’re going to put for example Sil from pencil domains right because we own dot seal and we’re going to put here a password please I I sure I forgot it if I’m lucky this beautiful burden will help me to enter so we’re accessing in a real-time database okay we’re just registering we just put the domain the

password and sometimes if you needed the email this will be a last decision on the launch oh today is the lunch sorry um okay so welcome seal let’s read following terms conditions and blah blah blah okay this is the important thing you know the API so I accept it and we’re going to make an exercise of I’m older and here I am okay the exercise between our willing to do is to go to our friends miami.

io and search for sill right this is an honest search Digital nc460 cnnnnnn so if this just works oops sorry um if this just works cln is four six okay the idea here is if we find still what will happen later so if you just search our identity it will just reveal in our is that yes we can join handshake and this is the goal if you press that button you are in and on G verify your identity anyone knows who you are and where you’re going to go and do in this platform but let’s do one more tricky thing right now we know this works we’re going to put me on Tagalog

here for example we’re going to put our second password we’re going to enter and we’re going to create another user right so we accept that we have our seal there okay I’m older avoid an errors just in beta okay and here’s the verifier okay let’s look at an exercise right so Miguel regalo so we start now and of course it’s verified on the blockchain we can join the blockchain but why I’m using two users for that well there is one more thing and we call it the 100 chart we call it

Define chart or pencil chart or whatever this is only a way to access only with handshake so the idea here uh let me one more thing before I’m going to use um the last word I can see on the chat forever okay imagine I own that so um put here um phase and the password two times presentation later I will just delete this user I’m going to register with good luck in the presentation say put it on a progressive from the chat thank you for your support so here we have his keyword at the end of the message of the

chat um so um I’m going to accept it and I’m going to say yes I’m over 18. and this release to me a seal name so I need to go back to Bob wallet and go to that presentation and add that without Bob wallet these tools don’t work this is very important right you can use a name base or wherever but I prefer pop wallet since this is all full open source we are not responsible of tlees look at that you don’t need to send till this to anyone and this is one of the most important parts ever we had on the

project so um the idea behind that if we go to the use app uh we’re going to show you one more thing I think I put correctly the password all right one minute oh we put right password okay um the idea of the chat is that you can say hello right and it will allow you to create a fancy um fancy icon and a message okay if I go outside and I log out with the other user here you go I can’t see the chat right but I cannot delete this message because I’m not the owner so why and there it is oh my God I just type

out two l two ones don’t worry just tap on the message message will be deleted that easy to delete a message uh hi and there it is everything is a database so this is all in the cloud so um just to show you one more thing um I really want to reveal to you how this code Works to do this responsibly without leaking and a secure infrastructure or technology we’re just going to show you the structure of the project this will allow you to know how we did things or at least to know some parts of the code I’m going to prepare

right now because I need to just delete some lines and proceed to show you right here it is okay um I’m going to delete my node identification which it goes here I’m going to put some A’s here and some here okay and here okay this goes down okay and I’m going I’m ready to show you so this part of the API it will allows you to create something similar okay I’m going to just show full show the screen just to allow you to show you this um to allow you to show you that this uh device this product this app it’s just

built entirely from the ground we did not use any software from anyone and we’re proud to show you that so here it is right we are in building rust so we are uh building that up we have the function of tle so it connects to the node it gets the parameters and it gets you to the client this is one part of the code and at the end um yes we use nayami sometimes because sometimes our node fails and we have a lot of things there um yeah but um I don’t know where you see that but yes correctly we use our note and

then we use you just use the Naomi because it’s a it’s a backup uh it is very interesting I’m going to see the presentation later because I don’t know whether you see that but it’s probably yeah we use we just just to use that now that the API is fantastic we love it uh it also allows us to really uh perform the things before had the node so uh sincerely thanks for that um but area now is to look at the structure so we use pocket base as database we just use spell kit to create everything

some components we have here from handshake um more things um well that’s a spell kit project with tauri there’s no mystery and you know how to do for example just withdrawals or wherever gdpr for example you just create and import your components you create your functions and you create libraries with the functions then you write some HTML and at the end you have the page page does not have any secret as an open source project not releasing the code but just showing here today with you here is some code so we import the

components all the components and just HTML there is no mystery behind that right um for me I’m very proud of it because at the end it cost me like 11 months to do that now I’m going to report the changes not to have any problem later and from that point that’s everything we’re going to update uh the website we have new things to show you now um I’m going to show you I think that’s correct let’s look at that link yeah so right now signups and logins are open just type your TLD your email and you

will be allowed to verify domains later verification is only an app and we think to plan to ship the app we just plan to ship an app with a Buddha that allows you to verify at that moment but by the moment we allow anyone just to register and to stator what you’re going to see when you’re going to register is the following screen so I’m going just to share I have Naomi here for example we’re going to change the link oops expensive diamonds there we go and I’m going to register right um I’m going to put one I’m going to

verify later not not here today because I don’t have the time so um create a at for example and a password this is what you can do now with platform you can register so here it goes all the passwords and blah blah blah um yes I accepted terms I accepted terms you you certainly just read that and accept I’m over at 18 this is from Europe and now I would be allowed to put irritated that will not work because this is not rust this is not the app this is not a website okay uh so staying at that point you will you will we will

allow you to later to just to click on verify it just works on an app native on rest but it’s not working on typescript random right now we’re just thinking on a port to allow you to do that on website and to not to have any human part here to verify but uh if we just ship them yeah the app works oh because let me think what we’re going to do in the future but um that’s all why don’t you show you just the app or wherever entirely screen so we have um some time we’re going to ship the app but by the moment are we

just going to stay here and to see what we do uh this is just the purification once you have that you can do whatever you want it imagine the possibilities uh you can register until the you can verify and once you were verify you can create a blog notes to-do list you can create um well domain names we have a whole part of cell domains we are just keeping for ourselves just because we just want to make you uh put you on here and the idea is not only to make a registry you can you can use whatever you want it even you just can’t hand with friends I

don’t know um if Alex millerini is here Alex are you here ask them just to allow him to enter to the presentations okay so Alex is here I’m going to allow him to put uh on his words the collaboration I have with him and just enjoy him right foreign hey guys um so sorry I had to hop in a little bit late had my non-crypto job calling um Miguel and I have been working together uh on and off for for about a year now uh when you told me about pencil I thought it would be very interesting for um the rugs I think that

um if you’re not familiar I make uh handshake rugs I’ll be talking a little bit later today um and and it’s just a it’s a fun way to kind of celebrate uh the fandom of the you know of the projects that you like so we um we shipped uh we sh we shipped Miguel rug way back in the day it arrived um I don’t know if yeah I have I obviously have some uh just not with me at the moment um and and the idea was you know uh handshake the technology is is incredible right you should be able to own something tangible and something

digital that you should be able to associate them and um and not you know there’s different ways that you can deploy a TLD and and have you know ownership of the team your sense of ownership but I think that what pencil is creating really allows it just you know the idea is it just works there’s no there’s no questions here as to who’s owning what um you know their asset and they can associate it with a physical tangible item which is which is what I think the the future of kind of a handshake merch

and and the rugs will hopefully be so the project has been super informative it’s been awesome it’s been in English it’s been in Spanish it’s been cross-continental uh and I hope to um to meet up with Miguel in person and uh and get you all you know everybody who has a rug get you a get you an sld and everyone who doesn’t have a rug you know it should come with an sld and that’s uh that’s what I got I look forward to hearing the rest of this we go thank you for your contribution really

it allows me to help hash your community well at least to engage with them and we are just a family we just want to contribute to that world and 18s racks makes an extraordinary work for us just to allowing us to um to use the etld but the reality here is that we don’t need the Chile he sends us the TLD to contribute but uh we don’t hit it so I think I will send you back or wherever whether you decide later within private but there it is a technology just works and that’s perfect there’s one more thing an announcement I

want to I want to make so thank you Alex to stay here with us today it’s a really pleasure to share with you this space so I’m going to make a new announcement so um I don’t know if people is ready on the chat for that but um I’m going to do it now I’m just working on a company that hardened me just to create enhancing build Technologies improvements inside this company is a Barcelona Hostess in Barcelona and just highlighted me to integrate handshake this is for me an extraordinary contribution to the

platform because at the end someone is hired to make something extraordinary Barcelona Hostess maybe sometime in the future may host a Heineken who knows in Barcelona right but the important here is that you can not only create a handshake tool we just can’t verify that I need this and this is why this has started registry this is just a d the one of the first needs tools exist on handshake the ideas for us is extraordinary way to contribute this wall just verifying it entities and who they are this is why we’re going to integrate

vertically this on the website later in Barcelona Hostess on Spain and further later on other projects for us it’s an extraordinary emotion and feelings for me to stay here with you today because at this cost a lot um I’m proud of all the work we’ve been doing here and at the end just works maybe it’s not a cutest tool maybe it’s not the amazing ever animated tool but it just works and we can prove it we use it to sit in Miami to know it in the records exist this still is and in fact they are

so this is just your moment register and wait for the button to verify we’re going we don’t know if we’re going to send you the app or just go in the website if we take some late time we’re just going to ship the app if we can do it um some weeks we’re just going to do it on the website but what it’s for sure is that you can adjust right now register and anyone who has an hns rack is freely to enter here this allows us to create more tools build more future and stay at the top thank all for coming

now uh questions on wherever you need it I’m open and just enjoy the Heineken and thank you to stay here today this is Miguel Delgado with pencil domains Mike I don’t know if my wants to enter with me to chat sometime or questions or whatever yeah I’m here I’m here I love you I love your glasses you know like on day one at the beginning of day one I didn’t wear them I felt like what people were asking and I actually I prefer I feel like maybe this is my identity and uh in handshake is like the glasses I

feel more comfortable anyway but uh yeah great presentation and uh yeah it’s really cool thanks for also getting Alex and mig’s machine up on stage and we’re working together with him he’s great he’ll also be sharing later today uh if you don’t put FX on the camera it seems to works better right my God I’m discovering this now sorry there’s some questions on the chat uh I just saw a room group and I hope I a Satoshi friend um you see that you don’t need nothing to do I’m going to ask well there’s some

questions you know I don’t know Reuben or whatever there’s ruining Us in the chat I’m gonna check the Q a tab right now well I don’t see anything in a q a tab but you know I guess we got like two or three minutes left before the next totally what they wanted what you wanted we just can chat three minutes enjoy here he asked us to uh um if the processor needs to pop wallet is only PC desktop right no mobile wait this is a dowry SRC project built on spell kit so we just can’t Port that on iPhone but

this will be later the idea here is that on website works the races you can register and we’re going to bring the tool to a verify in some weeks but if we are not allowed to do that by the technology we’re just going to ship the app I showed you today and it just works this is synchronized remedy with a database so that’s perfect and that’s it at least our problems now is just these presentations to go great and so here we are you don’t need just Bob wallet and your children your wallet always

that’s perfect awesome awesome okay um yeah whatever is there other questions perfect Reuben’s answered that um and then what’s the best way for people to find you I know you’re you know you’re up you’re pretty active on various channels maybe just share out how people could reach out and what kind of ways you could what kind of ways people can work with you right now what you’re looking for well I’m I would like to collaborate are you asking for future collaborations I’m asking just the open-ended question

about you know since we’re wrapping up kind of like a last question what’s ways people can contact you or your company and what kind of readers would you like people Twitter in the future okay the chat will be open as a part of support there’s a lot of pages I’m not showing you from the website because that’s why not to make a small tool that just works you can contact me on Twitter uh pencil domains or Miguel Argyle is perfect I would like to to call the shake to make a collaboration because um I like

to create the shake Spanish you know this latam and or Spanish Tools in Spanish so I like to call him uh just to create the second part in Spanish and try to bring all these tools from Spain or Europe or or everyone is in Hispanic and I love the the project they do so I just open that path to him that would be a huge huge uh huge win for the community okay I’ll let Zach or you and she connected this is my favorite thing yeah okay great let’s make it happen man let’s have it okay great that’s that’s great

that’s a really great update um I’d like to thank you especially to read big without him this could not be impossible to True Steven without him he this is not possible uh with anyone who’s just talked to me like you Mike to stay here um to the shake I go to the shake every day just to look at tools or whatever I need it uh it’s still guides from read week uh so thank you to everyone and and we’re so service on the telegram and Robin one of my friends or whatever thank you to everyone especially also to

Alex Miller you need to bring us the hns racks a project so we’re so so excited happy handicum to everyone and happy handiccon everyone we got the next one dot stars um Shane the co-founder at the blockchain project yeah let’s it’s it’s uh he’s in the room so we’re just gonna end this one and just like thank you everybody thank you Miguel I’m really welcome why foreign [Music]