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(00:00) foreign [Music] thank you all right all right I’m really excited for this panel I

(01:05) think people have been looking forward to this one um and uh I I’ll let you guys go ahead thank you all thank you thank you Tang are you good hi can you guys hear me all right yeah yeah all right perfect what’s up shakers and cosmonauts y’all are listening to the stargaze panel with Shane the founder of stargaze and angry Mouse right Nick who’s are you building the handshake or sorry the the stargaze naming system yeah great all right so lots to talk about especially with regards to collisions and as Shane knows we have some

(01:51) potential collisions in Cosmos ready and if we can’t figure that out in Cosmos then there’s no hope for the rest of the naming system ecosystem um yeah so so all right I’ll let you share your background and what stargaze name system does Shane sure yeah so um strongest names kind of came about uh because of um kind of a request and demand from our creators and well actually the users right so uh the users um wanted to know that uh that the creators are actually um who they say they are uh we had some

(02:31) issues where um some uh some creators tried to pretend that they’re a popular Creator and launcher collection kind of like um as if it was um um you know um them right so um and a lot of people kind of want to know uh they want to know like the socials or the creators they want to be able to kind of follow them and kind of see their story and see their prior work um they want to know that they’re not going to get rugged uh and that like a collection um is gonna you know continue building and kind of doing other stuff and like

(03:05) adding value um so the when before stargaze actually launched it was uh moral of like this kind of decentralized Twitter type of thing and uh we we actually kind of built a name service then um that was based off of Twitter so you needed a Twitter handle to kind of log in and create and create an account and um when we built this we got a lot of feedback from the users um saying that they didn’t like it it didn’t respect the Privacy um that there was you know no way to kind of get uh you know get a name

(03:39) without um uh going through Twitter um so so we use that feedback and stargate’s names is actually kind of like that you can think of it as like a V2 right um and the way stargaze works is like a traditional startup we we just talk to users all the time we get their feedback and we kind of build based on their feedback um so that kind of informed the design of of stargaz names where uh it’s no longer dependent on Twitter uh you can just go into name um you know any any name that you want um and and it and and it’s um so now

(04:12) it’s like deeply integrated everyone stargaze like if you use the marketplace and browse around you can uh I think something like 75 of all Marketplace transactions now uh in in um include a name so if you’re browsing a collection you can see um uh you know who used to own it in the past you can look at the provenance and it kind of gives like this really kind of like social feel to it and um yeah and that’s kind of where we are with stargaze names right now you can go uh you can go and just MIT them uh and

(04:46) soon we’re gonna have um kind of renewal support IBC support and other other stuff that’s exciting so you touched on one application of naming which is to verify that you are who you say you are and I could prove that I owned this wallet with my name or disprove that another wallet with my name is not actually belonging to me um so right now it’s it’s interesting it’s a it’s sort of a toy application because like zoom out for a little bit for the next you know 10-year timeline where are

(05:25) we going to be with this it’s not just that we’re going to have names for people to follow to watch other people’s nft galleries there’s so much more that you could do with it you know imagine if you could have a reputation-based system based on people’s digital like on-chain identities and then you could have something like a decentralized crowdsourced Yelp for I don’t know rating the scam crypto projects or the um the you know from the good ones right so you could there’s a lot of

(05:56) opportunities for self-regulation in the space if we have a reputation based to the system and the Primitive would start from on-chain names and you guys have just um you know stargazed names have integrated handshake for the the top level domain the the dot stars is that right I right right yeah and um right yeah exactly we’re in the very early stages like exactly this is a primitive this is like I wouldn’t even say it’s a V1 it’s like a it’s you know it’s kind of like a precursor to uh

(06:32) the first version and um there’s just so much you can do with this like once you have it right um for example we want to build stuff that’s like more like lens protocol um where you can have uh like you can have a profile nft um you can associate it with um lots of other things for example you can have like your followers and um like right now you can associate it with uh like uh an image for your avatar but you can also have uh like a banner and and and you can add text records to it right so the the handshake

(07:06) integration works because the name servers are added as text records um you can use that to also um you know maybe add an ens name and Link it to um a website and some other stuff and uh we we’re also working on oracles to verify um your socials on it so right now there’s a Twitter Oracle right so um you can um sign a message uh and and that’ll send out a tweet and then um the Oracle will listen to the tweets and it’ll it’ll post a transaction to the chain that links um kind of the two accounts

(07:46) um so yeah whereas in the very early early stages of it right and imagine if you could have a sort of web of trust with accounts that you have personally verified yourself or used in Oracle to verify with and then said that okay with these accounts then they’re automatically part of a white list that I could send emails to or that I could message directly without them having to I don’t know put up some stake for you know if a messaging app were to use some spam prevention mechanism like um like like uh penalizing you for for

(08:26) issuing spam like all the spam that we get in our Twitter games right all the spam that you get on um crypto Twitter that’s that says oh free airdrop and all of that you know all of that stuff um could be reasonably solved with the solution yeah you could uh probably just like a filter notifications from Twitter by score of this name like if this name has like a big score if it’s trusted name of people like no not name but user are behind this name then you show notification from it and you show it in your tab and if it’s just like

(09:10) [Music] some uh spam then it’s it will be very easy to filter it out if we ever build it right and imagine if yeah imagine if there were some kind of waiting system so Zach xbt for example has a lot of weight and if he calls one project a scam project or a slow rug then that could contribute to a Yelp rating of uh you know zero and it weighs heavily on them and then that project would need thousands of other you know five five star ratings from verified and verified accounts just to get to like one star or

(09:48) something you know this is all sorts of different possibilities with with unchain names and decentralized ID is are there are there um other interesting things that that stargaze is building on its roadmap towards this future of what like what web3 really means right which is which is a step function improvement over um what web 2 platforms provide but with self-sovereign Primitives yeah exactly we’re still in the very early stages of uh of that but maybe Nick can talk a little bit about uh dot dot stars and why it’s important uh to

(10:31) to use handshake um and U2 Chango since you’ve been a proponent of of of handshake for a long time I would love to know your kind of um how you got into it and kind of your kind of background with handshake but yeah so so do you want to go first Nick or do you do no I can go second it’s fine yeah the way I got into handshake is I I was close to the core team at the very Inception um and you know that was at the time that Josephine JJ and Andrew were coming up with the idea on the Whiteboard and I thought that this was this was this is

(11:13) going to be um this is a groundbreaking in a piece of innovation and piece of infrastructure for where we’re trying to get with respect to the decentralized web and um early people in the team started working on it in like 2018 including a lot of the optic now optimism folks so um in with respect to Cosmos I thought that well why wouldn’t we leverage the existing work that’s been done like the hard work that’s been done with integrating DNS to something like this and and just you know stand on the shoulders of giants

(11:53) without having to reinvent the wheel um and so yeah in terms of fundamentals and the most high quality project out there this this was clearly the answer the most decentralized project as well so and good news for you for stargaze is that I think Taylor Taylor from Tetra he um he gifted the beaker Emoji handshake TLD to to Josh dogemos who builds icns and so I think he’s been handshake pilled now meaning that I don’t you know I’m not too worried about um and in Cosmos Collision you know if stargaze is using dot stars and osmosis

(12:35) is using the you know icns interchange name service is using the beaker Emoji then there wouldn’t be any collisions at all oh that’s super cool that’s awesome to use uh to use emoji uh as the TLD I love it yeah very and that’s why I think the the creative space with um with integrating handshake is so large such that you you don’t really need to worry too much about collisions unless you’re unstoppable domains and you’re a globalist apparatus or you’re trying to be yeah well I mean so the collisions

(13:07) though um now now that you mention it the collisions though happen when um you know you want you want one single name to represent you across the entire Cosmos right so if you want to be like just Django right with no extension or anything we want to be just Chango across like all of Cosmos um you know that’s going to be really tough if um you know we already live in a in a world where there’s multiple name services uh and and within Cosmos itself right so so the the problem comes where you know you have

(13:45) um you know if you mint uh Chango on stargaze and on uh you know icns and um you know another name service um that will pop up on like Neutron or whatever right um right so that’s that’s when that’s when the problem happens and also because of back 32 right um any name service can can support um any other chain as well right so um um especially the the change they use the 118 like T-Type right so um that’s that’s more like you know that’s more kind of the issue if you’re representing like a name that’s just

(14:24) like a single string right are you are you referring to possible replay attacks with the same address or with the same average type what I’m yeah what I’m worried about is like someone can buy um some someone someone can buy um like someone who’s not you can buy Chango uh on on oh right on like another chain right yeah so and that’s already happened by the way so someone else owns Chango okay which is why there needs to be another layer layer of abstraction on top of it where people get to verify their actual profiles

(15:04) right it’s the same problem as in the web 2 space that people are going to have phishing accounts and try try to impersonate you um but then that’s why I think the next Lego that needs to be built would be a rep a reputation system or a profile verification system where the user themselves can verify whether or not they own that particular name avoid it of course not fully but the we’re avoided by uh allowing possibility to connect your socials uh to your name and view it through for but later I think we

(15:55) will at some point build some kind of reputation system and social network for uh fellow stargazers and cosmonauts yeah yeah that that’s the most obvious next product to make there’s there’s a project you should know about Shane it’s called Next ID and they’re creating um they’re creating social graphs basically so if you input any of your any of your um any of your handles like you know shane.

(16:30) vidarana to nextid they’ll they’ll index your web 2 identity and show you what platform it’s on like Instagram or Facebook or you know Twitter Reddit um and then if you input your web3 ID via lens or ens and you know future Integrations into stargaze or hns and icns um they’ll be able they’ll be able to index it too and then show who which accounts you’re connected to as part of your friend group and then therein lies the potential to create portable social graphs and move it to whatever whatever front end that you want to manage your socials on right I

(17:06) think that’s also the perfect Next Step yeah that’s interesting because um for wallets like that’s the thing I’m a bit worried about like you know if you’re in a wallet and you want to send tokens to somebody and you type in uh you know their their their name you know not their actual name but you know their their username uh on a name service um you know that’s that’s kind of where like the Collision would happen right yeah yeah it’s absolutely on the the the sender to verify that they’re sending it

(17:37) to the right to the intended person right yeah yeah so yeah but you know if they if they if they you know assume chango.eats is you and they send it to that then the wrong Chango is going to get it right so so um so so the system I’m kind of proposing is this thing called fully qualified names which is where there’s like three components to a name it has it has the name and then the at sign the chain and then dot name service so it looks like an email it looks exactly like an email but it’s but it’s yeah it’s your

(18:09) username yeah add the chain and and the name service and then that will be a way to kind of resolve everything um and uh and it’s also backwards compatible because the the chain part can be optional right so because like like um you know ens already exists right you know chango.ease and then you know uh dot I think Aptos already has one too so um um I think I think I I think we’ll have like no choice but to go in a direction like that uh to like disambiguate um these these names yeah it could it could be a salute an

(18:47) on-chain solution where you you try to um tackle it from from every angle yeah or it could be uh an attraction you know a platform that that manages all of this for you v a la like Yelp or something like a new version of Yelp um which which I could buy into uh you know yeah it might be very high scoped to try to solve this all at once just because what happens when you also have to reason about roll-ups that use different da like you know that’s coming right there’s there’s like there’s gonna be a roll-up chain that

(19:29) has a name service um actually in fact I did it I did an interview with them already so they’re using and they’re using Celestia for the data available da layer and then you know what happened if they they also Implement a new roll-up multi-chain on top of eigen you know it’s like that rabbit hole just and like you know if it’s running a fork of ens or something uh like the accounts are exactly the same the addresses are exactly the same right and it’s it’s it’s really hard to resolve so so I I

(20:06) really think there’s no way around this uh without some kind of uh email like like name like he’s gonna have to have more more components in it yeah I think 10 minutes on the left and uh it would be good to check some q and A’s because there is already too much I think we’ll not reply to uh every question Okay so you got D web ASAP asking can I sell my agents TLD for sld in stargaze names I think it would be best for me to answer this question since I did the hns integration so uh I don’t think you can do it in stargaze

(20:52) names exactly on starkey’s names but you can Fork staircase names work it to some Juno or some Archway or a neutron uh all this permissionless question version chains and you can like specify your tail Deezer and just connect same way uh all all source is like on GitHub so I can probably even Post in chat our GitHub Pages for um we’ll we’ll go to the next question um you could input the link in the and the uh the feed so another user asks another user another person asks will you implement bid reminders and notifications

(21:50) considering a bid has the potential of going unanswered for a year really good question uh yeah so notifications already a part of the UI for stargaze and uh yes absolutely that’s a good idea um so so actually the renewal code is not written yet because we know we had a year for it so um so so when we get around to writing the renewal part of it um uh adding notifications to it would would be um something that totally makes sense yeah okay Bobcat asks when you use binance and you try to send a coin on a chain that’s wrong it doesn’t let you

(22:32) send why not just implement the same code I didn’t actually understand what it’s like what this question means because I think we have nothing to do with binance when you use a binance when you use binance and you try to send a coin on chain I I think he’s referring to whether or not you could implement the same kind of ux feature when you’re trying it when you’re potentially sending to the wrong chain ID with like the wrong address that’s referencing your your your responsibel um back 32 addresses chain and possible

(23:15) replay attacks with um sending to the same address type yeah I think I think um all the solutions we already talked about right the I think wallets would have to have I think wallet ux will have to get a little smart right um uh like wallets would have to know maybe about the multiple name Services um they would have to uh um you know maybe like give you I like ask you is this the right person you want to write account you want to you you want to send funds to um it would have to maybe integrate with some of these um kind of uh social

(23:53) verification services and stuff like the wallets with the ux would really have to like guide and help you uh make sure you’re not sending funds to the wrong the wrong account yeah enter name then confirm Name by entering address yeah and that that’s what defeats the whole purpose of it right so um so yeah while at ux can you know would would have to get a lot you know a lot better like maybe if there’s a while supporting multiple name Services you know maybe you can have like a drop down or something so you only type the name

(24:32) and then you don’t have to type the whole thing you know it could it could get a little smart and and and and and kind of help you guide you a little bit all right we should have gone through most of the questions so my last question would be what do you what do you what are yours y’all thought about uh the alliance that Unstoppable domains is trying to implement I I I I I think I think uh you know they’re kind of like a patent troll right but I’ll let you I I think you guys a lot more educated on it than I am

(25:09) actually that field form for handshake to join Unstoppable aliens oh yeah we never talked to them and they added us to some like like Reuben said they asked can we like had strategies names please and we’ll say it okay fine Buddies oh interesting that they didn’t add a handshake hmm yeah because handshake didn’t kill form so I filled it for him if they refuse uh I will I will make media media scene from it yeah interesting how I think Sandy Carter is now the new CEO of Unstoppable domains and she was out there at the

(25:57) world economic Forum in Davos that conference pandering to them to use the new globalist top level domain system as if I can we’re not already there uh it’s uh it depends how you like look at it uh I mean you can fetch uh data from stargation directly if you set up or not uh but uh for current implementation of uh dot star’s name we just did the develop name server I sent the link to it into our team feed chat um and we use that because uh for now even if we look at heap5 at DCL this then we can understand that it just uses

(26:50) infra and features data to read so it doesn’t really make sense if you fetch from infra or if you fetch from name server but we are actually working on dcld solution we try to uh understand how Cosmos light clients work and integrated to to handshake resolvers but it’s very complex task and I don’t promise it today this week this month this year hopefully this year how would you even even do it would would you need to convert Cosmos like clients to speak SPV like Bitcoin SPV basically uh I think I’d be seeing users late

(27:38) clients to like yeah it’s tournament like clients yeah yeah so we can integrate the central intellect client into handshake resolver and fingertips for example and it will work for resolving uh handshake names I hope I hope it’s too much to research yeah good good luck uh May the force be with you okay sweet um yeah do we have other questions from the audience that um should be answered there’s about Twitter handle feature again but I think we have only two minutes let’s answer this before we close

(28:24) okay yeah the Twitter handle thing is very easy um if you go to uh after you minta name and if you go to your profile in stargaze um you can type in your Twitter handle and then there’s a button to verify it and it constructs a message um and you sign it with Kepler uh and it post that message to Twitter and then um and and that’s really all you have to do um there is an oracle that the kind of monitors Twitter and then once it detects the message it it sends a transaction to the chain and then it links the two it then it links your

(28:59) Twitter um um you know username with your star’s name all right let’s close out with any announcements that you guys have or let uh ashamed it promote his Twitter I will promote it to follow and angry Mouse underscore hns and be happy listening to my tweets what’s your GitHub more importantly that’s that’s where people think Lifeline integration right yeah it’s not a case it’s a public awesome yeah oh yeah I have a request for stargaze I’ve been trying I’ve been like toying around with the UI uh and

(29:51) unsuccessfully getting my name um well I just I just don’t quite know how that bidding system works so if if there’s any way to make it more intuitive so I could okay okay oh oh because someone does someone already have it it appears so yeah oh you know what I think we actually reserved yours so oh okay yeah yeah yeah so I think I think the foundation actually actually meant it your name and we can send it oh that’s awesome okay cool thank you yeah I will follow up with you about that for sure oh yeah and and what about

(30:30) onboarding existing users from from handshake or icns or something like that you know the the way that you reserved my name you could you could uh air drop those names to the people who exist who who who own like dot X or something you know but for every handshake people who are interested please right now we will continue because our time ends okay great awesome well thank you guys for tuning in and thanks Shane and green Mills for answering the questions thank you all right bye-bye bye [Music] [Music] thank you