[Music] thank you yep got a mute and turn the video on chin alright so I’m super excited for this session been I’ve been getting ready to hear this for a while Shane co-founder at stargaze blockchain and Cosmos ecosystem and they recently I think a lot of you know launched the dot stars in in their uh in their blockchain um and so I I want to get the most time from Shane’s Island I think he has you have some slides you want to share Shane and idea everything ready okay

and then after there will be a panel as well he’ll be on with uh with angry Mouse and Chango so um but first he’s going to share kind of experiences and stories of launching.stars and there was a little bit of you know um we chatted you know I wanna I’m it’s just I really want to hear the whole story and it’s a fresh one in your because you just recently did it and really congrats on the on the launch I mean it seems like it’s really successful it’s uh you know domain uh system in the

in in your community so um so thank you Shane unless you need me and then I’ll pop back at the end for some if there’s some q a all right great thanks a lot okay thank you all right folks I’ll get started um I’m gonna talk about stargaze and Dot Stars and uh all right let’s go um okay so let’s start uh with what is stargaze so stargaze is an nft focused app chain in the cosmos ecosystem um before stargaze um there weren’t really nfts in Cosmos there were uh um a little bit in Terra um but then uh um you know after after

the aftermath of Tara there there really wasn’t any uh kind of nft ecosystem in Cosmos um and and the way stargaz kind of came about was we were actually building something that was more like a decentralized Twitter and while building it we realized that the native content type uh is nfts and there’s no nfts in in Cosmos yet so we kind of had to build that infrastructure first um so that’s kind of how uh stargaze got started um we we started off by working on a Marketplace and while working on the marketplace we realized that there’s no

way to launch projects right um a lot of creators came up to us and and and said that they wanted a launch pad as well so uh so then we kind of scrapped the marketplace idea and started working on LaunchPad um so uh two days from now it would be a year since Launchpad launched um there is something like over a thousand projects now um is permissionless to launch but we do feature uh projects every Friday at stargaze.

zone um some of you may have heard of bad kids is probably the most kind of popular uh project uh on stargaze a lot of the folks in the cosmos ecosystem have them as their profile characters um and then and then we launched uh Marketplace uh in May of last year um so uh yeah coming up on a year uh of of launch um then recently uh we launched a name service and we have more kind of um nft based protocols launching soon uh we’re starting to uh integrate a little bit with D5 so we have a nft mm that’s coming up that’s called uh infinity Swap

and we have uh Native nft staking that’s coming up too um and a lot of um on ethereum especially in other ecosystems you don’t really have you kind of have fake NFD staking where uh you earn yield in some kind of token but it’s uh it’s not actually um it’s not proof of State staking you’re not State you’re not securing a network right so um the type of staking nfts taking the stargaze is going to do is actually going to secure the network all right so dot Stars dot Stars has quickly become the top TLD domain on

handshake and um let’s kind of uh before we get into that let’s talk a little bit about a history of the name services in Cosmos so one of the first to launches was actually called star name not to be confused with stargate’s names um and and it didn’t it didn’t really get much adoption uh it was very early and um you know I believe name Services really have to be um they need to be tied in with some kind of utility some kind of um other use case for them to really take off um for example ens didn’t really take

off um until until nfts kind of were a thing in ethereum uh and then and then a lot of the kind of collectors uh you know started using it in their Twitter bios and so forth um because uh it’s it’s it’s kind of an easy way to a lot of nft collectors like to show off their Collections and so forth so uh having a name is a um uh having an ens name in that case was um you know kind of uh useful for them uh to kind of make it very easy to find um and then and then uh you know stargaz names kind of came came later uh and it

has a lot of utility in the marketplace with stargaze uh the support for IBC coming and there’s also uh icns which is uh hosted on osmosis and uh they have a little bit of a different take uh it’s based on Twitter uh so you kind of create your IBC name based on signing in with Twitter all right let’s talk about stargaz names okay so uh existing name Services right one of their drawbacks uh is that the renewal price isn’t Market based uh usually they have some kind of like price based on the number of characters

uh and then the renewal price uh um is is is also based on a number of characters and and you can buy the name you squat on it on it forever and 10 years or 20 years um it is kind of this inefficient kind of speculative Speculator driven uh kind of system and um most of it just kind of like runs on one chain there’s no kind of IBC or cross-chain support uh so um strongest names kind of attempts to to fix this problem uh by creating more of a market based system uh it has a renewal um fee that is Market based uh that

happens every year so um here I’m just going to give you just a little kind of example of how it works so uh let’s say uh you want to buy a name called sedo uh you will go and uh and mint it and then after you mint it it gets listed on the marketplace it automatically gets listed immediately on the marketplace um then someone can come in and uh place a bid on it um so here we have uh you know one person coming in and placing a bid uh there could be multiple people coming in and placing bids and then after one year uh you as the

owner of this of this name uh you know can accept the bid at any time and then when a year comes up for one year to pay the renewal fee if you want to keep the name you pay point five percent of the highest bid so uh so this is Market based right is based on the demand for your name and of course if you don’t want to don’t want to renew it uh you can accept uh you can accept the highest bid um so so this is kind of uh the way it works and we believe it kind of creates more of a market-based kind of fair fair

system and um instead of giving a demo I’m actually just going to show some screenshots of how this all works so this is this is the interface so obviously all this is on chain uh this is a uh one version of the interface anyone can build an interface on top of this if they want to um it’s on chain it’s open source um so uh if you want to Mint a new name you go to stargaz.

zone and you can go type in your name and you can mint it uh right now the interface is very minimal and Bare Bones you can see the latest names you can see the highest offers um and and and this is kind of built uh the UI and ux for this is is kind of a bit more similar to a normal kind of uh you know domain service um a lot of the ones on other networks um are kind of like built into NFD marketplaces and uh you know they like generate an image uh you know for the name which which you you don’t really need for for something that’s just text

right so um eventually this will adapt and grow but the current interface is kind of very very minimal um Australia’s names is used all throughout stargaze so here’s an example from the marketplace you can see uh the owner uh you can see their names names listed here um it creates much more kind of like a social experience um names may not make sense uh if if if uh if it’s a D5 protocol right you know do do you really care about the name of uh the counterparty that you’re trading against uh you know inside of amm pool

or something like that right um but but in nft Marketplace it totally makes sense uh you can look at the provenance you can see uh who used to own something it’s it’s uh NFD marketplaces are really kind of the social networks of web3 uh that’s that’s kind of the way kind of kind of the way I see it yeah um so here’s here’s an example when you’re on a specific item uh you can see the Creator name so one of the main uh uh the the driving reason for making this name service is because our

creators our users kept asking us for it like they they wanted to know the identity of the artist right um they didn’t want to get rug pulled by an artist claiming that they’re someone else um so um you know privacy Advocates may not like this obviously if you uh this is optional right you don’t have to get a name you don’t have to associate a name with an address uh if you’re concerned about privacy you can obviously have a separate address that is not tied to a name uh but but in this case a lot of

our users wanted to know the identity of the creators so so that’s that’s one of the reasons uh for building this and you can see the offers you can see the names uh of of of some of the people that are are placing bids um here’s the interface if you want uh after you’ve minted a name if you want to uh you know transfer it if you want to edit it um and and uh you can associate your name with your current wallet address you can also associate with a contract address so um for example if you’re um an nft

Creator uh you can associate a name with the collection address um and uh if you’re a Dao you can associate your Dow contract address your treasury address with a name and then people can easily send funds to your Treasury right um you can also uh this is also fun right you can associate an image uh with your name and uh in this case it’s taking an nft from uh from stargaze and making it your profile and and we have also built a Twitter verification Oracle so if you want to associate your uh uh you know dot stars name and um you want

to associate it with your uh Twitter profile in a provable way uh you can go and um and Associate your Twitter handle uh it it creates a message that is posted to Twitter and then we have an oracle that listens to um all these tweets and then it verifies the name and posts a transaction to the blockchain foreign and so this is probably the section uh many of you are interested in uh is is you can associate a handshake name servers with your name and uh so then you can uh you know create a DOT Stars page uh and and if

you have something like fingertip installed uh you can go navigate to your page um so uh um so so Nick who’s going to join me uh in the next panel uh made this amazing tool on our weave um uh where you can go in and uh you can create uh the name service records um that will uh be Associated uh with the name so here you can set the DNS uh you can create the record uh and then and then after creating the record you can go back and add it to uh the section here where you add the name services and then boom you automatically have a uh uh

um you have a website that points to your dot Stars okay so um one one issue we ran into while while building this is conflicts with namespaces so um icns which is the name Service uh that is built by the osmosis team uh you know lost a few days after stargate’s names and uh there was a little bit of a a kind of a name service War a little bit in Cosmos for a while um and the reason for this is in Cosmos we use you know BEC 32 addresses uh so it’s possible for name service to uh resolve uh names for other change as

well uh because you can easily uh transform a a back 32 address from uh that represents one chain to another chain uh that that has a different prefix right so um for example all the uh the key derivation paths uh in Cosmos is uh most of the change generally use key type 118 and um if you use that uh every uh a name service can easily you know derive the address for any other chain so it’s very possible that like you know 10 10 name services and Cosmos um you know all all resolve uh addresses for each other and uh you get this kind

of like uh huge conflict you know because like Alice uh on on uh the name Alice on one on osmosis may not be the same Alice that’s on stargaze right so um this is kind of the uh an issue we’re running into in Cosmos so um I I introduced this thing called um fqn fully qualified names um and uh the way a fully qualified name uh will work is that uh you you break the name into three three components you have three components in the name and it’s very similar to email so so this was designed purposely to look a lot

like email uh you can have uh a one of the components is the name component the other component is the chain component and then you have the name service component as well um so this uh has all the parts that you need uh to be able to uniquely you know identify uh a name um and and have it resolve and work with any uh you know any chain in in uh in Cosmos and and uh and and also this is also backwards compatible uh with uh you know ens and other name Services too because the middle part is optional right so uh you know if your name is uh

is alice.eath uh you can um you know you can skip the middle part and just be uh uh alice.eth um so so this is um something that I I proposed and trying to get um so so what’s next right right now uh trying to get buy-in from the rest of the cosmos ecosystem for fqf four fqns um uh I already have a draft spec but you know I want to try and get it official uh spec out for this and then then work on implementation getting it integrated into uh like the wallets and the tools for the wallets um you know onboard more chains to use

it um and then we’re also working on what we call outposts and outposts are basically um these proxies for the name Marketplace on other chains so if you’re another chain and you want to use stargaze names um you’ll be able to use it over IBC so an outpost is essentially like a contract a proxy contract uh in this case it’s cause and was in contract that lives on another chain and um it acts like a local version of the marketplace on that chain even though it’s actually running on stargaze so uh so this uh you know this is

something something exciting that we’re working on um and uh that’s all I had for today um if you want to learn more about stargaze names and stargaze um you can follow us on Twitter at stargazezone uh there’s also a Discord if you go to that link you can easily find the Discord link and you can also follow me at s-h-a-n-3v on Twitter um thank you all and I’m totally open to answering some questions foreign yeah so the bids so the question is are are the bits locked and for how long and yeah when you do place a bid uh the bid

is locked until um um until either you remove the bid um or until that year has passed um how to avoid uh abusive bidding uh attempt to force a name holder to pay more um yeah so this is just uh so so this is opportunity cost right so um you know if you if you bid a really high amount uh because the bid is locked in you’re you are is opportunity cost you know you could be earning yield on that um on that amount of money um you could be using it on D5 and so forth so uh there’s uh there there’s there’s there’s opportunity cost for uh

trying to abuse the bidding okay I mean there are there is going to be a panel after this everyone Nick’s already Nick’s in the Audi I don’t know if you see his chat chain but yeah I mean angry mouse or Nick will be in the panel also Chango she’s already in backstage so um but I guess you understand if you have time to answer some of these but yeah Nick is also an expert on this which is which was involved right I mean I mean he’ll introduce himself I think a lot of people know him in the community but

yeah if you want to answer some more of these we have about five fish minutes we’ll also have a break before the panel good panel if you think they’re better for the panel okay well I can answer this one one question and we can go back to the panel um is there an option to Mint on iOS uh yes there is if you use the Kepler if you’re down with a Kepler app for iOS um uh there is you can go to stargaze there and uh there’s a way uh then you can go to the names Tab and mint the names there okay yeah so I think people I’m not sure how

familiar people I know there’s also some stargaze people coming to see or talk but I think a lot of people in handshake also are active in do you have any data about that like the uh the relationship or the I mean it’s probably hard to to track because it’s not it’s different ecosystem but you know I I um yeah I mean I mean uh I’m I’m sure I’m sure I’m sure we can get some data on it um I mean all I know is that uh dots dot stars is the top top TLD yeah I mean uh I don’t know if

you’re aware of the shake the shake um it’s a it’s like a newsletter and handshake Zach he’s the is the editor or founder he’s in the audience too but yeah we we track the stats and you’re yeah dot stars is the is the top one um I think there’s even a leaderboard page I’m not sure you should know that just so you can see your own stats but yeah yeah you know I know I wish I had it so I could yeah I can so exact or somebody could share the link I know it’s on this site but I

could I could pull it up I just want to break my computer free something right now but uh there’s a link a leaderboard if oh there it is yeah Zach is the you should also talk to Zach he’s great he’s um he just shared a link so it’s the shake.xyz Slash slds and I will share my screen really quick quickly although I’m scared I’ll break something but do you see my tab yeah wow It it’s it it has three times no this is total slds right and then uh this is you or your uh your project that’s amazing

yeah so it’s almost 10K but it’s down recently in the seven days or something but yeah the Sheikh Zach he’s uh he’s also here he’s in he’s chatting right now you should but yeah you can see others like this is a previous we’ll share later they do impervious um which is on ethereum um and there’s records which is actually Zach and then there’s name base I think you’re aware of and Gateway all this and actually I don’t think technically but but um yeah these are um different

different uh yeah C was it’s been around he’ll be sharing later too uh clay um yeah and and and Nick Nick should talk about um Nick should talk about the uh the link service that he built and I think I think that is driving a lot of adoption and usage of that stars you know one thing I I noticed too I’m a user um is you can put your name dot Stars dot is it name what’s the TLD on DNS you can kind of get a little profile page right off the bat it’s like you’re you’re oh yeah the Stars page

yeah Stars page yeah that’s a cool one it’s kind of like HSN too but I think maybe we’ll I think Nick’s like wait wait I want to talk about that yeah yeah okay yeah yeah I should go ahead and talk about it um so anything you want to add to this session before of course you’ll have your panel you’ll be on the panel two and Django’s here if there’s anything you’d like to add or last uh a couple minutes okay um yeah you know I just want to say uh I really like what what hns is doing is

solving a real problem uh and um you know is going to the base layer um um of of of of how how all the stuff works and I am just glad that you’re putting this on and uh making more people aware of handshake okay yeah my pleasure and also I guess I also say uh in in the community but I think we’ll say thank you for for respecting the handshake uh system and getting the dot stars on handshake I know I I don’t want to get so personal but I think a lot of other blockchain projects seem to just write it off say out or

don’t even know about it maybe but they’re like I don’t need to get the handshake why not just launch anything I want on my blockchain right because he he could have launched dot stars without getting the handshake one technically So yeah thank you yeah Zach says the same which is the shake um so yeah we thank you for that and uh we’re here to support you so if if there’s others in community um that can help that’s what we’re here for so I think we’ll let we’ll wrap up take

a little bit of break people can Network there’s booths there’s also some uh I believe name base has actually people at their Booth so you can jump in I know people have questions for name base they’re a sponsor and they have a booth so um it might be hard for people to find but when we click this will be a little bit of a break oh and the leaderboard sorry um Shane I guess you can I can you can take a little rest and then I’ll see you in the next session I’ll just make some announcements um one second

all right so the leaderboard the leaderboard we had oh and the dot X Booth is open too thank you Anne so again you know we just recognize our sponsors this year we have booths I think previous years we didn’t have booths or virtual booths but there are real people there um and you can jump into that Booth there’s people from that team I’m actually uh the dot X Booth is there that’s nice I might go talk to dot X um but that’s what we’re trying to do here so we’re going to have a how much

time do we get for the break and I think it’s like 10 10 minutes or so and then chango’s ready already chango’s already ready I think a lot of you know Chango angry Mouse you’ve seen a chat and Shane will come back for a panel about you know stargaze and Cosmos and handshake and and lots of fun stuff which I think has been an excellent panel is also a huge lineup you can click the view schedule so much more to go for today and also tomorrow I think I’m gonna let it wrap get to a 10 minute break jump

into some booze get some networking make some deals and I’ll see you in the next session thank you all [Music]