The Shake w/ Zach Brown


[Music] thank you [Applause] what is everybody doing all right all right Zach class time Chris is right we have a have a great session here um first time for me to see Zach here on and I really appreciate everything you’ve done I mean I remember subscribing to the Chic when I first heard about handshake and uh you know I think everybody here we’ve already heard people mentioning it during various sessions that uh you know your your consistency and and uh and uh you know concern um and care about the protocol and uh

the project is really really appreciated so it’s I want to give you the floor and uh and have you share um share what you’ve been doing so yeah uh let’s let’s go thank you Zach thanks okay um hi everybody um I’m Zach I run the shake for people who aren’t familiar people who are new this year um the shake is a Weekly Newsletter that covers the handshake ecosystem um it’s also a website that tracks handshake data and covers um and curates handshake resources um and in addition to covering the

ecosystem um the shake is also an active contributor to the space and this past year has built a number of different sites and tools um with our vision of what handshake and the decentralized web uh can be and so I wanted to use this time today to talk about some of those projects that we released this past year and some of the things that we’re working on um right now and I will share a little deck as we walk through some of those projects so the first project that we put out this past year um is Shakespeare Shakespeare is a

public ipfs Gateway on handshake and so ipfs is a file storage Network that um that allows you to upload files and access files um through this decentralized storage protocol and a public Gateway like Shakespeare allows anybody to retrieve those files and access those files so you can go to app.shake.

spear and um and see this little landing page that allows you to enter um any Content ID for a file and retrieve that file through our Gateway there are a few other gateways in the ipfs ecosystem some big ones are run by the ipfs team themselves and cloudflare the difference with Shakespeare is that because it’s on handshake doesn’t require a registry it doesn’t use a registrar there’s no certificate Authority or IPC provider this is uh has all the peer-to-peer benefits of handshake in the on the DNS side and um

as far as we know Shakespeare is the only public ipfs Gateway that exists on handshake today so pretty cool the next project um that I want to touch on and that we put out this past year is excerpt and uh worked on this with Eskimo um uh another handshake developer um and I’m noticing that the um the subtitles wrong there excerpt is um a blogging platform on handshake and so you can write blogs um on your own handshake domains and the purpose of this uh project was making a more handshake native way to um to to write a blog to to connect your

domain to a um a platform and put your name to work and so for people new to the space people who’ve just got a handshake domain and want to do something with it but might not have a website um excerpt is a great place to start and post some content the way that it works is you first use your name to log in your handshake name is used for verification um and then you get you add your domain domain records um to your name and username for DNS to set up your blog you can make posts and um and then the third way you can use your

name on excerpt is for tipping there’s a tipping functionality where your name acts as your address Alias so dev.exerpt is the domain for our blog where we plug where we post um development updates about the excerpt platform itself and if you put Dev dot excerpt into your browser it’ll resolve the blog but if you put Dev dot excerpt into Bob wallet it will act as an address Alias and you can send money you can send hns to the wallet tied to that domain um handshake names are cool in this way that we can use them both for we can use

them for very verification for DNS and for wallet aliasing and excerpt was a way to highlight all of that the sub the um subtitles were switched so um the last slide said um what this project actually is um this project wiggity um is a tool to bypass pay walls on handshake um so the way that this works is there’s a few other uh paywall gateways out there and they all sort of function the same way um websites that have pay walls will show that payroll to a user but they won’t show that paywall to a search engine so

that that site can be indexed on say Google and the Gateway like wiggity will act as a search engine so that they can bypass that Gateway you can go to woogadi.wogoody on handshake and um get to this landing page that you see here and enter any URL into that field you can also um use the the Gateway by just putting wiggity slash any URL and you can try to bypass that Gateway um this will work for news articles and other sites that that might have gateways it won’t work for everything um it’s more of a prototype than a

finished product there is also a Chrome extension and that makes it super easy to use while you’re surfing the web when you stumble upon a Gateway you can just click the the Chrome extension and it will redirect to the uh wiggity slash that that link version of the site and you can try to bypass that paywall um one of the nice things about gateways like the Shakespeare Gateway I mentioned earlier and this one is instead of onboarding one site to handshake it’s a way to onboard many sites um you you can

um bypass a number of different paywalls and so all of those sites end up being uh content on handshake and um and so in that way you know we are trying to onboard um content to handshake at scale the last thing I’ll say about wiggity before moving on is if people are unfamiliar with the reference it is the name of a kind of handshake from an old cartoon called Rocket Power and so would very much encourage people to get creative with handshake names there are lots of handshake references and lots of fun ways to

um to name projects um and as serious as the topic of decentralization is I think it’s worth being playful too um and was very excited with the naming of this project a recent um site that we put out um this was in partner partnership with uh rhythvic who’s an awesome developer who works on Bob wallet as well as with Eskimo is Shake notes Shake knows is um sort of like bit nodes for handshake it’s a way to track handshake uh reachable nodes on the network and measure the size of the network um using the that node count

um right now we measure reachable handshake nodes and that number is lower than we would like it to be but the first step in um addressing those kinds of problems is making them legible and so by tracking this we’re able to see see those node counts um watch them over time and um that has in launching this project started discussion about other people’s spinning up nodes so if you can run a run a handshake full node on the network um please do would encourage people that that are able to to do this to do so

um and coming soon we’re also going to be adding um unreachable handshake nodes um unreachable handshake nodes would include fingertip resolver Beacon browser Bob wallet these are nodes that don’t verify transactions on the network but but but our but our clients on the network and and represent users on the network and so in measuring unreachable nodes we’ll be able to get a sense of um uh relevant data around how many users are are on handshake where are they located what kind of load are they putting on reachable nodes

um and useful useful data and also an interesting point in in the ways the handshake differs from a project like Bitcoin where unreachable nodes don’t necessarily serve a purpose um whereas unreachable nodes on handshake are fully verifying resolvers on the network that allow us to um self-verify names and serve this serve this uh valuable purpose for handshake um so you can expect some more development on the the Shake notes platform this year the last thing to uh to mention here is the shake site itself so

um we are in the process of doing a full redesign of the site there’s nothing to release just yet here today but you can expect um that to come and a a full refresh of the handshake site um it’s exciting because this site can serve as a place for new users for um for develop Developers for analysts to to come and learn to get resources to track the state of the network and sort of deserves to be treated with care and so I’m excited to um to get this finished and to share this with you all um and looking forward to the shake

platform continuing to grow so the shake itself um and this redesign has been in the works for a while and um and you can definitely look out for that uh coming soon that’s all I have now I do want to say thank you to all the people who’ve helped with um shake and Shake related projects um buffer rhythmic Eskimo Stephen Evan uh shingway and a bunch of other people um It’s a Wonderful community and a lot of people who behind the scenes have been involved with some of these projects um and some other things that I’ve been

working on with DOT records which I’ll be sharing later um tomorrow so um um yeah every the shake has been really my baby over the last few years and um really proud of being able to put some of this stuff out here but wouldn’t be able to do that with a wonderful developer community so um so so shout out to everybody um everybody else uh working on cool stuff that’s um all I have I know that’s a little bit a little bit fast Mike um but happy to answer any questions um if they’re if there are any I haven’t

been looking at the chat there’s been great I mean most people are just really appreciative of what you you know you and and uh the shake your baby has has done for uh for many here um yeah I mean you can scroll through the chats I’m not want some feedback or give us some small feedback um and I think even some some regulars here I think you’re just putting out a lot and people are you know it’s it’s overwhelming even now I mean I gotta also uh even myself research some of this more um maybe I could just selfishly ask if we

got a little time on excerpt I still have to dig in myself I I want to I want to I’m trying to make a video you know like I do um would it be too much to ask like a live demo of an excerpt I don’t want to put you on the spot but maybe um show could you show that live or um um if that’s not yeah we could we could try to uh I just feel like people shouldn’t use that more thinking about doing it yeah I think the hard thing about doing a demo right now is I don’t have a name open to go through the true

certification yeah that’s fine I’m seeing some people music um a video tutorial on excerpt um in the coming days so if you’re interested in um excerpt as a platform and how to use it um and haven’t heard about it or forgot about it I’ll I’ll put some more reset resources out this week on on how you can get involved okay um yeah somebody was saying it’s it seems like excerpts doing what uh steam should have been I saw from Jasper just some feedback for you um yeah I see the way that I’ve thought

about um excerpt is um you know d-links is this like really nice um simple way for new users to like put their name to work if you don’t have a website you can build a link tree with a name basis D-Link product an excerpt sort of being slightly farther down the spectrum of something a little bit more than a than a link tree um of a of a Blog that still if you don’t have a website but want to put your name to work as a great place to start yeah I I agree it’s great yeah I mean we all want to encourage people building on

building on handshake right and you’re showing us a lot of different ways today for people to build on handshake you know I really also want to just highlight that you know I know a lot of people here are into the flipping of names buying and selling names which is fine I know some people have financed their projects um you know by they bootstrap by buying and selling names but I think to have this project succeed is to actually build build on it like you’re you’re doing and giving people the opportunity

to um I see a couple in in the Q a tab I’ll pop one up on stage so Chris Neal at Namer tips is asking about a vlog version I mean that seems a little bit more difficult but uh um interesting idea um I don’t I don’t know if that’s uh in the works or gonna be prioritized we have a bunch of other projects that we’re working on but it if excerpt gets more popular and people use it for blogs then maybe we’ll consider adding agreed yeah I would agree with that let’s just use the base the current functionality I

mean there’s always features and things that can be done but I think just all of us as a community using these tools and platforms Miguel has always got he’s always got good questions lots of questions um yeah he’s talking about yeah go ahead I think you got it yeah I think he’s he’s asking about the the shakes uh list of registrars um and we’ve been going through updates on the website if if for some reason there’s a registrar that’s not listed on the shake that should be um just reach out to me on Twitter

either at dot the shake or at Zac Brown and happy to happy to get that back up there okay great yeah Crooks I mean getting a lot of good feedback it’s not really a question but I think everyone um is appreciate what you you know you’ve been doing since since the beginning actually can I ask when did you first hear about hear about handshake or you were in part of mainnet or here for mainnet just a little um I was around one handshake launched and so nice started the shake shortly after yeah we’ve been

we missed the last couple weeks of our Weekly Newsletter which comes out on Sunday but have been doing it almost every week for almost three years now that’s a lot of work I understand content you know is a lot of work okay um yeah we’re a little bit early but it’s it’s fine to be early um I think I got all the questions from people and uh we can go to a break because we did cut that other break from the last panel um but yeah basically I think what what’s the best way to people support what you do uh I mean I know there’s

developers but a lot of us are not developers like like me I mean I guess um subscribing to your newsletter is a good way maybe what are some ways that people could support what you you’re doing at the shake um yeah you can subscribe to the newsletter uh the you can use some of these products so you can test out excerpt and make a Blog and um you can follow us on Twitter at dot the shake um I think those are the best ways to to keep up and and stay active um so we would love people to just uh

use their handshake names um either to make sites to make blogs um however they can so I think what I try to do with some of these uh projects under the shake umbrella is to show some things that you can do I’m not a I’m not a developer you know all of this is kind of like self-taught and with friends in the community so if you if you’re feeling non-technical just know that there’s still ways to to be active and um I’ve tried to release some like open source code of things that have hacked

together to make it easier for people so just follow the shake and um and we’ll try to continue to be like a source of inspiration for things that you can build in the community too great thanks Zach yeah I think everybody here appreciates I think telegram groups there’s discords um you know like you said where somebody some people might not I know people are on Twitter I mean I guess Discord seems to be in my best place to connect with other develop connect with the community or developers what would you

suggest we’re I think there are people everywhere if you’re on Twitter if you’re on telegram or Discord just just uh reach out and ask questions and if there’s a better you know platform I’m sure people will point you in the right direction okay okay so we can move to to break mode for everyone um yeah Twitter spaces is good yeah there’s there’s lots of Miguel seems like he’s excited to talk to you yeah this the whole point of this conference is to highlight people like you know Zach I

mean everybody knows to shake but he’s open you know don’t don’t be shy to ask people everyone here is very approachable and um this is how we are gonna succeed uh as a community you know we have to support each other use our products build on handshake um share what we’re working on so I think um I think we’re good thank you again Zach it’s uh pretty much uh I’ll be speaking uh tomorrow as well so I’ll see everybody tomorrow yeah he’s gonna share about dot records tomorrow with the impervious uh session

so it’ll be a good one so I know a lot of people want to know more about how you launched out records and you’ve done really great there so if you’re curious on that check them out tomorrow so thanks thanks again Zach thanks Mike [Music]