Case Studies of TLD Owners Staking


(00:00) foreign [Music] [Music] all right Richard Clay Alex Cuba’s here hello nice awesome you made it man really great this is gonna be totally epic totally epic thank you everybody we’re in day

(01:04) two deep in the middle of day two of handycon 3 2023 and uh this is going to be a great session um case studies of TLD owners staking you know I think we just finished the impervious session without records and Zach and Steve at the previous that was an amazing one there’s a lot coming today we have a great lineup of people in various different ecosystems and and Technologies to share um you know what they’re working on their experiences uh Technologies I think we will we’ll just share the stage clay do you want to start I’m just I see

(01:44) top left then Kiba Richard Alex yeah sure um yeah so I can introduce myself my name is Clay Collins um I own dot C dot one uh dot Zen and uh and Dot contract and um uh I believe uh dot C is the second the second um uh Yes actually that started email came out of nowhere and uh has gone wrong Skyrocket right we’re right so I know that’s number one but I don’t know if it’s number one in terms of Revenue maybe it is I anyway so it’s one or two that’s these number one number one or two is one for a while

(02:24) um I don’t know if they’re giving away those dot Stars but um yeah maybe someone here knows so that’s been a good time I’ve been involved for years now years um and it’s been fun watching the community develop yeah it’s amazing and I really appreciate your uh contributions and involvement okay I’ll share the shot the shake dot XYZ slds will show you the leaderboards but yeah um Kiba next I’m really happy to have you here yeah good to see you guys again um yeah so I like a bit about me um an

(03:02) old handshake person was kind of here on launch and then I ran the handshake Development Fund which kind of gave grants out to people like Bob wallet or Mike you got some and other people people in the community to just um do their thing you know and have handshake be a cool place to be and hang out um and I also made one of the Discord groups that maybe people hang out in um and for me I for handshakes taking stuff that I’m interested in uh it’s almost like the social layer stuff so maybe like dot TX would be a good

(03:29) example I don’t think the owner is on this call um but yeah it’s kind of like local community oriented stuff um making it kind of social I think that’s why we all like names is because we feel like they represent something and so I think for me like the more valuable thing is like selling slds but it’s like uh creating community that uses like actually believes in the name or like the name is them it identifies them I think it’s the most valuable thing true yeah we’ll dive into that that’s a great topic if you

(03:55) can take note Richard go next a little intro yeah uh yeah I first discovered a handshake a couple of weeks before last year’s handy con uh went super deep uh that’s kind of what I do when I when I find a new topic I’m interested in um so instantly kind of saw the potential of being able to sell slds and generate income from owning your own TLD kind of been into traditional icann domaining a little bit for a couple of years before uh started making some bids uh on some premium domains didn’t get

(04:25) anywhere I probably need up for 50 000 h s back uh a year ago kind of at the top of the market yeah so that was definitely a top buy uh and picked up dot lazy um and I’ve been wanting to sell slds to stake it and sell slds ever since but I still haven’t I’ve been waiting for new developments to go online like the hns.

(04:48) id I really think we get into obviously uh and I won’t take too much for this intro but I decentralized slts is yeah for sure and it just unlocks so much and uh I know impervious has done a great job and it’s really interesting to me but I’m still waiting on what name base is going to be launching uh to make a decision so yeah cool thank you Richard and last but not least of course Alex hey hey everyone I’m Alex uh I’m a product designer at name base previously on namecheap so still within the same ecosystem I guess and

(05:24) um I also was the founder of hns switch so the commercial you saw before if you want to know more about that we can chat offline and yeah I got into handshake because basically a name cheap garden to handshake that’s when I first discovered it and I kind of went into staking as an experiment and it’s it’s going well so I’m here to share my experiences that reach right is your is your uh is your main TLD yeah so it’s not region.

(05:59) researcher those are the two not researchers yeah I think I have a DOT researcher I always try to get the the also like a little bit of a domain hack or short ones when I can I’m like a big sucker I buy like slds from everybody because like I like Kiba says I try to think about it well one is experimenting and supporting but also um it’s like community so maybe we should start with that topic right like that’s what I’ve said about about handshake since I first saw it too it’s an opportunity for communities to to use them for their

(06:31) users and to to share so I think eBay was kind of going to that maybe you could start with that and others want to add about you know for communities yeah um I guess there’s like different parts of it like one is have giving like community members names and like identifying people by their names their slts or whatever and they’re the ones like kind of building social apps using names like you know h s chat or you know kind of like other coordination types of things um so yeah I just think like the and

(07:01) obviously those types of apps social apps are network based because there’s no social networks and so combining that with the naming capabilities I think is a really big opportunity to you know identify people I think we talk a lot about did and stuff like that in handshake and then create apps you know that are like more semantic or you know do more interesting things things like that okay great anybody want to add to this one I mean I know let’s kind of keep a specialty but just me to reiterate the

(07:28) way I see it is you saw two points one is like you know people support artist or support a community of people and they want to just buy or even get it for free as their username I actually like just saw gutter cat gang I know we’re not all East people but gutter cat gang is having a lot of problems in in uh their their Community I think and this of course dropping their nft collections collapsing it’s like below an eighth these speed a lot higher and just yesterday I’m winging this but yesterday or day

(07:59) before they just offered we would call it third level domains but they’re giving their cat collection free slds on dot guttercat.eth so you can get like mike.guttercat.eth only if you have the gutter cat main cat collection and actually people in there are upset because they’re like I got a pigeon and I’m a puffer pigeon I saw some guy was a puffer pigeon he’s like I got ta go for a pigeon and I spent a lot of Ethan I don’t get a sub domain you know but I mean obviously we’re talking this is

(08:34) handshake but I mean it’s still very similar this system right so they give those for free to Holders of nfts of certain nfts which other nft holders like pissed about which is kind of funny and uh but I don’t know is that like an example for first one keeper or others you know I guess like giving them away right you don’t have to sell them you could use them as add-ons yeah yeah so I just bought this other NFP the other day which was by like one of the main artists for cryptokitties and it was like this like weird art thing they made

(09:02) this AI generative art based on like a bunch of era uh field companies like or whatever and so you bought like one of these weird AI generated nfts which honestly weren’t that good um but then you could then claim uh a domain name um for one of these like fake you know revived companies so I think they’ve like petscom.

(09:23) eth or pet study or something like that and then you can claim whatever and then I found an exploit actually they have like special CEO nft and then um that’s supposed to be like dco and they’re like super special and whatever and then I just bought the special NFD um there’s more regular nft and then I claimed the SEO name or CEO name and so now I’m like the quote-unquote CEO because I have that name but I don’t have the CEO that was kind of funny okay yeah there’s tons of ways that you can like use these things and also you

(09:49) know exploit them like I like to do exploiting yeah you’re you’re very talented you know technical guy I appreciate it yeah so just so people know keep is the one that we had to talk about impervious earlier I think you’re one of the main contributors to the bridge of hip five which Bridges handshake tlt’s cross chains that was all a Zipkin that hit five like I had no idea how to do that he actually kind of like made my thing work a lot better because I only knew how to do like one thing just the resolver but like it

(10:18) wasn’t really connected and he made it like actually connect so I helped them with like the smart contracts and sending a pns and how they like configured all of that um but then they did like a separate thing for the new and previous registry that they do now but I help them review the contracts and stuff like all all roads lead back to Zipkin yeah yeah so much for handshake um okay um let’s go to Clay I mean everyone knows dot C you know like I know I know you know you’re even in a chat about the

(10:47) star stuff um but but basically um what’s been your experience you know you’ve also got some that you also staked to impervious maybe you could just share what you’ve you’ve been just you’ve been like the earliest you know sure yeah let me let me see if I can share my screen here um yeah so um some some things going on uh so first off it’s it’s kind of interesting so I’m showing here as um having sold uh 7472 sub domain so that doesn’t it doesn’t exactly match up with this but maybe

(11:24) this is like active versus I don’t know maybe they’re counting different things um I I I’m I think reporting in the space is going to be improving over time um you know here’s here’s my earnings um you know I I’d say on a decent month I make four to five k a month fairly passively from sales across uh everything right uh I only have seven YOLO sales but you know across everything including um the doc contract uh stuff as well so this kind of look at my my back panel um one thing I’ve been experimenting

(12:01) with recently is offering dot one domains for uh like basically I get nothing um so it’s uh I I renewal’s like 15 bucks but uh it’s uh two dollars to register them and and I get I get nothing from that so if you go to my transaction history you’ll see like there’s so many dot one like right now I’m getting 10.

(12:26) 1 registrations for every dot C registration and I think that’s you know primarily uh economically driven uh at the moment so over time you can kind of see uh you know the the seven day increase in dot one it’s just growing at a much faster pace and I I really believe that probably dot one domains will exceed that c especially since uh on namecheap uh you know if you do a search you go to handshake um you know uh they’ve you know they’ve their dot P at the top which they have every right to do um the first one underneath this is dot

(13:00) one uh and it’s you know it’s a it’s a buck 98 uh to to get a domain um and and of course uh you know in in Circa and um uh pork bun and others are are all running the same price I’m just very pleased with the placement here um yeah so and and I’m also uh I’ve got dot contract domains on on impervious and a huge fan of the Innovation they’re doing there so it’s it’s been a great journey like I can honestly say that um you know I’ve made a lot more money than than I put in in terms of the initial

(13:35) investment and I spent quite a bit on the auctions uh and n.1 auctions to to get those so I’m I’m I’m up uh and uh have have benefited uh greatly from all the infrastructure and legwork uh that you know that everyone else has done I will say that um this year is um probably the the second or third um quarter of this year I’ll probably make a full-time higher around around marketing and and also um you know I think probably 75 of their time will be Marketing in 25 will be around the broader handshake ecosystem

(14:13) so I do want to make sure that um you know that that uh that that I kind of give back through this position because we we have found some marketing channels that work uh and that we feel like are repeatable and scalable and and I’ve made enough so far uh and just kind of socked it all away that I can afford um you know at least a year of someone you know a marketing person’s salary so um I’m stoked about um you know being more serious about this putting more for the marketing and also putting more effort into marketing

(14:41) the entire ecosystem and doing some real Biz Dev there I mean I think it’s it’s high time that uh myself and a handful of others really start going all in on on Biz Dev at the highest levels um you know flying out steak dinners um you know and and you know raising funds on the back end um to the tunes of hundreds of thousands of dollars if we need to to just kind of um you know if we can brute force uh get some Integrations done because it’s it’s high time that started happening um but that’s a topic for another day

(15:17) number one type of integration you’re thinking of wallet integration uh browser for the date for the ones on impervious and dsods that are coming or browser browser integration browser yeah yeah there was there was some chat yeah that’s a good point Luke we had some sessions yesterday about Integrations and of course I think those are top two right Integrations with wallets integration with browsers um obviously handshake I think we can all have to admit we’re kind of lagging on those uh compared to other other uh

(15:51) blockchain domain Solutions as of now but it’s really great to hear you want to make those contributions uh and Investments clay because somebody was saying can’t we just take a percent all sld sales across the ecosystem and just tax it and then use that tax I call it tactical attacks but I mean I I don’t see who would you know that could be a way but I mean you’re taking you’ve been you said socking away the income to build it up to maybe hire people and invest in this which is really really exciting royalty

(16:22) there you go thanks Nick yeah I’m I’m yeah it’s awesome it’s it’s all uh you know positioning I guess but yeah I’d be I mean I’m I’m for that um I’m for a royalty um for the Eagles okay so so Alex you want to just share some of your experiences with reach and you know I think you got two sides you’re also in in name base but I think you’re talking today mainly as your hat of your dot reach or your uh dot researcher so do you want to just share your thought process of thinking you know and when

(16:52) did you did it a little bit later than than clay or Clay did so do you want to just go through your your process experience yeah so um I can I kind of uh came to this talk with uh the mindset that clay also came into So speaking about how can we uh make or upscale you know being a TLD owner uh on handshake and in Integrations I think is the main thing I totally agree with you because um I actually have something written here uh because I believe handshake is more secure than the icann domains handshake you know it’s it’s a decentralized

(17:34) alternative to certificate authorities this means that it’s more secure it’s difficult to censor so one huge use case for me with browser integration is that for example and I say this to a lot of people um in China you don’t have access to Google but if Google dot C existed and had their website deployed in that domain it would work in China and other countries that are censored so I think this is one of the main things for me and as a responsibility as still the owners will be to help make this happen

(18:19) and also help um you know upscale our business by showing everybody the potential this has not only for us but also for you know these type of countries that don’t have access to all websites and they require a VPN to you know to access the web um so that was one of the main things I wanted to talk about the other thing is for people that know don’t know what’s taking even easy because there are a few newcomers here um yeah I think it’s true it’s it’s basically when you want to sell slds off your TLD

(19:01) um and I did not take it for a while I actually saw an interview with clay and Mike on YouTube which inspired me to try it so thank you guys for that uh because the potential is huge not only in terms of what it can do in terms of utility but also in terms of um as as clay said in terms of gains right so still today.

(19:27) com sell for millions of dollars which is insane um imagine being the owner of a TLD well you can you can simply go to name base and buy one right now but before this it was not possible it was almost impossible for anyone to even apply to own a TLD so we allowed this to be open to everybody and I think this is the best thing um that handshake is bringing for sure okay let’s bring it to Kiba I know Kiba and others even Steve Webb was in a previous session he thinks not everybody should stake right like you know because there’s 10 million I think over 10

(20:11) million now handshake tlds I don’t know what the definition is minted or or created obviously do you think 10 million TLD should be selling slds or maybe I’ll either in Kiba um I feel like you’re a little bit anti-sld I mean when we’re relaxing talking yeah yeah that’s kind of why I actually wanted to come and talk here because I also knew just by the name and also what you guys who was on yeah um yeah so I think in my opinion um obviously it’s just my opinion that it’s kind of a shame that

(20:50) the extent of what we consider like tlds within the handshake Community is just like selling slds and like that’s staking which isn’t even like really staking um is just the only purpose of it is to you know sell us of these which I don’t think is the purpose of handshake uh we should actually like using our domains which is why I was talking about apps and communities and things like that because that’s what I can’t shake in my opinion is actually Four is actually doing things with other people and

(21:12) interacting with them right that’s why we have domain names is because it’s easier to interact with other websites but also with three things like not just communicating with other you know web 2 centralized servers on websites is communicating with like other people directly and so for me the answer for realities is not about telling us ladies at all and that’s kind of like a shame that people do that in my opinion now there’s like entirely bad but I think there’s just like a lot more interesting

(21:36) and Innovative and cooler things that we could do that likely would also make you more money because you’re actually like making something new instead of just replicating an existing business model just with like a new namespace I’ll let the others answer but I want to just kind of bounce back a little bit to that I mean I guess I think certain tlds like obviously there’s some amazing ones clay and others here have um but it’s also a way to bootstrap bootstrap like you know like clay had said he’s been socking away the money

(22:04) and he’s going to use that to hire people and pay for Integrations which I think is pretty pretty amazing right so I mean in a way that’s kind of like the other side of that I mean of course you said there’s other ways you can make money with the TLD than selling slds but I mean I think it’s the beautiful thing that we can kind of bootstrap and uh and uh as with this community is about Grassroots and you know as we see um there’s other alternative blockchain solutions that are the opposite of Grassroots that

(22:32) exist um so I mean that’s the other side of that argument but I don’t know if you know Richard maybe come back to lecture with that and I I bet you I know Clay has some thoughts on that what are your thoughts on staking in general or so yeah I think we all want to see Mass adoption of handshake and I come from an nft uh trading background for the last couple of years or 18 months or so um and for me I really see what I’ve seen at nfts how a limited number of tokens or you know a subset which you can build around a TLD you can create

(23:06) communities um and also there’s just there’s a lot I I kind of view like decentralized slds as the way that handshake can become mainstream if if nft speculators which is often seen as a dirty word and Traders um you know see the potential to to make money then then they will come and that will start to build awareness of what handshake is if people you know like a year ago last April ens domains went crazy four-digit ens domains took off they Rose to three maybe even higher uh you know like the 10K club uh from units

(23:43) digits one to one to ten thousand um and there is so much secondary trading so it’s so much so much action and so much interest in ens because of the uh the the new way that that people could could obviously make money but also build community so if you had uh the 10K ens domain you could get access to a Discord Community uh you know that’s that’s pretty typical but I kind of see if if dslds uh really take off is going to get a lot of interest from existing nft uh players and then we can educate in terms of where these ethereum

(24:21) tokens are rooted in the handshake uh uh and uh with you know rooted within within handshake and we can educate in terms of why that’s a better uh a better situation in terms of Hosting websites than the alternatives on the market like ens and Unstoppable so I kind of I kind of view nfts decentralized slds as the way that we could actually build a lot of interest in handshake generally um so that’s that and then there’s a lot of community aspects a lot of innovation that you can do and you can reach out to

(24:58) to your dsld holders you can identify them so yeah that’s my perspective yeah hey I shared your website at least I remember you um I know you haven’t launched still but it still work you know and then lazy I see your nfts I think behind you is there a lazy yeah like one of the first I impact the personality nft I bought was the The Lazy line and so I kind of got into it uh so they they rise pretty big like a year ago there were three years they’ve fallen down to like point four eighth floor now um but uh there’s still kind of a core

(25:28) Community there’s still like 5 000 unique holders and so uh that’s obviously something that I’m going to be targeting when when I do launch but there’s there’s other things that you can do with it with that name as well but um yeah I just I’m excited in terms of in terms of like I’m a marketer like I I learned a lot from clay back in the day uh from like leadpages and what clay was doing um but there’s a lot that I can kind of do in terms of of marketing and selling these dslds

(25:55) um but but I think the amount of interest that they can actually put onto handshake could be huge so yeah that’s my perspective yeah okay great yeah yeah yeah so my take my take on this is like so first and foremost I’m super grateful to kind of like the very um like the creators of of handshake which came from like this this very kind of hardcore you know Bitcoin almost maximalist background um and so like there’s no question that we wouldn’t be where we are today uh without that kind of ethos and I’m very

(26:31) happy that um handshake is proof of work and uh just a number of the technical decisions that were made um I I think that’s really cool and I I think um often people with uh strongly held opposing viewpoints make for a great community so um like I’m not I do not take offense in any way um from like your comments Kiba uh I do I do think it’s cool that we’ve um kind of incentivized um a lot of different experimentation it’s cool to see um slds on ethereum it’s cool to see you know these Bridges

(27:03) um it’s you know I imagine at some point there’s going to be a token uh created for uh maybe a Dao for sld owners uh on a given TLD um you know I I have no plans on doing one it sounds like a huge uh pain really but you know you could have a DOT C token um that allows folks to vote uh I think there’s lots of interesting thoughts around um you know multi-sig voting um you know so if if you own a an sld um you you know you get access to you know some the ability to vote for for the TLD and and I and so I think there’s

(27:41) there’s just um it’s an interesting way to economically incentivize uh you know a whole bunch of ways to go about things of course there’s a more traditional path um with you know very centralized um slds being sold on top of of handshake which you know might not have ever been the intent uh from the beginning so uh I I think we’re just going to see the whole spectrum and I think that’s a sign of a healthy ecosystem um and uh but but at the end of the day it’s it’s really cool to see that you

(28:11) know unlike.eth and unlike the Unstoppable domains Community um you know we potentially can have entire communities um you know galvanized around various top-level domains you know it’s interesting what’s happening seeing what’s happening with DOT records um you know with what impervious is doing you know um you know name name base is going to have their decentralized um you know alternative as well and um I I think that slds for me at the end of the day unlock the potential for just a whole bunch of different types of

(28:48) experimentation I’m really glad that as a design choice agent s does not prescribe uh how second level domains are are done at all because it’s again it’s it’s fostered a lot of experimentation Innovation I think ultimately that’s just going to push the space forward like yeah I think that’s a great last point to just highlight is that’s also what I liked about handshake you know well of course we have 10 minutes um while Kiva says you know he doesn’t think that there should be slts or maybe some people

(29:18) think it should be for like lazy lions or it could just be a cool like sld or I could put it on ethereum like with impervious or I can stake it with name base through uh to name sheep or you know um I think that’s the beauty of handshake you know cross cross chain um and your choice as a TLD owner of where you think is best for the use of that um Alex what do you think I know you I don’t know if I want to you should we put your Navy’s hat on here or are we just talking as a DOT reach person but you know I don’t have questions

(29:49) I’m not gonna paint them but uh they’re asking about you know player two’s uh Layer Two Solutions on eth um they’re talking about uh other issues there’s some people are you know talking about the name base some of the name-based uh clogging or issues and stuff like that I don’t wanna but you know of course there’s been um there’s a lot there’s a lot going on it’s still early stage but do you wanna I mean I could even answer some of that but do you want to answer some of that a little bit I don’t

(30:22) remember are you asking me to answer q a there’s two questions one is a layer two on the East uh solution and then the other is uh somebody’s just disappointed about the glitches that they see over the months in in the I think maybe but he’s saying a lot of people think handshake is name based because a lot most people use name base so those are two kind of questions I see from the list okay so regarding Layer Two that’s a great question to ask Aaron tomorrow yeah I’m not so technical at least we’ll

(30:58) have a whole dedicated session with Aaron CTO and they’ll be answering all of it regarding the glitches um you know when when we bought uh we name chip what’s uh name base it had and it took a long time for us to to get it back in running again like smoothly we’re still working on it we’re improving the platform not only in the back end but also as new features come out and uh you know Clay even did a spoiler alert by sharing the screen but Aaron will talk about that feature tomorrow the registry manager

(31:40) and and and more it’s okay um and um there’s still more things to come uh more improvements to to the dashboard to The Domain manager and try to make it uh a better experience for people that are wanting to use their handshake domains handshake names in regards to tokiva um I I feel that there are a lot of use cases for handshake tlds slds is is one way and as I said I came into this experimenting so I do have tlds reserved for that specific thing so for example I have my name as a TLD I will never sell slds of my name because I’m trying to

(32:31) experiment with with the applications of owning that CLG uh when utility comes for that you know first thing last name or you talk about your last your family name because they’re super amazing or your full name alexnet Dot alexnet just Alex was not available yeah um so I can answer like the Ethel 2 question quickly and they could talk about you know xnhs and me I guess um but uh like clay just said a nice thing about handshake is that it’s like just a TLD or a root Zone and we don’t

(33:34) worry about SLT stuff so you can just like replicate the impervious registry and just deploy to nl2 like arbitrum and you can do that super easily uh that’s what Imperials has already done they have one registry for badass and they have another registry for everyone else um and they have a separate one for DOT forever uh so you can illegally just like they move forever into the same contract lately I don’t know if you saw everything okay I don’t know how they did it at least I think but sorry go

(33:58) ahead um so yeah that’s like a two thing it’s like yeah basically anything any platform is valid for handshake like a normal server um or it could be a smart contract address or could you be like an ipfs file or whatever you want um so it doesn’t even have to be underneath L2 um and then for me yeah so I think you guys are totally right that like uh handshake tlds do have a ton of potential and just the reason I left the handshake community in general didn’t leave whatever and step back uh just

(34:26) because I felt like no one was actually like building them so yeah there’s like all this potential but I just felt like no one was actually trying to actualize it um so yeah I have this like app called xnhs which was a bridge um and it did go to l2s originally I deployed it on the X-Men Network which is now gnosis chain um and now it’s on polygon so you can actually deploy to both if you wanted to X die and polygon and have all of your domains there um and it works I mean people use it um a couple people are awesome enough to

(34:51) test it including you Mike I think and yeah uh yeah uh it’s just like I didn’t really feel like it was worth contributing to handshake like there’s just other stuff going on other places that I felt was more aligned with what I wanted to do right that wasn’t just like selling slds and people that actually like actually experimenting and actually trying new things and stuff like that so that’s the main reason I don’t contribute but I’m still open and um yeah okay there’s a lot man I mean we just don’t

(35:19) have time right in this five minutes but I want to maybe go around around the room around the room there’s great people some people are asking like tips so you know I still think you know I know Keepers on one side but still the majorities want to sell SLT so I think for this panel we’ll what are some tips like I mean like like lazy you have the domain you’re collecting a list even collecting your emails right but you still haven’t even launched you haven’t picked where to go but you’re collecting

(35:44) email but I mean you’re building you’re a marketer so you’re building up that list which we’ve learned from killer clay in early days right building up a list or do you want to share something yeah build my hopes in yeah yeah yeah I’ve collected some emails people have said which which domains they want to register first um yeah I I think there’s just huge potential I don’t really you know looking at the shake tlds list um you know we’re still the top uh 20 25 or you know near the bottom is still

(36:12) like a couple hundred sales like we’re so early uh I I feel that if you can identify if you can build a brand around your TLD identify a community or an audience that is going to resonate with it uh and you’re able to reach out to those um I I think that there’s just this huge opportunity uh especially if you you know you’ve done a lot of internet marketing previously and and audience building and uh so like I’m personally focused on I’ve got a lot of different newsletters that’s my main business now

(36:43) and it’s the same it’s the same skill set it’s it’s how do you get new subscribers you you can have affiliate programs you can have referral uh programs you can uh offer uh uh incentives for people to refer uh traffic or or customers to you you know free gifts free free rewards it’s all these kind that kind of things that you can apply to selling slds so uh yeah people that have experience with with with online marketing online business uh that can pick up a TLD can identify an audience uh I think there’s huge

(37:15) potential and it’s it’s it’s still not really been been done but yeah like I know we’re running out of time but like clay like your your doc contract on on importance I’d love to hear where those sales are coming from whether you’ve done anything yeah yeah so um I think there’s there’s a bunch of opportunistic sales uh on for DOT contract at first uh when it launches people trying to grab the best um you know the the best names there as they first become available um what I’ve seen work the best so far

(37:47) is um just engaging on Twitter so um having your brand uh you know tweet out lists of domains that have been sold uh recently um and just being part of the conversation ultimately I think the you know I I think the big um the big opportunity here exists if we can get a browser like if we got you know like I’d be put I’d potentially be interested in in talking to Brave and seeing like hey can we you know can we split dot c5050 you know and then you can sell these or or you know or or it doesn’t even have to be

(38:20) brave uh and it doesn’t have to be dot C but at some point if if uh if someone with a lot of Leverage owns a top level domain and sees an income opportunity from selling slds on top of it I think that’s going to be um another adoption kicker I mean obviously it was a it was a huge gain for the space when um when when namecheap got involved um but I think uh people need incentive incentives to align um so yeah I think that the best Channel right now is just Twitter um that’s what’s worked the best for me be really

(38:53) active on Twitter uh and and there’s a bunch of tactics you can try out there if you know um kind of plug in my own self but if you want to see sort of a case study of how we’ve done it for DOT C follow the the dot C account uh we haven’t been active uh lately but we’re about to kick it up again um but that’s an example of what’s worked for us great and then another last year John Harrison was on here and he’s really he’s a good copywriter so he’s getting creative so like one thing I saw is he’d

(39:21) retweet some some viral tweet and it would say like it would be a summary at topic dot his TLD so um like dot SATs is one of his in handshake so he’d say like stack.sats once he retweeted like the Tweet about like you know the US government’s gonna collapse or something or whatever it would just be like a funny summary of the Tweet as a TLD and any maybe even linked to the registry registrar to get it stuff like that but yeah also just the bot the bot right to see this was just registered that was just registered

(39:56) right like most of these registrars are making Twitter Bots that just Show the recent sales and it kind of Hypes people up just like nft sales right like they see this sold that sold this sold right I was like yes people all social proof excited yeah social proof yep okay I think we’re at time but I think we got a pretty good chunk in there and I I hope this was inspirational for people there’s yeah I think the theme like Richard said it’s still super early I think there’s a lot of people like

(40:24) Richard with DOT lazy and great TLD still wondering where to go tomorrow you know we’re building up some interest to see what name base is going to be releasing impervious just gave us some insights and updates today on their dot e things um work and keep it back involved yeah hopefully but uh you know when Brave hopefully soon you know talk to Brendan on Twitter but uh I think that’s it I mean I I really appreciate all of you and um that’s uh let’s just keep on I think we just gotta join as a community and

(40:58) support each other you know even if we’re not getting that sld money from that sale we help each other build up sales check that I love the stats on the shake right and it’s making a little bit of like friendly competition right like Clay is like oh who’s the Stars guy him and Nick angry mouse or chatting in the chat about about it and things like that I mean I think that’s that’s kind of makes it a gamified and fun thing so thank you all for sharing um and I think people can find you all

(41:26) mostly Twitter’s probably the best you know for for finding you um Twitter yep all right I think my thanks for watching thanks Mike appreciate it very much I am so much I wish we had more time covered thank you bro thank you guys [Music] foreign [Music]